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Gelede Habana

Expired: Gelede Habana

From Jan 20 2017 to Mar 07 2017

Until March 7, the Casa de Africa Museum is presenting Gelede Havana, a magnifi cent collection of Gelede masks and objects put together by French collector and tribal art afi cionado Jean-Yves Augel. Its name refers to a ritual practiced by the Yoruba that celebrates the power of the mother, and the exhibition consists of 140 artworks from Benin, Togo, and Nigeria dating from the end of the nineteenth century to the present. It features some very old pieces, most notably several nineteenth-century masks used in the Gelede but also focuses on more recent examples. In doing so, the show provides an understanding of the complexity and wealth of an exemplary culture that continues to be the basis for today’s traditions. A variety of objects testify to the evolution of the Gelede, and a number of them were conceived of from a contemporary perspective. Produced in collaboration with UNESCO, the exhibition’s venue is in the heart of the Caribbean, since there are so many Yoruba descendants in the area. This is the fi rst large-scale exhibition of Gelede art in the Americas.

Maya. The Language of Beauty

Expired: Maya. The Language of Beauty

Palazzo della Gran Guardia
From Oct 08 2016 to Mar 15 2017

The exhibition "Maya. The language of beauty " is an opportunity to learn more about many aspects of the Maya, thanks to the latest discoveries in the field of archeology. Organized by Arthemisia Group and Kornice, made by the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History), the most important institution of the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, with the curatorship of Karina Romero Blanco, the exhibition is the result of an emphasis on the artistic aspects of the Mayan civilization. It will feature more than 250 artifacts (stone sculptures, monumental stelae, architectural elements, terracotta figurines, vases, jade masks, necklaces, earrings, musical instruments, incense burners, etc.) that will give visitors the the ability to explore the artistic production of one of the most fascinating civilizations of the pre-Columbian period, through a universally important theme, that of beauty. The exhibition is sponsored by the city of Verona with the Arena Museo Opera support (AMO). Main sponsor of the AGSM.

Native American Masterpieces from the Charles and Valerie Diker Collection

Expired: Native American Masterpieces from the Charles and Valerie Diker Collection

The Metropolitan Museum of art
From Oct 28 2016 to Mar 19 2017

New York’s Charles and Valerie Diker Collection is one of the most outstanding and comprehensive private collections of its kind. With artworks ranging in date from the second to the early 20th century, this exhibition will explore important achievements by artists relating to culturally distinct traditions from across the North American continent. The works of art—carefully selected by the collectors and Met curators—reflect the unique and innovative visions from these traditions in a wide variety of aesthetic forms and media. Their presentation at the Met this season celebrates the conclusion of their national tour as part of the exhibition Indigenous Beauty, organized by the American Federation of the Arts, and the return of the Diker Collection to New York City.

Tefaf Maastricht

Expired: Tefaf Maastricht

From Mar 10 2017 to Mar 19 2017

This is one appointment that the most discriminating art collectors keep, and TEFAF Maastricht promises to be more exciting than ever for tribal art. Good news, the increasing representation of the arts of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas continues in 2017 with the participation of the Parisian dealer Bernard Dulon and New York–based dealer Donald Ellis. Ellis will be showing a beautiful Yupi’k mask from Alaska, formerly in the collection of Robert Lebel, the famed art critic with close ties to the Surrealists. Galerie Dulon will present, among other things, an exceptional Hemba figure from the Democratic Republic of Congo that connoisseurs will recognize as the one that was recently exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and then at the Rietberg Museum in Zurich as part of the Heroic Africans exhibition of 2011–2012. These two newcomers will join long-time participants Lucas Ratton, Bernard de Grunne, Roberta and Lance Entwistle, and Anthony Meyer. Tribal art in the “Showcase” portion of the fair will be represented by Adrian Schlag, who will present an exhibition on the subject of archetypes that will be accompanied by a catalog.

Tribal and Pre-Columbian Art from the Kofler-Erni collection

Expired: Tribal and Pre-Columbian Art from the Kofler-Erni collection

Mar 23 2017

On 23 March 2017, Schuler Auktionen offers for sale 100 lots of Tribal and Pre-Columbian Art from the collection of the late Max and Berthe Kofler-Erni, from Riehen, Switzerland. Having been inspired by modern art and the avant-garde, the couple started collecting tribal art in the early 1950s. The sale includes West African and Oceanic objects as well as a group of Pre-Columbian terracotta sculptures. Let's mention among them a Jalisco figure representing a seated couple (lot 1296), a Nayarit warrior (lot 1293), a Guro-mask (lot 1212) and a Baule-mask (1217). The preview will be open from Saturday 11 March to Friday 17 March 2017 (11 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily).

Paris Art + Design

Expired: Paris Art + Design

From Mar 22 2017 to Mar 26 2017

The art and design fair par excellence, PAD Paris will be held at the Jardin des Tuileries March 22–26. This resolutely aesthetic event, which is held in autumn in London and again in spring in the City of Light, is an affirmation of a collecting experience rooted in the power of form and the dialog between artistic styles. Three local Parisian exhibitors will represent the realms of African and Oceanic art at this year’s event: Galerie Afrique, Galerie Flak, and Galerie Lucas Ratton.


Expired: Tiki

Musée de Tahiti et des Îles - Te Fare Manaha
From Sep 15 2016 to Mar 27 2017

The new exhibition of the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands highlights an emblematic object of the Marquesas islands : the tiki. Researchers, experts, academics and local players in the Marquesan culture have joined together around an issue that is both simple and complex: What is tiki ? The polysemy of the word tiki makes it hard to understand. Indeed, it can refer to both the anthropomorphic statue and the pattern. But in an esoteric context, it refers to the phallus joining the mythological dimension linked to the first man, the personification of the male sex and procreative power : Tiki. The exhibition and the book that accompanies it will explore the different meanings of the word tiki around three axes - oral tradition, reason, anthropomorphic statue. Ethnology, linguistics, sociology, archeology will successively try to give the tiki back its meaning and shed light on the links that unite Tiki. One hundred objects from the collections of the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands, private collections and Marquesas communities loans will be displayed in a context that will offer a different reading.

ForM at the Tischenko Gallery in Helsinki

Expired: ForM at the Tischenko Gallery in Helsinki

From Feb 27 2017 to Mar 30 2017

The exhibition forM at the Tischenko Gallery in Helsinki introduces the Japanese aesthetic of shibui objects into the world of Marcel Duchamp's readymades, found objects. As with Duchamp, the best examples of shibusa are found in ordinary objects made to be used. The objects on display in forM are common objects from Siberia. The viewer is left to draw for themselves the beauty of the objects, turning the viewer into an artist.

New acquisitions at Galerie Patrik Frölich

Expired: New acquisitions at Galerie Patrik Frölich

From Mar 01 2017 to Mar 31 2017

In Keeping with its schedule over the last few years, Galerie Patrick Fröhlich of Zurich will mark the arrival of Spring with an exhibition presenting its recent acquisitions. Art lovers who visit his gallery between now and March 31 will have the opportunity to discover objects from old private Swiss collections including a ci-Wara Headrest Bamana from Mali and other ritual objects.

Côte d

Expired: Côte d'Ivoire N°3

From Mar 02 2017 to Mar 31 2017

From March 2 until 31, Alain Bovis Gallery presents its third exhibition dedicated to the Arts from Ivory Coast, after those organized in 2007 and 2010. Inexhaustible source of refinement and delight, these Arts arouse never ending passions. This success is mainly due to the diversity of its people and ritual objects, the variety of styles and iconography, as well as the existence of masterpieces and emblematic objects. On the occasion, Alain Bovis gallery has selected Baule, Dan, Guere and Senoufo objects. The opening is scheduled on March 2nd, famous for "le jeudi des Beaux-Arts".