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Mysterious works from pre-columbian America

Expired: Mysterious works from pre-columbian America

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Both because of the destruction arising from conquest and the recent nature of archaeological research in America (begun only at the end of the 19th century), numerous pre-Columbian items raise questions regarding their usage and meaning. Were these objects related to a cult, for everyday use, strictly for funerals, or for utilitarian, war, sacrificial, decorative, protective, shamanic, cosmological or ornamental purposes? These are all questions that specialists face every day and to which, for now, we can offer only the most credible hypotheses. It is this selection of particularly mysterious objects that makes up our exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Furstenberg

Mythical ancestors

Expired: Mythical ancestors

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Figures of ancestors from South and South-East Asia dominate the exhibition, notably with textiles from Indonesia, Cambodia and India.

Host exhibitor: Jonathan Hope

Pairs, couples and maternity: The art of duality

Expired: Pairs, couples and maternity: The art of duality

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

The Art of Duality pays homage to the ancient Austronesian belief according to which any form of life is based on a dualistic concept. The oldest creation myths describe a primordial deity who created the first mother and father clan by magic means. All the following generations and all knowledge come from this original pair. Customary law orders the required rites and ceremonies during which humans request the benediction of the earliest ancestors. Their protection ensures the continuity of the community thanks to the fecundity of marriage and the prosperity of agriculture, as well as safe passage from birth to death, where we return to our point of origin and rejoin the ancestors in the beyond. In the indigenous animist art of insular Asia, Maternity is a universal archetype of binary nature, often also expressed in the form of sculptures, both miniature and monumental. The Mother and Child, as important in the art of the isolated longhouse as they are in the western tradition, are often represented with great sensitivity. Dualism can also be interpreted in an abstract way, whether in the form of a giant tree of life with two forked branches as seen on the island of Flores or else pairs represented on jewels or textiles.

Host exhibitor: Thomas Murray Asiatica - Ethnographica

Portraits & Finery from the Solomon Islands

Expired: Portraits & Finery from the Solomon Islands

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

This exhibition honours the Solomon Islands with a fine collection of original 19th century photographs explaining the life, traditions and ceremonies of the native peoples of these islands. Ethnographic evidence of the first order, the artistic quality of these photos makes them true works of art. They are accompanied by a collection of jewellery and finery, most of which comes from the collection of the Cranmore Ethnographical Museum at Chislehurst in the UK, created by the famous collector Geoffrey Beasley (1881-1939).

Host exhibitor: Michael Evans Tribal Art

Regards premiers

Expired: Regards premiers

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

After America in 2011 with a remarkable exhibition on spoons from British Columbia, then Africa in 2012 with the presentation of a masterpiece, the famous Maternity Figure Cup Bearer from Nigeria, the Dodier gallery completed its trilogy on tribal arts in 2013 with an exhibition on Oceania. 2014 is to be the year of crossing borders, with the gallery presenting a selection of some forty objects from America, Africa and Oceania. The common denominator is in quality, prestige and originality. An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Dodier

Sacred Baoulé

Expired: Sacred Baoulé

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Maine Durieu invites us to discover or re-discover Baoule statuary, one of the major arts of the Ivory Coast, which as early as the beginning of the 20th century had already won over artists and collectors. This exhibition goes towards demonstrating the intensity and diversity of these sculptures that reveal, with as much gentleness as strength, the complexity of Baoule spirituality, inhabited by ancestors, husbands and wives from beyond and spirits of the bush. Too often judged solely for their aesthetic qualities, these works nonetheless express, in a sacred language, the deep, mystical universe of the human soul. An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Maine Durieu


Expired: Senoufo

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

From the secret sculptures of Poro to statues linked to divination, from the severity of the sculptures from the south of Mali to the gentleness of those from central Ivory Coast, the exhibition presents a wide panorama of the various expressions and styles of Senufo art. An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Olivier Castellano

The former french Soudan

Expired: The former french Soudan

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Host exhibitor: Galeria Guilhem Montagut

To the world beyond

Expired: To the world beyond

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Since the development of tribal associations and the initial formations of community, all world cultures have used objects to call to the spirits of “the world beyond”, be they deities, deceased ancestors, or otherworldly principles which have an enduring, spiritual nature. The call has been to bring the power of the spirits, and the world beyond, to bear on human existence- to assist humans in the endeavors of everyday existence. As beautifully and expressively as any tribal cultures, African cultures have used figures, masks, and objects whose power is only measured by whether they function in this effort, to bring crop and human fertility and prosperity, to protect and act as a guardian, to heal or cure illness, or to seal the bonds of marriage, or to provide instruction and social regulation in a world defined by disorder and chaos. The exhibition To the World Beyond is a carefully selected group of fine works—exceptionally presented objects which are used to reach beyond the human world and call upon the spirits of the world beyond…

Host exhibitor: Berz Gallery of African Art

Trajectory VI

Expired: Trajectory VI

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

"Indian tribal art is emerging on the international scene. In India, the place of the natives is no longer in the Museum of Mankind, in those reconstitutions where wax models, dressed in traditional costumes, are seated around the fire in front of their traditional homes. Here they are now at the forefront of the contemporary Indian art scene, with works that sell in art galleries and are shown in museums throughout the world. The voice of Indian tribal populations, long stifled, is coming back thanks to painting." Le Monde, 17 February 2011.

Host exhibitor: ?