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Cultures #BRUNEAF 2017

Expired: Cultures #BRUNEAF 2017

From Jun 07 2017 to Jun 11 2017

The event resulting from the merging of three long-time Brussels art fairs—BRUNEAF, BAAF, and AAB—will this year be held again under the name Cultures: The World Arts Fair. For this occasion, the Sablon neighborhood will host 65 international dealers specializing in the arts of Africa, Oceania, the Americas, and Asia, as well as in Mediterranean and European antiquities. Each will present fine works that attest to their taste and high standards. Several thematic exhibitions have been announced in the tribal art field within Cultures. Galerie Didier Claes, for example, will focus on Lega art. Galerie David Serra will stage a show of ere ibeji of varying styles, drawn primarily from the notable Dos and Bertie Winkel Collection. Exhibitions featuring Oceanic art will include Aboriginal Signature’s presentation, titled Spiritual Essence of the Earth, which will celebrate the talent of the artists of the Australian Aboriginal community of Warmun in the Kimberley region, located on the border of the desert. Once again this year, the public will have the opportunity to attend an ambitious program of lectures presented within the framework of Fine Art Connoisseur.

Cultures #BRUNEAF : Finality without end

Expired: Cultures #BRUNEAF : Finality without end

From Jun 07 2017 to Jun 11 2017

Cultures is presenting a new memorable exhibition from June 7 to 11. The elegant Ancienne Nonciature event space will host a thematic exhibition consisting of some thirty works mainly from the Congo, Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, and New Guinea. True masterpieces in the corpora they derive from, these objects all illustrate the concept of “finality without end,” a notion developed by Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Judgement, which serves as the title of the exhibition. On vieuw until Sunday June 7 at the ANcienne Nonciature, Rue des Sablon 7 in Brussels.

2,500 Years of Textiles: Siguas, Huari, Chancay, and Inca

Expired: 2,500 Years of Textiles: Siguas, Huari, Chancay, and Inca

The Israël Museum
From Apr 01 2017 to Jun 12 2017

Since April 1, 2017, numerous beautiful ancient Andean textiles have enriched the Israel Museum’s arts of the Americas collection. Andean textiles vary according to the place they were made, and their manufacture combines the use of complex and unique weaving techniques with striking imagery. They display a wide range of designs and had a variety of functions. Created by the Siguas, the Huari, the Chancay, and the Inca, they indicated status, position, and wealth at religious ceremonies. Nowadays, they also express precious information about the geography, the environment, and the societies that created them.

"Les Mutants", by Soly Cissé

Expired: "Les Mutants", by Soly Cissé

Musée Dapper
From Mar 24 2017 to Jun 14 2017

As part of Art Paris Art Fair, the Dapper museum puts the artist Soly Cissé in the spotlight. Very prolific, his work gathers drawings, paintings, videos and sculptures together. The exhibition "Les Mutants" features twenty works for the first time in France and echoes some of the traditional sculptures displayed in the current exhibition “Masterpieces from Africa". The Senegalese artist likes transgressing the major artistic trends of the 20th century. After interrogating it, he makes it his own and revisit it. His work reflects his questions about the world, his inconsistencies and his injustices.

Imaginary Ancestors

Expired: Imaginary Ancestors

From May 02 2017 to Jun 15 2017

Imaginary Ancestors is a group exhibition looking at Primitivism in modern and contemporary art, which comprises two parts: One room will be dedicated to works by André Derain and Max Pechstein together with a restaging of the exhibition Early African Heads and Statues from the Gabon Pahouin Tribes. That landmark show was originally realized by Paul Guillaume at the Durand- Ruel Gallery on 57th Street in New York, from February 15 to March 10, 1933. This exhibition was the first show to be devoted to a single African art style, with a large group of Fang sculptures presented on a table alongside Derain paintings made at the time. For Imaginary Ancestors, Bernard de Grunne sourced the majority of the sculptures included in the original exhibition, which will be reunited for the first time since 1933 at Almine Rech Gallery New York. A second room of this exhibition will present modern and contemporary artworks inspired by primitive art including primitive pieces from the personal collections of Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder and David Smith.

Masterpieces from Africa. In the collections of the Musée Dapper.

Expired: Masterpieces from Africa. In the collections of the Musée Dapper.

Musée Dapper
From Sep 30 2015 to Jun 17 2017

Some of the most important works in the world are brought together for the first time for this exhibition of some 130 pieces, a tribute to the founder of the Fondation Dapper, Michel Leveau. These pieces of outstanding form and beauty are representative of the great cultures of Africa. Some are unique and without any equivalent in the world, such as the sculptures from Gabon (Fang, Kota, Punu), Cameroon (Bangwa), Benin (Fon) and Mali (Dogon, Soninke). The different pieces exhibited have been chosen for their sculptural qualities but also for the roles they played in the societies within which they were created: masks, statues, statuettes, altars, headdresses, weapons and other artefacts are closely linked to specific practices and forms of knowledge.

Sale of arts from Africa, Oceania, and the Pre-Columbian Americas at Millon

Expired: Sale of arts from Africa, Oceania, and the Pre-Columbian Americas at Millon

Jun 19 2017

The auction house Millon has announced that it will hold a sale of traditional objects from Africa, Oceania, and the Pre-Columbian Americas on June 12 at the Hôtel Drouot. It will feature 150 lots from various private European collections. Interested parties can obtain the catalog for the sale by contacting Millon or by checking their website. For more information:

Auction at Sotheby

Expired: Auction at Sotheby's : Arts of Africa and Oceania

This coming June 21, Sotheby’s will hold a sale dedicated to the arts of Africa and Oceania. Fewer than eighty lots will be offered, in keeping with the strategy shared by prestigious auction houses over recent years of offering less material, but with every lot rigorously selected for quality. An indicator of the success of this approach has been the low percentage of unsold lots at these sales. The works that will be offered this time address all tastes. Representative of a wide variety of artistic traditions, ranging from West Africa to Polynesia by way of New Ireland, together they are illustrative of striking and beautifully executed sculptural solutions and evince complete mastery of the materials they were made of, be it wood, clay, beads, cowrie shells, or any of an innumerable array of other materials. The arts of Africa will be represented by about fifty works, including historically significant artworks that art aficionados will immediately recognize.

Binoche & Giquelo: Sale of arts from Africa and Oceania

Expired: Binoche & Giquelo: Sale of arts from Africa and Oceania

From Jun 20 2017 to Jun 22 2017

An important sale of arts from Africa and Oceania will take place on June 22 at 5 pm, at the Hôtel Drouot (room 9), in Paris. The objects will be on view on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st June from 11am to 6pm, as well as on Thursday 22nd June from 11am to 3pm. This event is a unique opportunity to acquire miniatures from the very beautiful collection of Jean-Claude Bellier. Objects from Indonesia and Melanesia, West Africa, Island Oceania and Central Africa will also be on sale. The 89 lots are described in detail in the auction catalog. For more information, please, contact Binoche & Giquello or check their website.

EVE Auction: Sale of Pre-Columbian arts, tribal arts, and Amerindian art

Expired: EVE Auction: Sale of Pre-Columbian arts, tribal arts, and Amerindian art

From Jun 22 2017 to Jun 23 2017

On Friday 23 June, a tribal art auction will be held at Eve Auction. It will take place at 2 pm at the Hôtel Drouot (room 6), in Paris, under the direction of auctioneer Alain Leroy. The objects will be on view on June 22 (from 11 am to 9 pm) and on June 23 (from 11 am to 12 am). Objects from Africa, Oceania, Pre-Columbian Americas, and India are presented. For more information, do not hesitate to download the complete catalog of the vacation on the Eve Auction's website.