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Clamors of the World

Expired: Clamors of the World

From Nov 01 2016 to Nov 30 2016

Until November 30, Galerie Alain Bovis is presenting a thematic exhibition titled Clameurs de murs/ Clameurs du monde (Clamors of the Walls/Clamors of the World). Emphasizing aesthetics, the show conpares different ideas of beauty with one another. On the one hand, Jesus Iglesias, a traveler and photographer whose silver gelatin prints are entirely unretouched, is represented by a selection of some twenty prints that are part of a series titled Clameurs des Murs (Clamors of the Walls) (2012–2014). Their subject is the exterior walls of the former house of Serge Gainsbourg in Rue de Verneuil in Paris. Contrasting with these are the perspectives of the now-anonymous artists who created some twenty antique objects from Africa, Oceania, and the Himalayas, each selected for its expressive quality and sculptural innovation.

Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America’s Past Revealed

Expired: Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America’s Past Revealed

National Museum of the American Indian
From Apr 18 2015 to Dec 01 2016

This bilingual (English/Spanish) exhibition illuminates Central America’s diverse and dynamic ancestral heritage with a selection of more than 150 objects. For thousands of years, Central America has been home to vibrant civilizations, each with unique, sophisticated ways of life, value systems, and arts. The ceramics these peoples left behind, combined with recent archaeological discoveries, help tell the stories of these dynamic cultures and their achievements. Cerámica de los Ancestros examines seven regions representing distinct Central American cultural areas that are today part of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Spanning the period from 1000 BC to the present, the ceramics featured, selected from the museum’s collection of more than 12,000 pieces from the region, are augmented with significant examples of work in gold, jade, shell, and stone.

Special issue #5 : Kota

Expired: Special issue #5 : Kota

From Dec 01 2015 to Dec 01 2016

For over 15 years, computer engineer Frédéric Cloth has studied more than 2,000 examples of Kota art. His research has revealed a number of analogies and suggests the existence of three distinct types of reliquary figures. His findings are now the object of an exhibition at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, giving visitors a unique opportunity to interact with Cloth’s digital database. This bilingual special edition (English/French), produced by Tribal Art magazine in association with the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, is designed to broaden the debate about traditional Kota art. It features 72 pages of essays by Kristina Van Dyke and Frédéric Cloth—co-curators of the Pulitzer exhibition—, Louis Perrois—French ethnologist specialized in traditionnal African arts and author of Kota: Visions of Africa Series—, and Pierre Amrouche—expert in African art and author of numerous works on fine arts To learn more about it and order your copy, surf on

American Indian & Ethnographic Art auction

Expired: American Indian & Ethnographic Art auction

Dec 01 2016

Skinner will hold its annual autumn sale on December 1. The artworks to be offered is strong in Plains material, which includes a fine collection of Blackfeet beadwork, Southern Plains moccasins, an effigy horn spoon, and an important Kiowa woman’s dress. Highlights from the North include a rare Tlingit shaman’s amulet from the mid nineteenth century and a sensitively rendered Inupiaq mask.

Sale of American Indian and Ethnographic Art

Expired: Sale of American Indian and Ethnographic Art

Dec 01 2016

Skinner will hold a sale of American Indian and Ethnographic Art on December 1 in Boston featuring a wide range of weavings, pottery and baskets, pre-Colombian art, and objects from the Northeast woodlands, as well as an impressive collection of American Plains Indian material. Highlights among the 338 lots include a rare Woodlands cup with figurative bas-relief decoration, a nineteenthcentury Haida argillite grease bowl, and an important Kiowa beaded and fringed hide dress. The Oceanic section offers a fine collection of clubs, adzes, and other objects formerly in the Leo and Lillian Fortess Collection. Thirty-two lots of nineteenth-century photographs with Native American subjects also make this a particularly interesting sale.

Lectures on the arts and sciences of Africa

Expired: Lectures on the arts and sciences of Africa

Musée Africain des cultures de l'Afrique de l'Ouest
From Nov 20 2016 to Dec 02 2016

The Musée Africain de Lyon and the Université Ouverte Lyon 1 will renew their partnership in 2016 with a series of lectures on the arts and sciences of Africa. The first lecture, "Le Sénoufo et le végétal, de l'utile au rituel", will be held on Friday November 20 by Pierre Boutin, Linguistic Researcher and former Head of the Musée Africain. He will investigate the subject of african sculpture and more specifically the use of vegetals in masks and Senoufo statues from Ivory Coast. The second lecture, "Les diamants d'Afrique, sources de richesses et de conflits", announced on Friday December 2, will analyse the international trafficking of "blood" diamonds in 2016. The Musée Africain de Lyon has planned guided tours of the museum in relation to these lectures. For more information : or 0033 (0)4 78 61 60 98.

Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains

Expired: Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains

National Museum of the American Indian
From Mar 12 2016 to Dec 04 2016

Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains reflects the dynamic tradition of narrative art among Native nations from the Great Plains. The exhibition traces the evolution of the art form from historic hides, muslins, and ledger books to more than 50 contemporary works commissioned by the museum. Illustrating everything from war deeds and ceremonial events to notions of modernity and identity, the selected artworks are as diverse as the individuals who created them. Beginning in the 18th century, Plains narrative art took shape through various media, such as painted deerskin war shirts and buffalo robes. During the 19th century, as trade broadened, artists created elaborate battle scenes on large canvas tipi liners and used muslin cloth, as well as hides, to record winter counts, some documenting more than 100 years of history. When ledger books became available, artists filled their pages with narrative drawings. Native artists began reviving “ledger art” in the 1970s, creating a vibrant art form that takes on contemporary topics, uses a variety of media, and is widely collected.

Empreinte Noire

Expired: Empreinte Noire

Château de la Gobinière
From Oct 25 2016 to Dec 04 2016

Château de la Gobinière in the town of Orvault is the venue for an exhibition titled Empreinte noire (Black Imprint). The show was developed by collector and African art enthusiast Patrice Masseboeuf, and its title honors Raoul Lehuard and his Arts d’Afrique Noire magazine. The installation is composed of a group of privately owned works of varied type and origin. Together these objects trace the courses of two of the major rivers of Africa, the Niger and the Congo, while forming a succinct introduction to the diversity of the arts of the continent. An illustrated catalog with descriptions of the artworks in the exhibition accompanies the show.

Alaska past/present

Expired: Alaska past/present

From Jun 25 2016 to Dec 05 2016

With more than 220 objects, 115 of which are from the Kodiak Archipelago, the Musée de Boulogne-sur-Mer’s Alaskan collection is unusually strong in this little-seen area. It is especially famous for the group of seventy Sugpiat masks collected by Alphonse Louis Pinart, who, in 1871 at the age of nineteen, took a one-year trip to Alaska to conduct research that might support his hypothesis that the autochthonous peoples of this part of the world originated in Asia. These masks, which have been in the Musée de Boulogne-sur- Mer since Pinart donated them in 1875, fascinated Sven Haakanson Jr., then the director of Kodiak’s Alutiiq Museum, who became aware of them in 2002. In order that this important patrimony could be made accessible to the contemporary Sugpiat community, Haakanson proposed sending several native artists to France. This took place in June of 2006, and the arrival of nine Kodiak artists in Boulogne-sur-Mer heralded the beginning of an ambitious partnership and a cultural engagement the tenth anniversary of which the exhibition Alaska Past/Present celebrates.

Native American Art: the Nancy Florsheim collection, Eskimo masks and other objects

Expired: Native American Art: the Nancy Florsheim collection, Eskimo masks and other objects

Dec 05 2016

Bonhams will hold its December auction of Native American art on December 5 in its San Francisco saleroom. Among the more than 375 lots will be the second half of the Nancy Florsheim Collection, the fi rst part of which attracted considerable attention in June. This section is particularly strong in historic pottery from the Southwest. The sale is also strong in material from the Northwest Coast, both antique and contemporary, but the centerpiece of the event is a collection of twenty-eight Eskimo masks from the Madeline Langworthy Collection. This hitherto unknown collection was assembled in the early 1930s and the historic and prehistoric masks in it were acquired directly from Alaskan traders and curio shops.