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“NATIVE FORESTS”, Arts of Atlantic Equatorial Africa

Expired: “NATIVE FORESTS”, Arts of Atlantic Equatorial Africa

From Oct 03 2017 to Jan 21 2018

This exhibition will feature 322 works by different peoples dating from the 17th through the beginning of the 20th century. It will be the largest group of masterpieces and archetypal artworks from Atlantic Equatorial Africa ever shown together. The exhibition tells the story of the migrations and displacements of the peoples in this area that had been ongoing since the 14th century, essentially following a north-to-south path. It presents the major style groups in four sections: the north, east, central, and south portions of Atlantic Equatorial Africa.
The title, Native Forests, refers to the immense equatorial forest, irrigated by networks of rivers and swamps, that constitutes the unique natural and geographic environment from which the works shown originate. This is the cradle of the creative impulse that rests on a shared conception of the universe and of man, inherited from the Bantu tradition and expressed in a diversity of representations that occur as two object types: figures and masks.
Through the works it presents, Native Forests explores artistic correspondence and evolution by defining the main recognizable and recurring styles of the arts of the peoples of this region. Works that defy regional stylistic categorizations and that display distinctive and specific qualities are emphasized in order to underscore the notion of fluidity and the importance of external influences and the dynamic history arising from contacts and exchanges between the different peoples of the region.


Expired: Potluck

From Oct 20 2017 to Jan 21 2018

This exhibition brings together a variety of objects from the Americas in national French museum collections. It was conceived of as a typical traditional North American potluck—a meal to which everyone contributes. Since the earliest days of contact, the New World captured the imagination of Europeans, and French museums have vast quantities of drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, photographs, and posters that attest to this fascination. The new Americas section of the Galerie des Continents, which is the venue for the Potluck exhibition, is born of a close collaboration between the Muséum de Rouen and the autochthonous communities whose works are in its collection. Representatives of the Osage community in the United States and of the Kayapo of Amazonia in Brazil selected works they found interesting. They then explained the cultural symbolic meanings of the objects they chose. A traditional dress illustrates the woman’s place among the Osage, for example, while a Kayapo artist’s paintings of geometrical forms actually are symbolic representations of animals. On view through January 21, 2018, at the Muséum de Rouen. For more info please visit:

Ikat. Batik

Expired: Ikat. Batik

From Oct 21 2017 to Jan 21 2018

Through January 21, 2018, and within the framework of Europalia: Indonesia, the Drapiers de Liège Gallery is presenting Ikat. Batik—Réserve de Sens, an exhibition that focuses on the two main methods used in Indonesia to create designs on textiles: ikat and batik. Assembled by Denise Biernaux, the show examines the technical aspects of fabrication, such as what kinds of plant dyes, fi ber, and tools are used. Early photographs complement the presentation of the weavings and provide details about the complexity of Indonesian textiles, emphasizing their connection with the sacred and their value as objects that support cultural and individual identity.

Tribal Art, Modern Art and 20th Century furniture

Expired: Tribal Art, Modern Art and 20th Century furniture

From Jan 23 2018 to Jan 27 2018

Native Auctions starts the New Year with a great and diverse auction proposing Tribal Art, Modern Art and 20th Century furniture. The auction is offering several pieces from the artist Berend Hoekstra collection (lot 19 to 53) and from the Alexander Safiannikoff Collection, geologist in Congo for 40 years. Among the main lots, a rare ancestral head from New Ireland (lot 24), a great and rare Twa neckrest (lot 95), an important 19th Century Stool but as well 2 early drawings from Louise Bourgeois and a unknown oil on canvas by Paul Delvaux from 1934 (lot 54). The auction will be concluded with beautiful Lega selection (lot 126 to 142) from the Safiannikoff Collection. Preview : 23-27 January. The auction will take place on January 27th at 7pm at their Gallery Rue Ruysbroeck 5.

"Golden Kingdoms" at the Getty Center

Expired: "Golden Kingdoms" at the Getty Center

From Sep 16 2017 to Jan 28 2018

This major international loan exhibition at the Getty Center will explore the idea of luxury in the Pre-Columbian Americas, particularly as seen in the associations between materials and meanings, from about 1000 BC until the arrival of Europeans in the early sixteenth century. Titled "Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas", the show will trace the development of metallurgy in the Andes and its expansion northward into Mexico. In contrast with other parts of the world, ancient Americans first used metal not for weaponry, tools, or coinage but for objects of ritual and ornament, which resulted in works of extraordinary creativity. In addition to objects of gold and silver, the exhibition will feature artworks made from shell, jade, and textile, materials that would have been considered even more valuable than noble metals. The exhibition will cast new light on the most precious works of art from the ancient Americas and provide new ways of thinking about materials, luxury, and the visual arts in a global perspective. The exhibition is co-organized with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which will present the exhibition following its showing at the Getty.

The Rivet Generation

Expired: The Rivet Generation

From Nov 14 2017 to Jan 28 2018

The Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac is honoring the central role played by Paul Rivet (1876–1958) in the institutionalization of French ethnology through a special exhibition titled "Ethnologues, missions et collections dans les années 1930" (Ethnologists, Missions, and Collections in the 1930s) in the Atelier Martine Aublet. Between 1928 and 1938, the field of ethnology became an independent discipline, and during this tumultuous decade, it spearheaded a new humanism. Rivet was a vital part of this process and did everything in his power to train a new generation of ethnologists. This homage to him will be on view until January 28, 2018.

Coco Fronsac. The Cabinet of Wonders

Expired: Coco Fronsac. The Cabinet of Wonders

From Dec 02 2017 to Jan 28 2018

For over 30 years, Coco Fronsac has walked the flea markets in search of photographic portraits from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Coco Fronsac gives them life by drawing or painting directly on the photo, masks of Oceanian art, African or Yup'Ik. Most of these masks exist and belong to artists and collectors. From December 2 to January 28, Espace Gainville in Aulnay sous Bois (North East of Paris) exhibits original photographs, reproductions of enlarged works, personal objects of the artist, casts, fotos and videos .

Winter Bruneaf 2018

Expired: Winter Bruneaf 2018

From Jan 24 2018 to Jan 28 2018

Tribal art aficionados are well aware that every year the galleries of the Sablon neighborhood come out of hibernation for Winter BRUNEAF, an event that brings together some thirty Belgian and foreign dealers to present an array of artworks to collectors and to one another. The dates for the 2018 event are January 24– 28. No specific thematic shows have been announced but participating dealers will undoubtedly be staging interesting and worthwhile exhibitions. A list of the members of this dealers’ association that produces events in both December and June can be found on its recently renovated website.

Six Hundred Years of Receptacles: Tableware Through the Ages

Expired: Six Hundred Years of Receptacles: Tableware Through the Ages

From May 17 2017 to Jan 31 2018

Founded in 1977, the Barbier-Mueller Museum is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year. To mark it, the institution is presenting a special exhibition featuring a hundred works of varied provenances, periods, and cultures drawn from its collection. Six Thousand Years of Receptacles: Tableware Through the Ages was the brainchild of Michel Butor. The late French author selected each object according to the role that its shape suggested to him. He then wrote a short poem for each object. These objects, sometimes masterpieces, now serving as ambassadors for cultures around the planet, are set in dialog with vases by contemporary Western artists. Each is a reflection of the aesthetic criteria prevailing in the culture from which it comes. The ritual or ceremonial contexts in which the pieces were used are also explored. The breadth's exhibition is a fitting tribute to the museum’s founder, Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller, who recently left us.

Sale of art of Africa, the Pacific and the Americas

Expired: Sale of art of Africa, the Pacific and the Americas

Jan 31 2018

With more than 170 years of experience, the auction house Lempertz starts the year on a high note. The office in Brussels specializing in African and Oceanic art sales is organizing an interesting auction on January 31, 2018 at 2 pm in the Belgian capital. Among many unique objects of various origins, this auction includes artworks from an important Dutch private collection, Ivory Coast masks from the Charles Hug Collection as well as pieces from the Frans and Betty Voss Collection (including a female Yoruba figure estimated between 30,000 and 50,000 euros). The artworks on sale will come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali as well as from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil. The impatient ones will be able to discover the 362 lots during the previews on Wednesday 24 January, Saturday 27 January 27 (10 am - 6 pm), Sunday 28 January (11 am - 5 pm), Monday 29 January and Tuesday 30 January ( 10 am - 6 pm). A catalog is available on request. Address of the sale: 6 Rue du Grand Cerf, 1000 Brussels. For more information, please contact the Brussels office at +32 2 514 05 86 or