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King size

Expired: King size

From Sep 09 2014 to Oct 30 2014

Three objects will be presented during this special exhibition : a Timor bed, a Flores horse and a Sulawesi sarcophagus, gathered for their monumentality and their status. Exhibition at 17-19,rue Visconti.

Host exhibitor: Pascassio Manfredi

MATA Show Fall

Expired: MATA Show Fall

From Nov 08 2014 to Nov 11 2014

New edition of Madison Ancient and Tribal Art at ARADER GALLERY on 1016 Madison Ave in New York from November 8 until 11. Among the dealers : Marc Assayag, Bruce Frank, Patrick Mestdagh, James Stephenson, Michael Olive and Michael Rhodes.

Madagascar, la civilisation du Zébu

Expired: Madagascar, la civilisation du Zébu

Château de la Gobinière
From Oct 31 2014 to Dec 07 2014

As part of its Sculptures et Objets du Bout du Monde (Sculptures and Objects from the Ends of the Earth) exhibition series, the Cultural Service of the town of Orvault, in collaboration with Jean-Yves Coué, will present Madagascar, la Civilisation du Zébu (Madagascar, the Zébu Civilization) from October 31–December 7. This exhibition, which will be held at the Château de la Gobinière, will be an homage to the creative talents of the artists of the “Red Island,” or Madagascar. The many different kinds of works on display will share a common thread, that being a direct or indirect reference to the zébu, or omby. A vital symbol in the local culture, this humpbacked bovine is not only a source of food but also a symbol of prosperity, which makes it the focus of any number of ceremonial contexts.

Arts Premiers Auction on December 8

Expired: Arts Premiers Auction on December 8

From Dec 04 2014 to Dec 08 2014

Tribal Art Auction on December 8, organized by Auction Eve at the Galerie Bernheim Jeune, 83, rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré. Preview as from December 4 at the Galerie Bernheim. Among the several lots that will be offered figures a 8-string Tsogho harp from Gabon. Alain Leroy commissaire-Priseur will be assited by Agnès Woliner, auction's expert. The Auction catalogue is available online. You can have a look at it by browsing the following link:

Native American Art Auction on December 8

Expired: Native American Art Auction on December 8

From Dec 05 2014 to Dec 08 2014

An assortment of Apache and other Southwest baskets from the John Bowers Collection highlights Bonhams’ annual fall auction of Native American art, which will be held on December 8 in San Francisco. The star of these baskets is a spectacular Apache olla, which is one of the largest examples known (est. $30,000–50,000). The star of this approximately 400-lot auction is a Navajo first-phase chief’s blanket from the Sidney and Alexandra Sheldon Collection of Malibu, California, (est. $200,000–300,000), which leads a large group of Southwestern textiles. Ancient ceramics from the Southwest are also well represented, the most impressive of which is an asymmetrical Mimbres black-onwhite- bowl decorated with anthropomorphized quadrupeds and geometric forms (est. $10,000– 15,000). Preview as from Friday, December 5.

International Tribal Art Book Prize 2014

Expired: International Tribal Art Book Prize 2014

The two winning books of the sixth edition are awarded December 8th, 2014, selected amongst the books on Tribal Art published between October 2013 and September 2014. An event organized by Tribal Art magazine in partnership with Sotheby's.

Affinités Electives : Alexis Bonew et les Arts du Congo on December 10

Expired: Affinités Electives : Alexis Bonew et les Arts du Congo on December 10

From Dec 06 2014 to Dec 10 2014

Sotheby's France is happy to end the year with two long awaited events on December 10. First the collection of Alexis Bonew, a passionate man who, throughout his life, kept secret a remarkable collection of forty works from the Congo. Among these, the Kongo Nkisi Nkonde figure (Democratic Republic of Congo) from the collection of Antwerp taxidermist Jos Walscharts, a striking Songye Nkisi figure collected by Lieutenant Willy-Eugène Claes between 1903-18, and the Surrealistic Luluwa hemp mortar, formerly in the collection of Henri Lavachery as well as a Lega Muminia mask collected by Colonial Administrator Raymond Hombert in 1927, and acquired from his widow in 1970. Preview as from Saturday, December 6.

Tribal Art Auction on December 10

Expired: Tribal Art Auction on December 10

From Dec 06 2014 to Dec 10 2014

Artcurial will hold a sale on December 10 featuring 127 African spoons from the Liuba and Ernesto Wolf Collection, which was put together beginning in the 1950s. These are actually a subgroup within a much larger and multifaceted collection that included antiquities, medieval objects, manuscripts, and old books, as well as modern art, all of which will also be offered by Artcurial at another sale on December 1. The exhaustive spoon collection includes fine and representative examples of virtually all of the styles that developed on the African continent, although it emphasizes examples from traditional Côte d’Ivoire societies such as Dan, Baule, and Guro, which are the most coveted by collectors. Preview as from Saturday, December 6.

Arts d

Expired: Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie on December 10

Dec 10 2014

A variety of the greatest examples of African art will be offered on December 10, from the striking modernity of archaic Ubangi Region statuary, to the abstract shapes of the Mangbetu kingdom. The latter will be represented by a historic set of objects of simple and great beauty, collected in 1934 by the Dominican Sisters of Namur. Oceanic art will be celebrated by a remarkable ensemble which exemplifies the mysterious beauty of the art of the Easter Islands, including two notable discoveries. Preview as from Saturday, December 6.

African, Oceanic and American Indian Art on December 11

Expired: African, Oceanic and American Indian Art on December 11

From Dec 11 2104 to Dec 11 2014

A Maori adze from the former collection of James Hooper opens the sale. Passed down from generation to generation, its blade of nephrite – a particularly hard and rare Polynesian stone – makes it an ancient Polynesian treasure. Also heralding from the South Pacific is a painted hook from Papua New Guinea, probably sculpted more than 200 years ago. Illustrating the Creation Myth, this Iatmul janus hook represents an ancestor whose body is made of several mythological creatures and comes from the collection of George and Ruth Kennedy, famous collectors of New Guinea art. The sale also includes a selection of African ivories, of which the highlights are a rare leopard bracelet to be worn on the forearm from Benin and an Oliphant from Sierra Leone dating to the Renaissance period. Featuring classical depictions of European hunting, this hunting horn is one of the first examples of colonial art and one of the most beautiful Sapi-Portuguese artworks still in private ownership. Preview as from Saturday, December 6.