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Arts of War: Artistry in Weapons across Cultures

Expired: Arts of War: Artistry in Weapons across Cultures

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
From Oct 18 2014 to Oct 18 2017

Arts of War: Artistry in Weapons across Cultures is a new exhibition at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum that presents the varied beauty and craftsmanship of weapons drawn from cultures around the world. From maces, clubs, daggers, and spears, to shields, helmets, and entire suits of armor, this exhibition highlights more than 150 striking examples of deadly objects that are also extraordinary works of art. On view until October 18, 2017, it unveils the stories behind some of the most stunning war artworks ever created and reveals the passion and purpose of the people who made them.

The OAS Forum

Expired: The OAS Forum

Oct 21 2017

On Saturday 21 October 2017, the Oceanic Art Society organizes “The OAS Forum”, a one day symposium about oceanic art. It will take place at the The Savage Club in Melbourne, Australia. Many speakers are expected to date, including Virginia Lee Webb Ph.D., an art historian specialized in Oceanic art, African art, and photography. She will explore the early twentieth-century voyages to the Pacific, such as the Grand Tour undertaken by upper class European young people to complete their cultural education. Her lecture will discuss the objectives, itineraries and results of these expeditions. Dr Susan Kloman of Christie's New York will give a lecture on the hero Bilishoi and the provenance of an important corpus of Biwat sculptures. Sam Singer, collector of Oceanic, Aboriginal, Indonesian and Himalayan art for twenty years, will present photographs of his collection inside his home and pictures of a few of his favorite objects. The others participants will include Ross Bowden, Michael Hamson, Crispin Howarth, Mark Blackburn, D’Lan Davidson, and Anthony Meyer. For more details, please visit:

The Scalp and the Calumet

Expired: The Scalp and the Calumet

Musée du Nouveau Monde
From Jun 30 2017 to Oct 23 2017

How has the West imagined and represented the American Indian from the sixteenth century through the modern day? The Musée du Nouveau Monde and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de La Rochelle try to answer that question in this exhibition. Organized thematically and chronologically, the presentation deconstructs the stereotypes and fantasies created and nourished by art, advertisements, and other phenomena relating to the Old West. The “new continent” has been the source of fascination and astonishment ever since Christopher Columbus first landed on its shores, and whether as a “noble savage,” a romantic hero, a wild libertarian, or a bloodthirsty savage, the Native American has been imprinted upon the European collective imagination in many ways. Like a mirage, these representations have shifted as philosophical, artistic, and ideological currents waxed and waned in the Old World. In the nineteenth century, for example, the Indian was presented as a cruel and perfidious enemy at the time of the Indian Wars in the American West. In the twentieth, he sometimes was reduced to an entertaining figure or even a sports mascot and was deemed to be child-like. Perceptions today are more evolved, but the extent of the tragic history of these wide-ranging peoples remains poorly understood. This is all the more reason why this exhibition, which brings together some 300 works.

Ritual Art of Siberian Tribes

Expired: Ritual Art of Siberian Tribes

From Oct 17 2017 to Oct 27 2017

A special selection of scarce patron spirit figures, rare ritual items as well as objects of daily life, assembled from international private collections, will be on the show during an exhibition entitled "L'art rituel des tribus de Sibérie", organised by Tischenko Gallery (Helsinki) by invitation of Galerie Punchinello (Paris). This exhibition is intended to be an introduction to the indigenous art of Siberia and the Far East, and affords it's visitors an opportunity to understand the culture of native inhabitants from this poorly known and long-hidden region.
From 17-27 October at Galerie Punchinello, 16 Rue du Parc Royal, 75003 Paris.
For more information about Tischenko Gallery, click here.

Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam 2017

Expired: Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam 2017

From Oct 27 2017 to Oct 29 2017

The 15th annual Amsterdam Tribal Art Fair will be produced under the direction of Finette Lemaire of Gallery Lemaire. Some twenty dealers from the Netherlands and neighboring countries will once again gather at the beautiful De Duif exhibition venue to present a vibrant selection of sculptures, masks, ornaments, weapons, and other objects from Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas. A program of lectures and other events has been scheduled, which will enhance the experience provided by the dealers and the widely varied artworks they will present.

Tribal and Curiosity Sale

Expired: Tribal and Curiosity Sale

Oct 31 2017

Viennese auction house Dorotheum has appointed Joris Visser as the new director of its tribal art department. As a dealer in Brussels for many years and at his family’s gallery in Amsterdam before that, he is al- ready well known to collectors. The first sale that Visser will produce will be held on October 21, 2017, and will feature Oceanic and African artworks, as well as scientific instruments and other curiosities.

Albert Schweitzer

Expired: Albert Schweitzer

Nov 11 2017

On November 11, 2017, the auction house Zemanek-Münster will offer a selection of objects collected by Albert Schweitzer. Born in 1875 in Alsace, this doctor, philosopher, musician, pastor, and Protestant theologian received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 for his work in Africa. He lived for many years in Gabon, where in 1913 he and his wife, Helene, opened a medical clinic for the most destitute. Considered by the French to be an enemy during the First World War, the couple was interned in France in a camp for civilian prisoners. After the war Schweitzer returned to Gabon several times to continue his work. He died at Lambarene in 1965. The collection on offer includes masks from different periods, ethnographic items, and Schweitzer memorabilia. The material was given by the “jungle doctor” to Emmy Martin, an employee and close confidante of Schweitzer’s.

"Spirits, Gold, and the Shaman" at the Château des ducs de Bretagne

Expired: "Spirits, Gold, and the Shaman" at the Château des ducs de Bretagne

From Jul 01 2017 to Nov 12 2017

To mark the occasion of 2017 as France- Colombia year, the Museo del Oro of Colombia is presenting a selection of more than 220 gold, gold alloy, ceramic, and stone objects from its marvelous collection of Pre-Hispanic artworks. At the Château des ducs de Bretagne, the exhibition explores the symbols embodied in these objects—some of which are more than 2,500 years old—and explores their ritual uses. In Pre-Hispanic societies, gold was considered to have great spiritual value, and its many properties, such as color, resistance to fire, brilliance, etc., were considered symbolic. Gold objects played a key role in the rites of metamorphosis practiced by chiefs and shamans. "Les Esprits, l’Or et le Chaman— Chefs d’oeuvre du Musée de l’Or de Colombie" explores these indigenous societies’ conception of nature and culture, as well as the role of body painting and plants in the transformations of shamans and their flights to other dimensions of the universe. Questions of identity and transformation are central to the exhibition. The visitor is invited to both discover and view the world in a different way and to question his own way of seeing his identity and that of others when viewed through the shamanic lens.

"Matisse in the Studio" at the Royal Academy of Arts

Expired: "Matisse in the Studio" at the Royal Academy of Arts

From Aug 05 2017 to Nov 12 2017

Using the pieces Henri Matisse collected as a starting point, this exhibition focuses on the role they played in his own artworks. Thai Buddhist statues, Bamana figures from Mali, furniture and textiles from North Africa—objects from the four corners of the world were reinvented by the artist innumerable times. Although rarely of high monetary value, they are notable in that they inspired him to go beyond the limits of Western art. Through his African masks and sculptures, Matisse found new ways to depict human faces and forms. Objects from the Islamic world inspired the sensuous curves of his odalisques, and his simplified language of signs is imbued with the precision of Chinese calligraphy and the geometry of African textiles. The exhibition juxtaposes these pieces with the paintings, drawings, and sculptures that in many cases they gave rise to. It can be seen at the Royal Academy of Arts August 5–November 12, 2017. For more info:


Expired: Sotheby's NY : AUCTION : The Collection of Edwin & Cherie Silver

From Nov 10 2017 to Nov 13 2017

Edwin and Cherie Silver spent some sixty years assembling a connoisseur collection of art, which they displayed to great effect in their mid-century home in Los Angeles. Ranging from Kota reliquaries to modernist art to a Northwest Coast totem pole that was exhibited at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, the Silver Collection long formed a cornerstone of the Los Angeles art collecting community. Sotheby’s has announced that the Silver Collection will be offered in a series of auctions, the centerpiece of which will be a dedicated single-owner sale of African, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian, and American Indian art held during the height of the New York auction season on November 13, 2017. The auction is led by the aforementioned group of Kota reliquary figures from Gabon and the Congo. Selected highlights from the Silver Collection will travel to Sotheby’s Paris in September to be shown during the Parcours des Mondes art fair. They will be previewed there from September 10–16 along with selected works from the auction house’s December Paris sale of African and Oceanic art. The exhibition will be held at Galerie Aveline, located near Sotheby’s Galerie Charpentier headquarters. The Silver Collection will return to its hometown of Los Angeles for another exhibition at Sotheby’s headquarters there October 16–18 and then in San Francisco October 19–21. The collection in its entirety will then be exhibited at Sotheby’s New York alongside the marquee autumn auctions of impressionist, modern, and contemporary art in recognition of the historical connections and aesthetic affinities these art forms share.