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binoche et giquello : Important American Collection of Pre-Columbian Art Sale

Expired: binoche et giquello : Important American Collection of Pre-Columbian Art Sale

From Mar 30 2017 to Mar 31 2017

Auctioneers Binoche et Giquello will offer a group of Pre-Columbian works from a prestigious New York collection on March 31. Terracotta sculptures from ancient West Mexico will be particularly well represented, and their high quality and modernist forms make this an unusually cohesive group. Particularly well represented are the Chupicuaro substyle as well as pieces from the broader region of Nayarit, the latter notably represented by a female birthing figure. A group of stone figures from Guerrero will be offered with estimates ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 euros. Other highlights include a small Maya jade pendant with a high estimate of 60,000 euros and an interesting group of ancient works from Peru and Costa Rica. Some of the auction’s major pieces will be familiar to inveterate enthusiasts, since they were included in Ancient West Mexico: Art and Archaeology of the Unknown Past, a memorable exhibition from the 1990s shown first at the Art of Institute of Chicago and then at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. They can be seen again on Thursday, March 30, at the preview for this auction.

Eclectic - a collection of the XXIth Century

Expired: Eclectic - a collection of the XXIth Century

From Nov 23 2016 to Apr 02 2017

Through the aesthetic and intellectual vision of the French collector Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, this exhibition investigates the way a private collection builds itself in the XXIth Century. What is the degree of subjectivity in the choices of a collector? Is it possible, today, to build a collection without passion? Éclectique – Une collection du XXIe siècle offers an insight in this process through the discovery 40 artworks, mostly african, from Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière's collection. Fang, Baoulé, Dogon masterworks are displayed side by side with classical works from other fields (greek ceramics, roman marbles,...) reflecting the approach of the collector who only turned to non-occidental art passed 2003, and who explains that the guiding principle of his collection is emotion and dialog between civilisations.

From the Jourdain River to the Congo River - Art and Christianity in Central Africa

Expired: From the Jourdain River to the Congo River - Art and Christianity in Central Africa

From Nov 23 2016 to Apr 02 2017

This exhibition traces 5 centuries of cultural mixing and exchanges between kongo peoples of Central Africa and the christian religion, which resulted in a unique production of objects such as female Christs, saints figures with african features, necklaces with crosses,... In 1482, the Portuguese sailor Diego Cao discovers the mouth of the Congo river and establish a contact with the large realm of Kongo. A vast evangelistic campaign then starts. The exhibition presents a hundreds of artworks inspired by the Christian religion and stemming from european private and public collections. These items, often surprising for an occidental eye, reflect the power relationships from the colonial period until the XXth Century, and demonstrate the cultural interpenetration at work.

The Galerie Vallois at ART PARIS

Expired: The Galerie Vallois at ART PARIS

From Mar 30 2017 to Apr 02 2017

As part of its programming "Paris-Cotonou-Paris », Galerie Vallois will participate in the 2017 edition of Art Paris, placed this year under the theme of Africa. On this occasion, Galerie Vallois will present 7 Beninese and Franco-Beninese artists as well as artists living in Benin that it promotes and including Marius Dansou, King Houndekpinkou, Rémy Samuz, Richard Korblah, Gérard Quénum, Dominique Zinkpè and Tchif. They combine tradition and modernity as well as highlighting substantial contemporary issues. Art Paris will be held at the Grand Palais from 30 March to 2 April 2017. More information about the fair is available on the following website :

The Laprugne Collection and property from various owners

Expired: The Laprugne Collection and property from various owners

Apr 04 2017

On April 4, Christie’s will hold a two-part sale in Paris. Composed of seventy-nine lots with a total estimated value of between 1,500,000 and 2,500,000 euros, the first part of the sale will consist of the noted Laprugne Collection. The selection of high-quality objects that Christie’s will offer includes a remarkable group of seven Kota reliquary guardian figures. The Laprugne Collection will be followed by a mixed sale of property of various owners. In it will be a group of small-scale African works that are likely to arouse a great deal of interest among collectors of miniatures. Among the selection of fine masks from Africa and Oceania is an example with particularly pure lines from the Sepik River of Papua New Guinea, formerly in the André Lefèvre Collection.

Exhibition: African and Oceanic Art & contemporary African art.

Expired: Exhibition: African and Oceanic Art & contemporary African art.

From Apr 01 2017 to Apr 07 2017

Sotheby's France will unveil selected major works from the upcoming sales of African and Oceanic art to be held on 15 May in New York, and 21 June in Paris. The exhibition will also unveil works from modern and contemporary artists from the continent, including Meschac Gaba, Chéri Samba, Nicholas Hlobo and Willem Boshoff. From photography and textiles to prints and mixed media objects, this diverse selection of works will be offered in Sotheby’s first dedicated sale of Modern and Contemporary African Art in London on 16th May. A late night view of the exhibition is organized at the Galerie Charpentier on Monday 3 April from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. Preview on April 1st and then 3 -7.

Treasures of Oceanic Art

Expired: Treasures of Oceanic Art

From Apr 04 2017 to Apr 07 2017

Aguttes auction house will offer the remarkable Oceanic art collection of Rainer Werner “Jerry” Bock. This art connoisseur of western German origin is also the owner of Splendors of the World gallery. Following a ten-day preview, the sale will take place over four sessions from April 4–7. The collection, which was assembled over a twenty-five-year period, is composed of nearly 1,200 objects. On offer will be what amounts to a true encyclopedia of Oceanic art, especially from Polynesia and Micronesia. Masks, figures, ceremonial drums, model boats, clubs, tapas, and fish hooks, and many other objects created between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, will be offered. This event will be documented by a multiple volume catalog that itself will become collectible and will be an important reference for years to come.

Paris Tribal : from Wednesday 5 until Saturday 8 April

Expired: Paris Tribal : from Wednesday 5 until Saturday 8 April

From Apr 05 2017 to Apr 08 2017

The fourth annual Paris Tribal will be held April 5–8 and this year will have some interesting new developments. Without renouncing its eminently Parisian identity, this year it will host several important dealers from abroad, who will share the spaces of galleries permanently established in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood. Bruce Frank from New York will join Renaud Vanuxem, Joaquin Pecci from Brussels will exhibit with Olivier Castellano, Michel Thieme from Amsterdam will be with Alain Bovis, and Lance Entwistle will host David Serra from Barcelona. Not only will this internationalize the event and attract more foreign collectors, it will undoubtedly also turn the gallery environment into a collaborative space rather than one focused on individual endeavors. Another innovation for this upcoming Paris Tribal will be its special exhibition focused on forms and materials, which will open on April 3 and feature works for sale lent by dealers participating in the fair.

Mapuche: A Voyage to Lafkenche Territory

Expired: Mapuche: A Voyage to Lafkenche Territory

Musée de l'Homme
From Jan 18 2017 to Apr 23 2017

Mapuche. Voyage en terre lafkenche (Mapuche: A Voyage to Lafkenche Territory) moves between photography, anthropology, and ethno-botany. It is an homage to the Mapuche people, originally from Chile, whose name means “People of the Earth,” and it derives from an encounter between an artists’ collective called “Ritual Inhabitual” and the ethno-biologists at the Musée de l’Homme, whose work is centered on the connections between nature and man. On view from January 18–April 23, 2017, the show explores subjects like the Mapuche’s cosmogony, their ritual practices, and their knowledge of plants through the presentation photo portraits and an herbarium. The photographs were all made using the delicate collodion process, and they show not only “traditional” communities but Catholics, Evangelicals, and young people from the Santiago suburbs as well. The collodion process is time intensive, but makes it possible to produce a sense of timelessness in the relationship between photographer and subject. The herbarium features some thirty-five different kinds of plants and illustrates the diversity of the region’s flora and its multiple uses. The exhibition is a beautiful homage to an autochthonous people that has suffered oppression for a very long time and has lost ninety percent of its lands over the course of the twentieth century.

Female potters of Africa

Expired: Female potters of Africa

Musée des Confluences
From Jun 28 2016 to Apr 30 2017

The exhibition offers us a journey going out to meet the female potters of West Africa and their products. Eleven European potters made this journey 20 years ago. They brought back pottery, several hours of film, field notes and numerous photographs that the museum still keeps today. This exhibition highlights approximately sixty of these pieces of bulbous pottery, carefully decorated or, on the contrary, left as they are. These objects for ordinary use carry in them both the humbleness of the everyday and a plastic beauty conducive to contemplation. Thanks to the films and the photographs which punctuate the exhibition we can follow their itineraries from the clay’s extraction from the ground, at the origin of all creation, up to the pot’s being sold on a market, an opening on the world in general.