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Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam 2106

Expired: Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam 2106

From Oct 27 2016 to Oct 30 2016

The 14th annual Amsterdam Tribal Art Fair (TAF) will be held from October 27–30 in the beautiful setting of the De Duif church. Known for its convivial atmosphere and for being frequented by professionals in the field in search of the elusive bargain, TAF, at which 20 international galleries will show this year, continues to be an excellent place to develop and nourish an interest in collecting textiles, jewelry, masks, and all kinds of ritual arts from Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. Among the exhibitors : Adam Prout, Ben Hunter, Bryan Reeves, Bruno Frey, Finette Lemaire (organizer) and Michael Evans.

Didier Claes is moving

Expired: Didier Claes is moving

From Sep 01 2016 to Nov 01 2016

It has been fourteen years since Didier Claes opened his fi rst gallery in 2002 in the Sablon, the heart of Brussels’ African art neighborhood. This fall, he will leave this iconic art area to inaugurate a new space on the section of Avenue Louis that in recent years has become home to the city’s top contemporary art galleries, including Almine Rech, Daniel Templon, and Nathalie Obadia. The move exemplifi es Claes’ determination and dynamism, as well as the high standards he has always applied to his profession. Equally important, it is further proof of his engagement in the ongoing development of the tribal art field. To this end, he foresees producing exhibitions in which major artworks from Western and Central Africa will be shown alongside less expensive but aesthetically pleasing works, all in an environment that will also allow him to display contemporary artworks from his personal collection.

Tribal Art auction at Zemanek on November 5

Expired: Tribal Art auction at Zemanek on November 5

From Nov 02 2016 to Nov 05 2016

The German auction house Zemanek-Münster is preparing a new tribal art auction taking place on November 5th. African and Oceanic artworks from international owners will be on view as from November 2 until November 5. November, 2 until 4 – 10 am to 7 pm November, 5 – 9 am to 1.30 pm. You can have a first look at their selection by browsing the following link :

Persona: Strangely Human

Expired: Persona: Strangely Human

From Feb 01 2006 to Nov 13 2016

This interesting exhibition is on view on the West Mezzanine and explores the strategies that all human beings, regardless of culture or period, use to conceive objects. A selection of works of all kinds—statues, masks, robots, machines, amulets, marionettes, and many other “strange humans”—supports the theme.

Objects from Friends, Cherished Items from sub-Saharan Africa

Expired: Objects from Friends, Cherished Items from sub-Saharan Africa

Musée Africain des cultures de l'Afrique de l'Ouest
From Sep 14 2016 to Nov 20 2016

The exhibition "Objets d’amis, objets chéris" is dedicated to artworks from sub-Saharan Africa lended by private collectors, members of the "Association des Amis du Musée Africain de Lyon". It is a unique occasion to discover some thirty items rarely shown to the public. But more than that, this exhibition offers the opportunity to meet the collectors and to understand their various approaches to African Arts. Indeed, their motivations in collecting African Art are as diverse as fascinating. Some started by focusing on a certain type of object such as spoons or coins, others were more interested in a specific thematic like maternity or in particular materials like bones or beads. Some collectors simply acquired objects because they find them beautiful or because they are particularly rare. But all share a genuine curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

"Aladdin’s cave" Sale

Expired: "Aladdin’s cave" Sale

Nov 22 2016

Christie’s is planning an especially interesting sale to be held in its South Kensington saleroom on November 22. Eclectic offerings from the cabinet of curiosities formed by the late Seward Kennedy will be featured. Kennedy long had a stand on London’s Portobello Road and his personal collection has been described as an “Aladdin’s cave.” Property from the collection of Tony Robinson Treen will also be featured.

Auction : a New York Collection

Expired: Auction : a New York Collection

Nov 24 2016

On Mai 19, at Drouot, the auction house Binoche & Giquello proposed ten lots of tribal art coming from the same collection. It was a success. Today, they present some 20 important pieces of african and oceanian art, some of which are exceptional. Every single object has been chosen following criteria of quality and provenance. This collection, assembled through 20 years, is organised in three axes : the American Indian culture, the arts of Oceania and those of Africa. The collecteurs have looked in galeries, auction houses, and in other enthusiast's collections, pieces that match their standards of quality.

Meeting of Hopi Kachnia Dolls at Galerie Flak

Expired: Meeting of Hopi Kachnia Dolls at Galerie Flak

From Nov 03 2016 to Nov 26 2016

If you are passionate about Kachina dolls, you can't miss the new exhibition on Hopi Kachnia dolls from Arizona taking place at Galerie Flak. This fabulous selection will be on view from November 3rd until November 26th. The opening is scheduled on November 3rd to celebrate the traditional "Jeudi des Beaux-Arts" organized by the tribal art dealers of the "rue des Beaux-Arts" each first Thursday of the month. You can have a look at their selection by browsing the following link :

Arts from Africa, portraits of a collection

Expired: Arts from Africa, portraits of a collection

From Nov 04 2016 to Nov 26 2016

On the occasion of the book release of "Arts d'Afrique, portraits d'une collection" (5 Continents Éditions) by Patrick Caput and Valentine Plisnier , Bernard Dulon's gallery invites you to see the exhibition of the same name. It will feature 7 objects of Africa and photographers (Roger Ballen • Nicolas Bruant • Coco Fronsac • Groupe Street Collodion Art • Jean-Marc Tingaud • Louis Tirilly • Frédéric Vidal). Book signings will be organised on Saturday 5 and Saturday 26 November, from 3 to 6 pm.

Design for Mobile Living: Art From Eastern Africa

Expired: Design for Mobile Living: Art From Eastern Africa

Baltimore Museum of Art
From Jun 01 2016 to Nov 27 2016

This exhibition presents the art of eastern Africa's nomadic societies in order to explore the ways in which mobility shapes creativity and artistic form. Unlike monumental sculpture found in societies that settle in one place, the artworks presented in this exhibition are lightweight, portable, and almost always associated with the body. They were created by nomadic cattle herders whose lives were defined by a near-constant state of movement across the lush highlands, dry savannas, and sparse deserts of eastern Africa. The 28 visually striking artworks were created during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries by artists from the Maasai, Samburu, Somali, and Turkana ethnic groups and the vast majority have never before been displayed.