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Autumn Sale at Bonhams

Expired: Autumn Sale at Bonhams

Dec 06 2016

Bonhams will hold a sale this autumn on December 6 featuring a mixture of African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian art. The latter has rarely been offered by this auction house in recent years, since it is committed to offering only works with iron-clad provenances that place them outside their countries of origin prior to 1971. One highlight of this sale will be an especially fine paddle club most likely carved by stone in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century that is incised throughout the surface with geometric patterns, people, birds, and fish (probably sharks). One of the human figures appears to be interacting with a fish, perhaps as a visual reference to the practice of noosing sharks, associated with the village of Navutoka.

Sale of African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian art

Expired: Sale of African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian art

Dec 06 2016

On December 6 in Los Angeles, Bonhams will hold a sale of African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian art. Included will be property from the Margaret and Herman Colomb Collection, highlights of which include a bronze Benin ram’s head and a Yoruba palace door attributed to Areogun of Osi-Ilorin. The sale is led by a Fang reliquary guardian head that has long been in private hands. A fine Teotihuacan mask and an especially large Yimam yipwon from the Korewari River in Papua New Guinea are among other offerings in this varied auction.

Tribal Art Auction at Artcurial

Expired: Tribal Art Auction at Artcurial

Dec 06 2016

On December 6, Paris auction house Artcurial will hold its second annual tribal art sale. With lots with estimates ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 euros, the sale will be aimed at inveterate collectors as well as at those developing an interest in collecting by acquiring some of the more affordable pieces. The latter will find a Keaka figure from Nigeria (est. 5,000–8,000 euros) from the Pierre Parat Collection, as well as a group of seven objects, formerly the property of art historian Karl-Ferdinand Schaedler. One of the major pieces in the sale is a Luba caryatid stool from DR Congo brought to Europe by Captain Henri Orquevaux before 1914. The highlight of the auction will undoubtedly be lot 31, a female Dogon figure from Mali (est. 250,000– 300,000 euros) published in Hélène Leloup’s 1994 Statuaire Dogon, as well as in the exhibition catalog for the 2011 Arts d’Afrique. Voir l’Invisible exhibition.

Resonance: Musical Instruments in the African Diaspora

Expired: Resonance: Musical Instruments in the African Diaspora

Museum of Anthropology - Wake Forest University
From Oct 11 2016 to Dec 09 2016

To the musician, a resonant object is an instrument that picks up on the right frequencies and produces the most melodious sound. To the museum-goer, a resonant object is an artifact that can evoke complex worlds of culture and history. This exhibit explores how these two definitions fit together in a display of African musical instruments.

International Tribal Art Book Prize 2016

Expired: International Tribal Art Book Prize 2016

The eighth International Tribal Art Book Prize will be awarded on December 12th, 2016 to two art books, one in English and one in French, selected from amongst the more than 40 books on Tribal Art published between October 2015 and September 2016. Six books have already been preselected by the jury, presided by Pierre Moos : "Arts d'Afrique - Portrait d'une collection" (Patrick Caput and Valentine Plisnier), "Sepik. Arts de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée" (Philippe Peltier), "Tsogho. Les icônes du bwiti" (Bertrand Goy), "Baule Monkeys" (Bruno Claessens and Jean-Louis Danis), "Dada Africa.Dialogue with the Other" (R. Burmeister, M. Oberhofer and E.T. Francini), and "Embodied Spirits. Gope Boards from the Papuan Gulf" (Virginia-Lee Webb). The ceremony will take place at 5 pm at Sotheby's Paris. For further information, browse

African, Pre-Columbian, and Native American art

Expired: African, Pre-Columbian, and Native American art

Dec 13 2016

Some 300 lots of African, Pre-Columbian, and Native American art will be auctioned on December 13 by Heritage. Strongest among the offerings are the many lots of prehistoric pottery from North America, which includes some particularly fine and rare examples. Prominent among the examples from the Southwest are two fine black-on-white Socorro storage jars, while the Southeastern ceramics, rarely seen at auction, are led by a Mississippian seated female effigy jar. Another unusual offering is an elegantly curved copper alloy pipe bowl from the Great Lakes, dating from around 1800.

The collection of Viviane Jutheau and other pieces from Africa and Oceania

Expired: The collection of Viviane Jutheau and other pieces from Africa and Oceania

For its next sale of African and Oceanic art at, Sotheby’s, Paris will present an intentionally reduced number of lots—only some seventy pieces—stressing artistic importance and historical significance rather than numbers. The opening session will be devoted to the collection of Viviane Jutheau, Comtesse de Witt, France’s first female auctioneer. Among the twenty-two interesting lots, a particularly interesting large Mbole figure from the Congo, formerly in the Loed and Mia Van Bussel Collection, which Jutheau acquired at a Drouot sale in 1996. A series of fine pieces from various owners will also be offered. The traditional arts of Africa will also be showcased here, led by a strong collection of Lega artworks from the Congo, a lovely Senufo female figure from Côte d’Ivoire, and a select group of ten works—beaded objects, headrests, and other artworks—attesting to the creative talents of South African artists. Oceania is also represented, albeit with a relatively small number of fine-quality lots.

Colours of Amazonia

Expired: Colours of Amazonia

From Apr 28 2016 to Dec 15 2016

From April 28 until January 8, 2016, a selection of photographs will be traveling around Geneva. The amazing macro photographs of Johnathan Watts is a fantastic opportunity to discover the objects from the deep inside and invites you to discover afterwords the exhibition "Amazonia. The shaman and the mind of the forest" at the MEG from May 20 until January 8, 2017. This itinerant exhibition will be first at Quai Général-Guisan, at Tranchée couverte de Saint-Jean from June until mid-Jul, then at the Plaine de Plain palais from mid-July until mid-August at the Parc des Bastions from mid August until mid-September, in the pedestrian zone of the Mont-Blanc from mid-September until mid-October, on the Saint-Antoine Promenade from mid-October until end November and finally on the quai du Rhône until mid-December. Find us on Twitter to discover the photos :

Aristide Courtois, Charles Ratton: The Estate of Madeleine Meunier

Expired: Aristide Courtois, Charles Ratton: The Estate of Madeleine Meunier

From Dec 15 2016 to Dec 16 2016

Following the appointment of Bruno Claessens as its European director, Christie’s department of African and Oceanic art welcomes Victor Teodorescu at the auction house’s Paris office. The reinforced team will hold a sale at the Hôtel Drouot, an homage to three major figures, all vital protagonists in the story of how tribal art gained recognition in the West. Courtois was a colonial administrator and an indefatigable collector of objects, Ratton was a famed expert and the aesthete, and Meunier was married to both of them in turn. Produced in cooperation with Millon auction house in Paris, this event is expected to garner a great deal of interest among collectors, who have been speculating for years about just what was in Meunier’s very secret collection. The sale will be divided into two parts. The second, on December 16, will be devoted to furniture, silver, jewelry, and other objects that belonged to her, but the first, on December 15, will feature nearly eighty African and Oceanic art objects, as well as about sixty lots of archaeological material, all assembled by Aristide Courtois and Charles Ratton. Two emblematic works that have not been seen for more than half a century will be among the highlights of the sale: a Fang figure with an Inagaki base that belonged to Charles Ratton (est. 300,000–500,000 euros) and a Luba Shankadi headrest (est. 500,000–800,000 euros), attributed to the hand of the celebrated Master of the Cascade Coiffure, who was active in the Congo in the nineteenth century.

Africa and donors

Expired: Africa and donors

Musée de Colmar Unterlinden
From Feb 01 2016 to Dec 23 2016

Under the directorship of Annick Walker and the academic supervision of Josette Rivallain, the Société d’histoire naturelle et d’ethnographie de Colmar (Colmar Natural History and Ethnography Society) is producing a show on the history of the collection of the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle et d’Ethnographie. It is intended to be an homage to the main donors responsible for forming it. Many of these donors were originally associated with the earlier Société d’histoire naturelle de Colmar (Colmar Natural History Society), which was founded in 1859. Its members discovered African art in the course of their travels, within the context of their professional work abroad as physicians, soldiers, public servants, etc., most of whose names are no longer familiar. The objects they gave the museum were testimonies to the encounters they had had with “others.”