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Bonhams: Sale in Los Angeles, viewing in NY!

Expired: Bonhams: Sale in Los Angeles, viewing in NY!

From May 11 2017 to May 23 2017

May 23 will bring a sale at Bonhams in Los Angeles featuring an array of offerings of African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian art. Highlights include an important chief’s or priest’s shield-club, calacula, from Fiji or Tonga. Another important lot will be an Easter Island moai kava kava, which was found in a cave during the nineteenth century. The sales highlights will be on view at Bonhams New York on Madison from May 11 until May 14th and then in Los Angeles as from May 20. A catalogue of the auction is available on their website.

Tribal Art Sale in Ghent

Expired: Tribal Art Sale in Ghent

From May 13 2017 to May 26 2017

Pascal Vernimmen invites you to discover a selection of Tribal Art objects from Africa and Oceania in Ghent. At the Gallery of Nina Stoupina Burgstraat 101 in Ghent, he will present a range of artifacts from all over Africa. Among them, protective figures, fine old masks, a large selection of weapons and utilitarian objects. Opening on May 13 at 2pm. Open in May from the 14th to the 20th and from the 22nd to the 26th from 2pm to 6pm.

76th Tribal Art Auction

Expired: 76th Tribal Art Auction

May 27 2017

Zemanek-Münster’s 76th tribal art auction will be held in the Bavarian town of Würzburg on May 27, 2017, and will feature objects from a number of German collections, including those of Bernhard Jäger and Walter Schmidt, who is contributing eleven objects that were published by Karl-Ferdinand Schädler in his work Afrikanische Kunst in deutschen Privatsammlungen (African Art in German Private Collections) in 1973. The many lots in the sale will be available for preview beginning on May 24. This is an unusually large sale that is accompanied by a two-volume catalog.

Staying in line

Expired: Staying in line

Museum der kulturen Basel
From Nov 30 -0001 to May 28 2017

An examination of the concepts of singularity and similarity is the focus of a unique thematic exhibition on view at the Museum der Kulturen in Basel until May 28, 2017. Titled Staying in Line: Single Objects in Series, it seeks to show how, whether from Papua New Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, or India, all works in the field of ethnology are unique insofar as they are the creations of the hand of man, yet they gain interest from being admired side by side with other works of the same type. The consideration of a group of works together can be extremely revealing, insofar as this makes it possible to understand the differences that distinguish each individual piece. Variants illustrate the evolution of styles, the individual characteristics of each artist’s hand, and how certain ritual conventions function.

Bourgogne Tribal Show 2017

Expired: Bourgogne Tribal Show 2017

From May 25 2017 to May 28 2017

After a first success in 2016, the second edition of Bourgogne Tribal Show will be held May 25–28, 2017, again in Besanceuil (just north of Lyon) on property belonging to contemporary art dealer Bruno Mory. This atypical show that combines tribal, Asian, and Islamic art in a convivial atmosphere—fueled in part by the region’s great wines—has been attracting new exhibitors, including Jean-Christophe Charbonnier (Paris), Patrice Brémond (Nice), Charles-Wesley Hourdé (Paris), Jonathan Hope (London), and David Serra (Barcelona), all of whom will add to the show’s international dimension. Also for the second time, non-European art will be featured in a special exhibition in the nearby Farinier at the Abbaye de Cluny, the theme of which is childhood. It will be composed of objects from the participating dealers’ private collections. More info on

African masks

Expired: African masks

From Apr 13 2017 to May 31 2017

L'exposition "Masques d'Afrique" initialement prévue pour le mois de mars, ouvrira ses portes le 13 avril lors d'un vernissage qui se tiendra à la galerie de Juan Les Pins de 14h à 19h. Parmi les masques exposés, deux masques lwena de la collection Christiaens, le fameux YAKA de la collection G. Dehondt et Kjersmeier, et un très beau SONGEY de la collection Billy Wilder (, le cinéaste du fameux film "Some Like It Hot" - 1959). Lors de cette exposition, la galerie Kongo Arts met principalement à l'honneur les masques d'initiation et les masques de sociétés secrètes. A découvrir jusqu'à la fin mai.

The White Hunter: African memories and representations

Expired: The White Hunter: African memories and representations

From Mar 31 2017 to Jun 03 2017

Until June 6, 2017, the FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea is examining Western prejudices and the Western vision of Africa and African art. The brainchild of Marco Scotini, the show features some sixty historic and contemporary artworks from across the continent, including pieces by Meschac Gaba, Samuel Fosso, and Yinka Shonibare. The exhibition is divided into five parts and includes works from important Italian collections, as well as archival material detailing Italy’s colonial past. The first part examines the 1920s and 1930s, the period of Italian colonialism. The second part is devoted to traditional African art. Most notably, it includes masks and figures from Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Gabon, and the Congo. The show then revisits the Magiciens de la terre exhibition held in Paris in 1989, as well as the controversy that arose from it. The fourth part of the show deals with South Africa, examining practices of reappropriation, resistance, exclusion, hegemony, and homogenization. The final section looks at how cultural differences become manifest. Several galleries here approach the subjects of identity, diaspora, and war.

"Ancestral Spirits" at the Max Hetzler Gallery

Expired: "Ancestral Spirits" at the Max Hetzler Gallery

From Apr 28 2017 to Jun 03 2017

Usually dedicated to contemporary art, the Max Hetzler Gallery is currently holding a major show of ethnographic art titled Spirits and Ancestors. Curated by Jonathan Hope, a Londonbased tribal art and textile dealer who is active with exhibitions and specialized publications, the show brings together sculptures and masks from a variety of African, Indonesian, Himalayan, South Asian, and South American cultures. Whether through form or context of use, each of the works displayed has a common connection in that they are all connected to supernatural entities, whether spirits, deities, or ancestors. More info on:

Tribal Art 1 at Austria Auction Company on June 6

Expired: Tribal Art 1 at Austria Auction Company on June 6

Austria Auction Company is proud to present Tribal Art 1, taking place on June 6th 2017 at 5pm at Palais Breuner in Vienna. The sale features 135 quality items of tribal art from Indonesia and Africa. Preview of the artworks from May 30 until June 6 at 5 pm. The catalogue of the auction is available on their website. The Austria Auction Company (AAC), which has sales rooms in Vienna’s Breuner Palace, has announced that it is collaborating with long-time tribal art collector Alfred Weissenegger in order to offer prospective buyers interesting non-European textiles and art objects. This new venue for the sale of tribal art promises to enrich the country’s national art market.

Zulu Masterworks at Dawson Gallery

Expired: Zulu Masterworks at Dawson Gallery

From Apr 21 2017 to Jun 10 2017

Dawson Gallery in Chicago is currently presenting a selection of traditional Zulu earthenware vessels of South Africa. The approximately twenty vessels were made within the last forty years by the Master Zulu Potter Mncana Nzuza. Traditional Zulu beer vessels, ukhamba, are characterized by simple, usually globular shapes and a glossy jet-black surface. The surface decoration, abstract geometric designs in most cases, is either etched into the surface or applied. They are unique in the corpus of African ceramics in that they are usually without a rim/mouth or foot. However like many African ceramics they traditionally play a fundamental role in the spiritual life of the Zulu. On view at the Dawson Gallery in Chicago until June 10.