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Expired: TRIBAL ART 2

This sale held in Vienna on November 18, 2017, will be the second auction organized by the newly established Austria Auction Company, managed by Davut Mizrahi and Udo Langauer. Their expert is longtime collector Alfred Weissenegger. For more information, visit their website at

The Routes of Africa

Expired: The Routes of Africa

From Jan 31 2017 to Nov 19 2017

The brainchild of Gaëlle Beaujean-Baltzer, curator of the museum’s African collection, in collaboration with Catherine Coquery- Vidrovitch of Paris 7 University, this event affirms Africa’s central place in world history. Sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and objects in gold, among other objects, will represent the riverine, maritime, and commercial land routes that have made Africa a continent of commerce and trade for more than fi ve millennia.

The Anishinaabeg: Art and Power

Expired: The Anishinaabeg: Art and Power

Musée Royal de l'Ontario
From Jun 17 2017 to Nov 19 2017

From June 17 to November 19, 2017, the Royal Ontario Museum will present an exhibition that delves into the rich and powerful culture of the Anishinaabeg. It is a rare opportunity to learn about their lives, traditions, beliefs, and sacred stories. Anishinaabeg: Art and Power traces the artistic evolution of this group of related northern North American tribes from ancient times to the present day. The art of the Anishinaabeg was strongly influenced by the contacts they had with and by the arrival of Europeans in Canada. The exhibition examines the range of these connections while presenting the great beauty and power of the cultural past of these remarkable peoples.

Christie’s Paris: Claude Vérité Collection & Various Owners

Expired: Christie’s Paris: Claude Vérité Collection & Various Owners

From Nov 21 2017 to Nov 22 2017

Christie’s is preparing 2 main auctions on November 21 and 22, 2017. The first of these sales will be devoted to works from the Claude Vérité Collection and will feature 185 major Oceanic, Northwest Coast, and African artworks. Some of the latter were collected by Paul Vérité in the 1950s. Among them is a fine group of reliquary guardian figures. The sale will be a pleasant surprise to all those who thought that the Vérité well had run dry after the land- mark auction of 2006. Christie’s “various owners” sale will be held on November 22. A carefully selected group of some sixty artworks will be offered. About half of these will be Oceanic, reflecting an ever-increasing demand for material from this region. One lot that promises to be the subject of a great deal of interest will be a beautiful New Ireland uli figure that has been off the market and dormant in a private German collection for many years. A major Hemba ancestor figure, a masterpiece of African sculpture, will also be a highlight of this auction. It was acquired by a French collector from Jacques Kerchache some forty years ago.

The Last Great Initiates

Expired: The Last Great Initiates

From Oct 05 2017 to Nov 25 2017

This exhibition is a tribute to a generation of pioneering artists of Contemporary Aboriginal Art. These men and women were born between 1920 and 1940 in the central Australian desert. Since the 70s, they put on canvas the patterns that they had previously drawn in an ephemeral way on sand or as body decoration, and each of them developed their own individual style. They have thus made a significant contribution to the recognition of aboriginal culture and rights. But their generation is now on the verge of disappearing. "The Last Great Initiates: The Origins of Contemporary Aboriginal Art" presents artworks from the communities of Papunya, Yuendumu and Mount Liebig. Among the 20 artists presented are Kaapa Tjampitjinpa, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Kathleen Petyarre, Dorothy Napangardi and Ronnie Tjampitjinpa. The exhibition is held at Aborigène galerie, 46 rue de Seine, Paris (France).
For more info, please visit:
Photo: Ningura-Napurrula, Untitled, 2001, 121x136 cm. Courtesy of Aborigène galerie.

"Bijoux d

Expired: "Bijoux d'Orients lointains. Au fil de l'or, au fil de l'eau"

From Jul 01 2017 to Nov 30 2017

In this exhibition, the museum of President Jacques Chirac in Sarran invites you to follow the sea route of the Silk Road thanks to the magic of archaeological and ethnic jewellery. Gold is the guiding thread of this journey along the water. Through more than 300 jewels from private collections, visitors can discover the richness and diversity of the cultures of the kingdoms of Arabia, South India, continental South-East Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
This exhibition also features ancient sculptures and textiles from Yemen, India, Thailand and Indonesia from the collections of the MEG, the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva, the Barbier-Mueller Museum and a private collection. A fabulous journey through time and space.
For more information, please visit the website of the museum.



From Nov 02 2017 to Nov 30 2017

For this first ever event, the tribal art gallery Abla & Alain Lecomte joins the Association pour l’Education des Enfants au Togo (AEET) to promote contemporary Togolese creation in Paris. They conceived together a collective exhibition of artworks from four African artists: Kossi Assou, Akpehou Djonda, Cham Eric E. Wonanu and Joeey Kodjovi Tessi. The exhibition is born from a simple observation: contemporary Togolese creation is unknown in the world, almost absent from major artistic events and poorly rated on the art markets. In addition to promoting contemporary Togolese creation abroad, the project aims to make artistic creation an instrument of social development. Indeed, its profits will support the AEET for the construction of a school in rural Togo. The project is accompanied by a catalog of the exhibition. Image credit: Joeey Kodjovi Tessi

Precolumbian Art Auction on December 1st

Expired: Precolumbian Art Auction on December 1st

From Nov 30 2017 to Dec 01 2017

On December 1, 2017, auctioneers Binoche et Giquello will hold an important sale of more than 130 lots of Pre-Columbian artworks, the property of “various owners,” at the Hôtel Drouot. Mexico will be the most heavily represented country in terms of the number of lots, a testament to the diversity of artistic creations that have flourished there throughout its long history. Among these are Chupicuaro terracottas from the state of Guanajuato and ceramic figures from the Colima, Jalisco, and Nayarit village cultures of West Mexico, formerly in the Evrard de Rouvre Collection. These are joined by Maya objects from Jaina Island, including a magnificent whistle estimated at 8,000–10,000 euros representing a highranking woman wearing an ample huipil. A Veracruz Xipe Totec mask from an American private collection and an anthropomorphic figurine from the Xochipala culture of Guerrero State will be among the highlights of the terracotta objects.

Native American, African and Oceanic Art Auctions at Bonhams

Expired: Native American, African and Oceanic Art Auctions at Bonhams

From Dec 01 2017 to Dec 05 2017

Bonhams will hold 2 sales in early December, the first of Native American art in San Francisco on December 4 and the second of African and Oceanic Art in Los Angeles on December 5. The Native American sale will feature material from North American indigenous cultures ranging from jewelry to beadwork to rugs and from the Inuit to the Woodlands peoples to the Navajo. The African and Oceanic sale features a wide array of material, led by an extensively exhibited Luba caryatid stool formerly in the collection of Gustave and Franyo Schindler. Other highlights include an Ogboni shrine fi gure, also widely exhibited and published, formerly in the collection of Charles Wentinck, author of the groundbreaking Modern and Pritive Art, and a fine Lega mask that has been owned by Aaron Furman, Jay C. Leff, and Hélène and Philippe Leloup. Prominent among the Oceanic lots is a small Nukuoro ancestor figure that was discovered in a curio shop in the 1960s and an elaborately incised club from Tonga that was collected c. 1797 by George Vason of the London Missionary Society. An interesting group of Maori greenstone objects round out the offerings.

"In the Age of Contacts" in Santa Barbara

Expired: "In the Age of Contacts" in Santa Barbara

From Sep 14 2017 to Dec 08 2017

"Sacred Art in the Age of Contact: Chumash and Latin American Traditions" in Santa Barbara will bring together a diverse body of objects from Santa Barbara-area collections dating from roughly fifty years following the first contact between the native Chumash and the Spanish in 1769. Together, the materials presented in the exhibition will offer an encompassing picture of the relationship between art and spirituality within both the Chumash and the Spanish traditions while demonstrating the sustained deployment of Chumash visual systems by native artists in early colonial visual culture. These relationships still have immediate implications on the cultural dynamics of Santa Barbara County today. The exhibition will be presented at two venues, the Art, Design & Architecture Museum of UC Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.