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The Lagoon Region

Expired: The Lagoon Region

From Sep 06 2016 to Sep 11 2016

The Lagoon Region between Ivory Coast and Ghana is a center for some of the most exceptional art styles of West Africa. Influenced by its neighboring tribes, the Senufo, the Lobi, the Baule and the Akan, this ancient cultural melting pot was the birthplace for unique sculptural inventions. The plastic conceptions, and the quality of the often highly sophisticated execution that certain masks and figures from this region display, are testimonies to the richness of the these societies and to their level of accomplishment. This is all the more astonishing as these now Islamicized societies continue to excel in an art one thought to be dogmatically proscribed. The exhibition presents examples of each of this area’s major art styles, as well as some very rare examples of Do society masks. A catalog of the same title accompanies the exhibition. Adrian Schlag is exhibiting at 3bis rue des Beaux-Arts.

“Passeurs de rêves”

Expired: “Passeurs de rêves”

From Sep 06 2016 to Sep 11 2016

Titled “Passeurs de Rêves”, this exhibition is an homage to the collectors and dealers who sought to achieve broader recognition for the arts of Africa and Oceania during the twentieth century. A selection of important objects formerly in the collections of major figures in the artworld Paul Guillaume, Maurice de Vlaminck, and Pierre Loeb, for example, individuals without whom tribal art would not have become what it is today retraces the history of the (re)discovery of the ethnographic objects that became works of fine art thanks to their efforts. An online catalog will be available from September 6. Charles-Wesley hourdé is exhibiting at 36 rue de Seine.

Preview at Christie

Expired: Preview at Christie's

From Sep 08 2016 to Sep 13 2016

Christie’s Paris will also take advantage of the presence of the large number of tribal art enthusiasts in Paris in early September with a preview of some of the major artworks that it will offer in its December auctions. The presentation will be held at Christie’s location at 9 Rue Matignon from September 8–13. The first of these sales is scheduled to take place on December 13 and will include African and Oceanic objects from various collections. Two days later, on December 15, Christie’s will offer the collection of an individual whose identity has not yet been disclosed.

Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art

Expired: Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art

Musée Royal de l'Ontario
From Apr 02 2016 to Sep 14 2016

Coming from the musée du quai Branly in Paris, where the exhibition received rave reviews, Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art. explores the 5000-year-old multifaceted world of tattooing, showcasing a visual history of body art and markings, ancient tools, and commissioned tattooed silicone body reproductions, inked by some of the most respected tattoo artists in the contemporary world. "Tattooists, tattooed" returns to the sources of tattooing and presents the renewed of this phenomenon in its now permanent and globalised manifestation. In so-called "primitive" societies from the Oriental, African and Oceanian worlds, tattooing has a social, religious and mystical role and accompanies the subject in their rites of passage, including them in the community. Conversely, in the West, they have been seen as a mark of infamy, criminality, a circus attraction (with the phenomenon of side shows) and as a mark of identity for urban tribes.

Special Sale "James Silberman" in Dallas

Expired: Special Sale "James Silberman" in Dallas

Sep 16 2016

Heritage will hold a sale on September 16 featuring selections from the collection of James Silberman. The material includes artworks from Africa, Oceania, and the ancient Americas. Highlights include a large Ibo seated figure once owned by Warren Robbins, a fine Songye friction oracle, and an especially old and heavily patinated zoomorphic mask from the Cameroon Grassfields. The Pre-Columbian offerings are particularly strong in ceramics from Peru.

BAGA. Art de Guinée, colection du musée Barbier-Mueller

Expired: BAGA. Art de Guinée, colection du musée Barbier-Mueller

Musée d'Arts africains, océaniens, amérindiens (MAAOA)
From May 13 2016 to Sep 18 2016

The musée d'Arts africains, océaniens, amerindiens of Marseille (France) and the Barbier-Muelle Museum organize a new exhibition together. After exhibiting "Discover the Baga" in 2014 at the Barbier-Mueller museum of Geneva, the chapelle du Centre de la Vielle Charité in Marseille will host "Arts of Guinea. Collection of the Barbier-Mueller collection". The exhibition presents twenty-five pieces from the Baga and neighboring peoples and is the culmination of fifteen years of research by anthropologist Dr. David Berliner, who curated it. It unveils specific cultural practices of a population that is undergoing change and remains divided between tradition and modernity. On view until September 18, 2016.

Biennale des Antiquaires 2016

Expired: Biennale des Antiquaires 2016

From Sep 10 2016 to Sep 18 2016

From September 10–18, the Grand Palais will once again host the Biennale des Antiquaires, a major art event that offi cially will begin to be held on an annual basis in 2017. Two renowned tribal art names will represent the fi eld this year. Galerie Meyer will show a selection of works from Oceania and the Arctic, and Yann Ferrandin will present some thirty works that heretofore have rarely been seen on the market. These will be from Africa, Oceania, and the Arctic, his particular areas of interest and expertise.

Pierre Robin Sale

Expired: Pierre Robin Sale

From Sep 21 2016 to Sep 23 2016

Paris auction house de Baecque et Associés has announced that on September 23 at the Hôtel Drouot, it will offer the objects and artworks that Pierre Robin, a tribal art dealer for nearly forty years, kept in his house in the Tarn region of France. Eclecticism and abundance are the words that describe this important group of artworks, which includes stools, African sculptures and textiles, Asian ethnographic objects, Pre-Columbian artifacts, and works of popular European art, as well as modern and contemporary artworks. The diversity of the lots and the very reasonable estimates (starting at 200–300 euros) are likely to attract bidding from a wide variety of collectors of all kinds. Anyone who still needs to be convinced to be interested in this diverse sale should attend the previews, which begin on September 21. Information are available on the following web site:

The Rendez-Vous

Expired: The Rendez-Vous

From Sep 10 2016 to Sep 24 2016

A new event centering around the presentation of outstanding thematic exhibitions of the rare and beautiful will animate Paris’ cultural scene from September 10–24. Conceived of by ten antiques dealers and gallery owners, including two foreign ones, Le Rendez-Vous will be held on Rue de Seine and adjoining streets in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood. Tribal art will be prominently represented through the participation of two resident galleries, Galerie Bernard Dulon and Galerie Monbrison. Belgian dealer Didier Claes will also be there with a thematic exhibition on Songye art from the Congo in Galerie Vallois at 41 Rue de Seine.

Didier Claes @ Patrick De Brock Gallery

Expired: Didier Claes @ Patrick De Brock Gallery

From Aug 27 2016 to Sep 27 2016

Didier Claes vous donne rendez-vous à Knokke du 17 août au 27 septembre où il s'invite à la Patrick De Brock Gallery. Pour terminer l'été en beauté les deux hommes ont décidé de célébrer la beauté. L’un étant fils de collectionneur d'art africain et marchand d'art contemporain, l'autre étant marchand d'art africain et grand amateur d’art actuel. Didier Claes exposera une sélection d'objets de sa collection d'art africain dont un masque de visage à taille humaine Dan (Côte d'Ivoire), un reliquaire du Gabon ou encore d'autres pièces du Gabon. Patrick De Brock quant à lui a sélectionné 8 oeuvres :minimalistes de renommée internationale.