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Black and white

Expired: Black and white

From Sep 09 2015 to Sep 14 2014

Around twenty ancient sculptures from Africa underline the light / shadow contrast through two predominant colour tones: black and white. This confrontation brings to relief the Punu, Ambete and Galoa sculptures from Gabon in soft wood, with white pigments and elaborate forms, and the Senufo, Baoule and Bambara sculptures from Ivory Coast and Mali with their pure lines in hard wood of deep, shiny black. In the centre of the exhibition shines the Igbo-Izi elephant mask from Nigeria, a powerful sculpture enhanced by both black and white. An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Dandrieu - Giovagnoni


Expired: TIKI POP. L'Amérique rêve son paradis polynésien

From Jun 24 2014 to Sep 28 2014

In the 1930s, Polynesian-themed bars and restaurants began to appear in America while the stereotypes of the beachcomber and the sexy vahine were popularised in literature and on the big screen. With the appearance of the Tiki in the 1950s, this style became a genuine way of life. A very liberal adaptation of the original Polynesian idols, Tiki imagery was produced in traditional and modernist forms and pervaded everyday life. Nearly 450 works, photographs, films, musical recordings and archive documents bear witness to this infatuation become a lifestyle. A selection of astonishing objects, whether commonplace is presented alongside authentic works (Maori Tekoteko sculpture, Tongan Kava bowl etc).

The Nelson A. Rockfeller Vision

Expired: The Nelson A. Rockfeller Vision

The Metropolitan Museum of art
From Oct 08 2013 to Oct 05 2014

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s holdings of the artistic traditions of sub-Saharan Africa, the Pacific Islands, and the Americas are today regarded as canonical. They constitute such an integral part of the institution that few realize their inclusion is the result of the vision and sustained efforts of a uniquely influential figure in both American political life and the New York art scene: Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (1908–1979). This fall the Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates that legacy with The Nelson A. Rockefeller Vision: In Pursuit of “the Best” in the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas that will be on view from October 7, 2013, through October 5, 2014.

Batéké "The Fetishes"

Expired: Batéké "The Fetishes"

From Sep 09 2014 to Oct 09 2014

This year Alain Lecomte is pleased to present the second part of the Bateke collection of Raoul Lehuard, (prolific author of an impressive collection of books on the Bakongo group, and creator of the famous magazine “Arts d'Afrique Noire”). This collection was in part put together by Robert Lehuard (Raoul Lehuard’s father), stationed in Congo-Brazzaville from 1924 to 1933. These pieces are important, not for their size, but for the quality they give off. This collection of Bateke ''fetishes'', which is also important historically, has always remained in the Lehuard home and never before been exhibited. Also to be noted is the presence of the Cuban-American artist Jose Bedia, whose paintings inspired by Bakongo Nkisi are to be seen face to face with the ''fetishes'' throughout the month of September. A eponymous book is to be published in 500 numbered copies for this occasion.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Abla et Alain Lecomte

African trilogy

Expired: African trilogy

From Sep 09 2014 to Oct 15 2014

In the ancient arts of Africa, the reference to ancestors is almost everywhere. It assumes forms that have become “great classics” and yet vary from one people to another. We have chosen three modes of expression that are quite different from each other in style, materials used and cultures concerned. The Great Art of the Lega, Kota Art as a source of inspiration for Modern Art and Ancestor Stones from Sierra Leone and Guinea make up this "African Trilogy".

Host exhibitor: Galerie Alain Bovis

Archaic Eskimo Art

Expired: Archaic Eskimo Art

From Sep 09 2014 to Oct 15 2014

Host exhibitor: Galerie Flak

King size

Expired: King size

From Sep 09 2014 to Oct 30 2014

Three objects will be presented during this special exhibition : a Timor bed, a Flores horse and a Sulawesi sarcophagus, gathered for their monumentality and their status. Exhibition at 17-19,rue Visconti.

Host exhibitor: Pascassio Manfredi

MATA Show Fall

Expired: MATA Show Fall

From Nov 08 2014 to Nov 11 2014

New edition of Madison Ancient and Tribal Art at ARADER GALLERY on 1016 Madison Ave in New York from November 8 until 11. Among the dealers : Marc Assayag, Bruce Frank, Patrick Mestdagh, James Stephenson, Michael Olive and Michael Rhodes.

Madagascar, la civilisation du Zébu

Expired: Madagascar, la civilisation du Zébu

Château de la Gobinière
From Oct 31 2014 to Dec 07 2014

As part of its Sculptures et Objets du Bout du Monde (Sculptures and Objects from the Ends of the Earth) exhibition series, the Cultural Service of the town of Orvault, in collaboration with Jean-Yves Coué, will present Madagascar, la Civilisation du Zébu (Madagascar, the Zébu Civilization) from October 31–December 7. This exhibition, which will be held at the Château de la Gobinière, will be an homage to the creative talents of the artists of the “Red Island,” or Madagascar. The many different kinds of works on display will share a common thread, that being a direct or indirect reference to the zébu, or omby. A vital symbol in the local culture, this humpbacked bovine is not only a source of food but also a symbol of prosperity, which makes it the focus of any number of ceremonial contexts.

Arts Premiers Auction on December 8

Expired: Arts Premiers Auction on December 8

From Dec 04 2014 to Dec 08 2014

Tribal Art Auction on December 8, organized by Auction Eve at the Galerie Bernheim Jeune, 83, rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré. Preview as from December 4 at the Galerie Bernheim. Among the several lots that will be offered figures a 8-string Tsogho harp from Gabon. Alain Leroy commissaire-Priseur will be assited by Agnès Woliner, auction's expert. The Auction catalogue is available online. You can have a look at it by browsing the following link: