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Collecting Art, Collecting Memories

Expired: Collecting Art, Collecting Memories

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
From Jul 14 2017 to Mar 11 2018

Twenty-five compelling works recently added to the collection of the Asian Art Museum— including expressive indigenous carving, jewelry, textiles, Spanish colonial devotional statues, postwar genre and landscape paintings, and works of contemporary art—are among the artworks that have been brought together for a special exhibition that relates the fascinating and complex stories of the Philippines. "Philippine Art: Collecting Art, Collecting Memories" reveals the Philippines’ role as a center of artistic exchange and innovation, where artists with their own indigenous religions and traditions were exposed to new ideas from the trade between China and India. The expansion of Islam to the archipelago, and later the long periods of Spanish and American colonialism, have made the arts of the Philippines unlike those from anywhere else in the world. On view until March 11, 2018, this exhibition is the result of more than a decade of study and collecting by the museum’s curatorial team.

Gods in Leather, Heroes in Wood

Expired: Gods in Leather, Heroes in Wood

From Nov 10 2017 to Mar 11 2018

As part of the 2017 Europalia festival, the Musée International du Carnaval et du Masque is exploring the cultural richness of the theater practices of the Indonesian archipelago. From the wayang kulit shadow theater to the wayang golek puppet theater and a variety of masked dances, the exhibition "Dieux de cuir, héros de bois" presents fascinating insight into the islands of Java and Bali, where the culture of theater is a mix of reinterpretations, adaptations, and creations intimately linked to the various Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and European influences that have marked the history of the region. It brings together some one hundred pieces, thirty of which come from the museum’s collection and the rest from the private collection of Claude Lavallé, who is passionate about Indonesian puppets and masks and worked for ten years at the National Museum of Jakarta. For more info, please visit:

Aboriginal Art Sale @ Sothebys London

Expired: Aboriginal Art Sale @ Sothebys London

Sotheby’s in London is holding a third annual springtime Australian Aboriginal art sale, which will be held this year on March 14, 2018. Interest in this art has been steadily increasing in recent years, as it has been increasingly visible at contemporary art fairs the world over, and that should augur well for this sale. The sale is anchored by works created by famous and established artists, such as Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri and Emily Kame Kngwarreye, whose vibrant canvases are internationally acclaimed, which should appeal to a broad audience and ensure considerable participation. Bark painting will also be well represented through the works of artists like Tommy Mungatopi and Alec Mingeimanganu. Offerings will also include a selection of artifacts, including a nineteenth-century shield and a rare figure created to protect tobacco plantations in the Torres Strait region, which will attract collectors of the traditional forms of Aboriginal art.
Photo: Alec Mingelmanganu, bark painting. To be offered by Sotheby's, London, in Aboriginal Art, on March 14, 2018, est. 50,000–80,000 pounds.

TEFAF 2018

Expired: TEFAF 2018

From Mar 10 2018 to Mar 18 2018

TEFAF, the quintessential art and antiquities fair, will be held March 10–March 18, 2018. With its longstanding reputation for excellence and a level of quality supported by its prestigious vetting committee, this event has lent ever-increasing attention to tribal art over the years. A record number of seven participants specializing in the arts of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas showed at TEFAF in 2017, and their visibility was enhanced by the contiguous placement of their booths. At this time, we don’t yet know whether “tribal alley” will be back in 2018, but we do know that tribal art will once again be very well represented by the dealers who have confirmed their participation: Donald Ellis, Lucas Ratton, Roberta and Lance Entwistle, Anthony Meyer, Bernard Dulon, Bernard de Grunne, and Didier Claes. They will be joined by Charles Wesley-Hourdé, who will exhibit in the “showcase” section of the event and display a selection of African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian works, consisting primarily of ancestor figures.

Christophe Evers Nigerian Auction

Expired: Christophe Evers Nigerian Auction

From Mar 13 2018 to Mar 18 2018

With dedication and persistence, Christophe Evers has spent thirty years browsing through Sablon's galleries looking for tribal treasures and has constituted an important collection of nearly a thousand works, of which many are from Northern Nigeria and Tanzania. While much of the collection comes from Brussels dealers, Evers also acquired items from famous collections such as Jacques Kerchache and Roger Azar. Today, he has decided to separate himself from a hundred Nigerian artworks among which is an astonishing and very rare Ekajuk janus mask, or a Mumuye standing monkey figure. The online auction will start on March 13th until Sunday 18th. More information available on World ARts Auctions web site.

Pre-columbian Art Sale @ Binoche & Giquello

Expired: Pre-columbian Art Sale @ Binoche & Giquello

Mar 20 2018

This auction will be the second part of the dispersal of a New York private collection of Pre-Columbian art, the first part of which was offered with enormous success in March of 2017 at the Drouot and brought in some 3 million euros in total sales with only one of the 68 lots remaining unsold. The March 20 sale, offered under the expertise of Jacques Blazy, will feature 70 pieces. The collection was assembled over the last thirty years, and the objects in it illustrate the great art traditions of many South and Mezoamerican regions. Mexico will be represented by an anthropomorphic Mezcala figure from the state of Guerrero, a Preclassic period Chupícuaro gure, and a Maya codex vase with two scribes painted on it. The highlight of the sale is a ceremonial paddle from the Ica Valley dating to the first half of the first millennium. It is just one of many works from Peru, including Chavin, Paracas, Mochi- ca, and Nazca funerary vases.

African and Oceanian Art Auction @ Binoche & Giquello

Expired: African and Oceanian Art Auction @ Binoche & Giquello

Mar 21 2018

For this sale devoted to the arts of Africa and Oceania, about 100 lots have been selected from prestigious collections for the occasion. Offered under the expertise of Patrick Caput and Bernard Dulon, the estimates for these objects range from 1,000 to 1,000,000 euros, but they all share the highest standards of quality and taste. The arts of West Africa will be particularly well represented. Among them will be a pair of major Bamana chiwara crests from Mali, formerly in the Maurice Nicaud Collection, which related to another pair that belonged to Nelson A. Rockefeller. Other highlights of this sale are a Bembe figure from the DR Congo, formerly in the Schindler Collection; a Yaure mask with the Nelson Rockefeller provenance; and, for Oceania, an impressive Iatmul suspension hook from the Middle Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea.

Lyon & Turnbull : African and Oceanic Art Auction

Expired: Lyon & Turnbull : African and Oceanic Art Auction

Mar 21 2018

Lyon & Turnbull, one of the longest established fine art and antiques auction houses in the United Kingdom has organized an inaugural auction of African and Oceanic Art. With nearly 200 artworks, this initial offering is a large and diverse selection. Worthy of special notice, we find an interesting collection of Fante Asafo flags, an Edo sword from Benin which belonged to Augustus Pitt Rivers, and a curious yet beautiful Nguni headrest from a Scottish collection. Also, from the other side of the Atlantic, some Mesoamerican objects, and a collection of Inuit ivory carvings. The auction will take place on Wednesday, March 21st at 11am, at the mother house in Edinburgh. Find the online catalogue at

The Art of Kings

Expired: The Art of Kings

From Feb 23 2018 to Mar 24 2018

Galerie Patrik Fröhlich will usher in spring with an exhibition devoted to the court arts of Africa. The show presents artworks created to honor the sovereign of the Kuba of the DR Congo, the Luba royal family of the DR Congo, and the members of the court of the Kingdom of Benin. Highlights of the show include a Luba caryatid stool supported by two female figures, formerly the property of Jacques Kerchache and Michel Gaud, and a Benin plaque with unusual animal iconography, created between 1550 and 1640 and formerly in the prestigious Pitt-Rivers Collection. Picture: Throne. Luba, DR Congo. Ex Jacques Kerchache, Paris; Michel Gaud, Nice. © Galerie Patrik Fröhlich.

Galartis Auction

Expired: Galartis Auction

Mar 24 2018

Galartis, an auction house who gathers her own contemporary art gallery and expertise counselling team, puts on sale on Saturday March 24th a magnificent Tschokwé mask, charged with tension and emotion with his natural ornements. In this heteroclit auction, uniting antiques, chinese vessel and tribal art works, a fair variety of African items is represented. The lots will be on exhibit from March 21st to March 23rd at Lausanne.