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Face of God: Rare Masks from Central Africa

Expired: Face of God: Rare Masks from Central Africa

Guandong Museum
From Apr 29 2016 to Sep 01 2017

An important exhibition is presently at the Guangdong Museum. This intriguing show was produced under the supervision of Brussels art dealer and researcher Marc Leo Félix. During the course of its tour it will be shown at several other Chinese museums: the Nanjing Museum, the Gansu Provincial Museum, the Yunnan Provincial Museum, and, finally, at the Henan Museum, concluding in September 2017. The event will allow Chinese audiences the opportunity to appreciate some 120 masks, fifteen of which retain their complete fiber costumes, along with a selection of twelve musical instruments on loan from the Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale in Tervuren and the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, the sounds of which accompanied the masks. Two comprehensive catalogs, one in Chinese and the other in French and English, accompany the exhibition and make for stimulating reading, with enlightening essays by David Binkley, Arthur Bourgeois, Manuel Jordán, Constantine Petridis, Julien Volper, and Marc Leo Félix.

The Huichol

Expired: The Huichol

Textile museum of Canada
From Apr 05 2017 to Sep 04 2017

Until March 19, 2017, Huicholes: A People Walking Towards the Light will be presented at the Canadian Museum of History, after which it will move to the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto in April. The exhibition examines the historical heritage and cultural traditions of the Huichol, a people from western Mexico, known worldwide for their magnifi cent yarn paintings and beaded embroidery. Rich in meaning, the artworks in the show reveal the depth of the worldview of this Huichol, whose history can be traced back some 15,000 years. Highlights include a series of twenty-six paintings by artist and shaman José Benítez Sánchez, various artifacts such as fabrics and objects of worship, and photographs that provide a rare window into the lifestyle and spiritual traditions of the Huichol.

Tribal Art London celebrates its tenth anniversary

Expired: Tribal Art London celebrates its tenth anniversary

From Sep 06 2017 to Sep 09 2017

The annual tribal art show held at the Mall Galleries will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary. This year, 23 international dealers are scheduled to show, the largest number of participants in the event’s history. This edition will feature a special exhibition focusing on tattoo arts and on body decoration in a wider sense, with both an installation of artworks illustrating the subject and a cycle of lectures, which will be open to the public. This promises to be the best event of its kind to date in the U.K. capital and will undoubtedly offer interesting opportunities for collectors.

The Vonpischmeyer Collection

Expired: The Vonpischmeyer Collection

From Jun 24 2017 to Sep 10 2017

The Mask Museum in Binche presents "The Vonpischmeyer Collection": a "real-fake" collection named after an imaginary explorer and collector - Vonpischmeyer - and whose objects were assembled by a real artist - Olivier Goka. The result is nothing less than surprising: a set of plastic sculptures, whose inspiration was directly drawn from pieces kept in museums of African tribal arts. In this way, Olivier Goka explores the theme of reappropriation of everyday objects in art. He also questions the challenges of recycling; he used a big amount of pieces of plastic, collected, classified and meticulously assembled for years. Discover the offbeat look of an artist who juggles with truth and falsehood, tradition and novelty, sacred and secular wastes of our household appliances and world of consumerism! More information on

Ivorian Highlights

Expired: Ivorian Highlights

Musée d'Angoulême
From Aug 22 2017 to Sep 10 2017

In a parallel event to Angoulême’s Francophone Film Festival, which this year focuses on Côte d’Ivoire, the Musée d’Angoulême is exhibiting some thirty Ivorian objects drawn from its storage alongside those it shows in its permanent installation. These objects, which include masks, figures, bowls, spoons, doors, and stools, derive from many peoples, including the Senufo, the Baule, the Dan, the Guere, the Wobe, the We, and the Guerze. Together they form a poetic and eclectic presentation of the wealth and refinement of the Ivorian cultural patrimony.

A New Phase: "Afropunk"

Expired: A New Phase: "Afropunk"

From Sep 07 2017 to Sep 10 2017

The first project that the Didier Claes’ new gallery will present is titled "Afropunk". It is a collaboration between Galerie Didier Claes and Galerie Rodolphe Jannsen, which will be seen at the Brussels Gallery Weekend event September 7–10. The show will present a body of work by South African artist Kendell Geers, who works in Belgium, which incorporates imagery of classical African objects in the Claes Collection. The two-part exhibition will take place in the two gallery spaces (the new and the old one), offering a dialog between history and tradition. Launched in June 2017, the Claes' new gallery is situated in the Avenue Louise neighborhood, which is home to many of Brussels' most important modern and contemporary art spaces. This move is the result of the art dealer's desire to fuse his passion for African art with his fascination for contemporary creations and his conviction that this sensibility is shared by many collectors.

Espace Tribal presents Café Tribal

Expired: Espace Tribal presents Café Tribal

From Sep 13 2017 to Sep 15 2017

How about coming over to wake up gently courtesy of Tribal Art magazine, at the Espace Tribal during the Parcours des mondes? On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 10 am to 11 am, specialists, museum curators, and collectors will meet for a discussion forum centered on specific themes. This year, the overarching subject will be the mixing of artistic forms. These discussions will center around the art installation in the space by gallerist Javier Peres titled The Lion and the Jewel. His approach counterpoints different time periods, styles, cultures, and techniques, together providing subject matter for the discussions that will be moderated by Elena Martínez-Jacquet, editor-in-chief of Tribal Art magazine. In addition to that, other activities will be organised every afternoon at Espace Tribal. Do not miss these exciting meetings. Program details can be found on!

Stop Ma Pa Ta (My Raw Material is Not Your Material)

Expired: Stop Ma Pa Ta (My Raw Material is Not Your Material)

From Jun 04 2017 to Sep 17 2017

The Villa Arson is presenting an exhibition of artists from Benin in collaboration with the Lobozounkpa Art and Cultural Center in Cotonou. The exhibition highlights the emergence of an artistic production revealing not only their roots and their culture but also their strong desire to question the present time and the closest political and anthropological events. The majority of artists featured in the exhibition live in their country and have been developing art forms influenced both by traditional and by contemporary techniques, adapting all the while to economic constraints and retaining a sharp awareness of the materials that they use. Featuring works by : Richard Korblah, Edwige Aplogan, Aston, Benjamin Déguénon, Daavo, Kifouli Dossou, Euloge Glèlè, Prince Toffa, Charles Placide, Psycoffi, Gérard Quenum, Julien Vignikin, Didier Viodé and Dominique Zinkpé. The exhibition is produced with the support of the Galerie Vallois (Paris), who is organizing a Paris/Cotonou/Paris season for 2017.

New exhibition dedicated to the arts of Gabon

Expired: New exhibition dedicated to the arts of Gabon

From Jun 16 2017 to Sep 17 2017

After Kota in 2003 and Fang in 2006, Philippe Ratton will dedicate a third exhibition to the arts of Gabon in his Paris gallery. Titled simply Gabon, the show will highlight the many artistic traditions that flourished there, the formal qualities of which were so readily apparent to tribal art pioneers such as Paul Guillaume. Without claiming to be exhaustive, the selection of 45 objects emphasizes the differences — and even oppositions— between the sculptural solutions that their creators made use of. The group of so-called “white masks” in the show alone is enough to demonstrate the richness of Gabonese art. The naturalism of these Punu masks is in clear contrast to the tenderness of the four faces of a Fang ngontang helmet mask, each face of which reveals different stylistic characteristics. Contrasting examples of reliquary guardian figures will also be featured. Among these are flat Kota creations, as well as the rounded volumes of classic Fang sculptures.

"La Biennale Paris 2017"

Expired: "La Biennale Paris 2017"

From Sep 11 2017 to Sep 17 2017

La Biennale Paris will be held this year from September 11–17, 2017 in the incomparable Grand Palais venue. Notable tribal art dealers will be some of the fair’s more than eighty-six participants, among them Yann Ferrandin, who has shown at several of these events. He will once again offer material that will meet the criteria of even the most exacting collectors with a selection of highly refined artworks. Specialized in the arts of Africa and Oceania, Jean-Baptiste Bacquart’s display will feature some twelve major works with prestigious provenances, including a Kota reliquary figure attributed to the sculptor Semangoy, who was active in the nineteenth century. Another tribal art exhibitor is Galerie Meyer – Oceanic & Eskimo Art, which, for its second showing at La Biennale, will present an exhibition devoted to the sculptures of the Korewori River region of Papua New Guinea, which were found in the late 1950s in caves where they had lain dormant, in many cases for centuries. This collection will be complemented by a selection of other Oceanic artworks, including a Korwar sculpture collected by surrealist Jacques Viot in 1929 and a group of art- works from various Eskimo cultures of the Arctic. In addition to the exhibiting dealers, tribal art will enjoy a particularly prominent place at the Biennale this year thanks to a special exhibition honoring the Barbier-Mueller family that will be held there. Their engagement with the arts has spanned four generations of collectors and led to the creation of a museum in Geneva dedicated to tribal art.