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Tattoo at the Field Museum (Chicago)

Expired: Tattoo at the Field Museum (Chicago)

From Oct 21 2016 to Apr 30 2017

After the Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto (Canada), the TATTOO exhibition continues its international tour at the Field Museum of Chicago (United States). TATTOO was display at the Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac (2014-2015), with over 700,000 visitors discovering the artistic dimension of tattooing, its history since the first testimony of its existence, through all cultures. TATTOO explores the world of tattooing and offers a unique approach to this ancestral practice, presenting 180 traditional and contemporary works from all over the world. The Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac reflects the growing interest of contemporary societies for this art form, which is both a subject of fascination and a marker of identity.

Arts of Côte d’Ivoire: Around the Yaure

Expired: Arts of Côte d’Ivoire: Around the Yaure

From Nov 24 2016 to Apr 30 2017

The Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva will present Arts de la Côte d’Ivoire, autour des Yohouré. Although long known to and appreciated by aficionados, there have been fewer publications and evenless research done on the art of the Yaure than on that of their Guro, Baule, Senufo, and Dan neighbors. This deficiency served as an incentive for the museum to present its collection of Yaure masks, mouse oracles, and figurative sculptures, allowing the public the opportunity to admire them alongside the works of nearby cultures in a sober installation that emphasizes their refinement. The show is accompanied by the first monograph devoted to the Yaure, published by the Fondation Culturelle Musée Barbier-Mueller, which has sponsored many works on peoples threatened with acculturation. This project was underwritten by Vacheron Constantin. The author, Alain- Michel Boyer, is an eminent and recognized scholar who has conducted extensive fi eld research within this culture since the 1970s.


Expired: MAGICAL

From Apr 05 2017 to May 06 2017

Magical invites you to explore the “magic” dimension of a selection of Tribal Art objects from Africa to America and Asia. Protective amulets, tools for divination or healing, these selected works illustrate an extremely rich aesthetical inventiveness. They vie with magical powers, through their expressions or attitudes of ferocity, protection or prayer, the evocation of mythical or ancestral characters, and the many additions such as ritual charges, pieces of metal, horns, shells, cloths… This year to spice up the event, Alain Bovis invites Michel Thieme (Amsterdam).

TEFAF New York Spring

Expired: TEFAF New York Spring

From May 04 2017 to May 08 2017

Following its first installment last autumn, TEFAF New York will return to the Park Avenue Armory May 4–8. This time the organizers of this prestigious show will emphasize modern and contemporary art, a fine match for the dealers of the arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas who will be participating. Jacques Germain from Montreal is planning a collection of African works with aesthetic links to the arts of the twentieth and twenty-fi rst centuries. Anthony J.P. Meyer in Paris specializes in the Oceanic and Eskimo art that influenced the surrealists, and Tambaran Gallery of New York will be there with an array of relevant masterpieces. More info on

AFFINITY: Medieval and South Pacific Art in NY

Expired: AFFINITY: Medieval and South Pacific Art in NY

From May 02 2017 to May 13 2017

For several years now, galleries Brimo de Laroussilhe and Voyageurs & Curieux have been holding exhibits where Medieval and Oceanic Art are shown side by side. For Marie-Amélie and Jean-Edouard Carlier, this mix is natural. It almost takes them back to the children’s game they used play as brother and sister. More importantly, it also corresponds to their profound taste and predilection for marrying different art styles and forms. Affinities between the pieces can take many forms, sometimes obvious, sometimes more obscure. It could relate to a shape, a color, a common trait or a contrasting one, a dissonance that makes them smile… Ancient art, whether classical or tribal, does not proscribe amusement. This is usually the response of the collector who are ever increasingly becoming practitioners of this kind of informed and erudite eclecticism in which works of art from all periods and civilizations communicate to each other with their quality and intrinsic beauty as a common language.On view from May 2 to 13, on 625 Madison Avenue, Suite 207A. Preview: Monday May 1st 6.30 until 8.30.

MATA New York

Expired: MATA New York

From May 12 2017 to May 14 2017

NEW YORK—Founded in 2012, the Madison Ancient and Tribal Art show will mark its sixth consecutive year in the space at 1016 Madison Avenue famously occupied for forty-three years by the Perls Gallery. Located just blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this show has served as an annual focal point in New York for the arts of Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, and the ancient Americas, and participants include dealers based in the city as well as others from abroad. They bring with them a fi ne representation of traditional arts from around the world. This year’s dealers are still being determined but include James Stephenson from Brooklyn, Marc Assayag from Montreal, Kellim Brown from Brussels, and Peter Boyd from Seattle. The show also incorporates permanent galleries in other nearby locations that will stage special exhibitions. These include Pace Primitive, Tim Hunt Fine Art, Nasser & Co., and Arte Primitivo. This year’s MATA show opens May 12, 2017, and will be open to the public free of charge until May 14. Other dealers permanently on the Upper East Side—notably Tambaran Gallery and John Molloy Gallery—will also be presenting material independent of the event and are well worth a visit.

Sotheby’s New York: "various-owners auction"

Expired: Sotheby’s New York: "various-owners auction"

Sotheby’s will hold its annual variousowners auction in New York on May 15, 2017, strategically timed to coincide with the height of the auction season, with the pre-sale exhibition to be held concurrently with those of Contemporary Art and Impressionist and Modern Art. The auction will include a highly curated selection of works from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, including Pre-Columbian and selected American Indian art. A major highlight of the sale will be a Tshokwe female fi gure previously in the collection of Jacques Kerchache and fi rst published in 1968, which has been in the same private European collection since 1982. Several groupings of selected artworks from American estates feature fresh material that has not been seen on the market for decades, including an eclectic selection from the Estate of Elaine Lustig Cohen, New York, the well-known artist and graphic designer. The sale will include a strong selection of Oceanic art-works, many of iconic provenance, which will present rare opportunities for collectors.

Timeless: Masterworks of African Art auction at Christies NY

Expired: Timeless: Masterworks of African Art auction at Christies NY

From May 06 2017 to May 19 2017

On 19 May, Christie’s New York will present Timeless: Masterworks of African Art, an exceptional sale featuring twelve masterworks of African Art. The exhibition and auction will coincide with Christie’s 20th Century Week sales. A celebration the diversity of form and innovation of African artistry, from the West coast, to Central and to South Africa, these rare works are fresh to the market and maintain distinguished provenance, which is further enhanced by their exhibition histories and published literature. The twelve works will be spread throughout the viewing rooms. The sale is on Friday 19 May at 10 am. The viewings days are 6-18 May from 10 am until 5pm (excepted May 7 and May 14: from 1pm until 5pm).

Une fenêtre sur les confluences

Expired: Une fenêtre sur les confluences

From Mar 07 2017 to May 21 2017

This exhibition offers an intimate look at the musée des Confluences, opened in Lyon at the end of 2014. Through a selection of emblematic works from its collections, it explores the links between humans and their environment since the dawn of time. Starting from the origins of humanity and exploring the whole world, various themes such as "Origins: the diversity of the world", "The beauty of the ordinary" and "Insects and humans" are approached. The event also addresses the history of the museum through a few key figures, whose contributions are fundamental. Displayed at the Atelier Martine Aublet, it will be held until 21 May.

SYMPOSIUM : Understanding Cultural Property - A Path to Healing Through Communication

Expired: SYMPOSIUM : Understanding Cultural Property - A Path to Healing Through Communication

May 22 2017

The Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association and the School for Advanced Research will present "Cultural Property Awareness: A Path to Healing Through Communication", with a full day public presentation by tribal representatives, specialized legal counsel, art professionals, museum personnel and various other interest groups. The goal of the symposium is to inform the public about tribal values and to find positive and respectful solutions that will enhance rather than harm Southwest regional and tribal economic interests. Legislation will be covered by national legal experts, and the public will be introduced to and encouraged to participate in ATADA’s new Voluntary Returns initiative bringing privately-owned, important cultural objects directly back to the tribes. This one-day symposium will be held at Eldorado Hotel, 309 W. San Francisco Street in Sant Fe. Registration is $35 for a full day (9-4:30). Tickets are available at