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Tribal & Design

Expired: Tribal & Design

From May 26 2016 to Aug 27 2016

From the 26 May to the 27 August, Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Bernard Dulon gallery are creating a dialogue between design and tribal art in a much anticipated exhibition. Since its creation ten years ago, Carpenters Workshop Gallery has unconsciously developed an aesthetic and creative line that is evident in many of its creative endeavors. An imaginary link is clear in the work of Ingrid Donat who draws from her Creole roots, and it is equally seen in the work of Rick Owens, Wendell Castle, Kendell Geers and Atelier Van Lieshout. Come and discover this ancestral link in a confrontation of major Tribal artworks selected by one of the most important galleries in the world in this sector: Galerie Bernard Dulon. Today, it brings a singular perspective on two disciplines that appear at first as if they are opposites. ‘Tribal’ aims to break down the traditional approach that we usually think of when art poses the question, “Without forgetting, can we pass beyond the borders of genres, eras, continents and cultures?”

Cameroon in Ramatuelle

Expired: Cameroon in Ramatuelle

From Jul 01 2016 to Aug 27 2016

Summer isn’t far away, and that means that the annual show that Galerie Afrique produces in Ramatuelle for visitors to the French Riviera is coming up as well. This year, the art of Cameroon, particularly that of the Grasslands, will be featured through a selection of objects collected before 1980. Masks, dance crests, and prestige objects such as pipes, fly whisks, and other regalia created by Bangwa, Tikar, and Mambila artists will be on view from July 1 until August 27, 2016. Although entry to the exhibition is free of charge, an appointment is recommended.

Design for Eternity

Expired: Design for Eternity

The Metropolitan Museum of art
From Oct 01 2015 to Sep 01 2016

From the first millennium BC until the arrival of Europeans in the sixteenth century, artists from the ancient Americas created small-scale architectural models to be placed in the tombs of important individuals. These works in stone, ceramic, wood, and metal range from highly abstracted, minimalist representations of temples and houses to elaborate architectural complexes populated with figures. Design for Eternity: Architectural Models from the Ancient Americas, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until September 18, 2016, sheds light on the role of these objects in mediating relationships between the living, the dead, and the divine. It also provides a rare look at ancient American architecture, much of which has not survived. This exhibition is the first of its kind in the United States and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog.

Tribal Art London: From August 31 until September 4

Expired: Tribal Art London: From August 31 until September 4

From Aug 31 2016 to Sep 04 2016

The United Kingdom’s only fair devoted exclusively to non-European art will open on August 31, 2016, at Mall Galleries. For five days, until September 4, twenty-one exhibitors will present their finest material to what hopefully will be a large and interested audience. This year, the fair will feature four new participants, three of which are well known in Brussels—Marcuson & Hall, Ritual Gallery, and Visser Gallery—and the fourth from London—Raccanello Tribal Art. In addition to being the setting for showing art, Tribal Art London is also an opportunity to share enthusiasm and knowledge, a fact supported by an interesting series of lectures and other programming.

Early preview at Sotheby

Expired: Early preview at Sotheby's Paris

From Sep 05 2016 to Sep 11 2016

From September 5–11, Galerie Charpentier, Sotheby’s headquarters in France, will be a place that tribal art aficionados will want to visit, since a selection of works from the department of Africa and Oceania’s upcoming sale on December 14 will be on view there. The auction will include lots consigned by various owners, as well as works from the collection of Viviane Jutheau, the Countess de Witt. The first female auctioneer in France, the latter became enamored with and began collecting the arts of distant cultures in the 1980s after having made the acquaintance of André Schoeller, a man of refined taste with an astute and developed eye. The richness of this art that led to its discovery by the West in the early twentieth century is palpable in the collection that the Countess de Witt put together, which is especially strong in the arts of Gabon.

Espace Tribal

Expired: Espace Tribal

From Sep 06 2016 to Sep 11 2016

After the success of the first edition of the Espace Tribal in 2015, Tribal Art magazine reiterate its program of events in parallel to Parcours des mondes. The festivities will begin with a "table ronde" on Thursday from 5 to 6pm in the presence of Pierre Moos (CEO), Inti Lingabue (honorary president) and Bruno Claessens (Director of the African and Oceanic Art department at Christie's). Like last year, the organizers offer you to wake up with the "CAFE TRIBAL" : Every morning, specialists, museum curators, and collectors will meet to discuss a specific theme. This year, the primary subject is “The Collection.” Wednesday at 10am Robert Hales, Kevin Conru, authors of the book "William Oldman: The Remarkable Collector" and Tia Dzamonja will present this fabulous publication. Tuesday at 10am, Hélène Joubert will present "Arts africains et Éclectisme": l'exemple d'une collection du XXIème siècle" the upcoming exhibition at the musée du quai Branly Jacques Chirac. Friday morning at 10am, Didier Claes will speak about collectors of African Art. In the late afternoon, Tribal Art magazine invites you to meet its guests : Aurélien Cuénot, co-founder of Artkhade (Wednesday 4pm - 7pm) , 5 Continents Editions, en essential independent editor in the field of Tribal art (Thursday 4pm - 7pm), and Patrick Caput, consultant, expert, collector and, above all, Tribal art lover (Friday 6pm - 7pm). Finally, to celebrate the 15th edition of Parcours des mondes, the Espace Tribal will welcome retrospective exhibition : "Fifteen Parcours, and as Many Visions of the World". Through objects and images, it will trace some of the key moments in the evolution of this event. Every day : 10am - 11am.

Eudald Serra: A Sculptor’s Collection

Expired: Eudald Serra: A Sculptor’s Collection

From Sep 06 2016 to Sep 11 2016

With this exhibition, Galerie David Serra honors a major figure on the Catalan art scene, as well known for his own work as a sculptor as for his interest in the appreciation and promulgation of non-European arts. Born in Barcelona in 1911 and died in the same city in 2002, Eudald Serra i Güell was a member of the post-war avantgarde and of the ADLAN (Amigos del Arte Nuevo) group. He was a formally trained ethnologist and traveled the world, especially Japan and the Pacific, collecting for two close friends, industrialist and collector Alberto Folch-Rusinol and August Panyella, the first director of the Barcelona Museum of Ethnology. In the course of these expeditions, he also brought back objects that he kept for himself and later surrounded them with other tribal objects he acquired on the art market. The resulting group of artworks became increasingly personal and sensitive. It is the collection of an artist with a great curiosity for knowledge of the “other” and who is engaged in a ceaseless quest for new means for formal expression. Aficionados will have the opportunity to admire about twenty pieces from Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas from this unusual collection, which will be shown alongside several of Serra’s own sculptures. David Serra is exhibiting at 38 rue de Seine.

Happy birthday Mr. Vérité

Expired: Happy birthday Mr. Vérité

From Sep 06 2016 to Sep 11 2016

The Vérité sale took place in Paris ten years ago, in June of 2006. In a hundred years of tribal art auctions, few have rivaled the sensation this one produced. The number of pieces, their quality, and their variety will not be soon forgotten. The highlight of the sale was a Fang ngil mask that brought what was at the time the record price of 5,800,000 euros. Tuesday 6 September, the bookshop "La librairie Mazarine" invites you for the opening of the photographic exhibition "10 years of Vérité". Pierre Amrouche will exhibit his best photographs of the main lots sold 10 years ago. The exhibition will be running during Parcours des mondes, from Tuesday 6 until Sunday 11 September.

Parcours des Mondes 2016

Expired: Parcours des Mondes 2016

From Sep 06 2016 to Sep 11 2016

Once again this year, Parcours des Mondes will bring together the most important players in the markets of African, Oceanic, indigenous American, and Asian art. This fifteenth Parcours des Mondes will again mark the highest standards. Eighty international dealers, each of them highly respected in his or her particular field, will bring even greater life to the heart of Paris, the world’s capital for the arts, with exhibitions that honor the contributions made by any number of diverse and fascinating African, Oceanic, indigenous American, and Asian cultures to the history of world art. Twentyseven of these exhibitions will be thematic ones—in-depth explorations of particular areas that will enhance visitors’ understanding of the subjects they explore. Classical Asian art, which was included for the first time last year and was well received by the fair’s attendees, will be represented by eighteen participants. More information about the show is available on the following website :

Red. Art and Color in Black Africa

Expired: Red. Art and Color in Black Africa

From Sep 06 2016 to Sep 11 2016

On the occasion of parcours des mondes 2016, Olivier Larroque is presenting "Red. Art and Color in Black Africa" and is exhibiting at 2, rue de l'Echaudé. Red was the color of mourning in the ancient Kingdom of Kuba in the Congo, it was a mark of bravery among the Senegalese tirailleurs of the French colonial army, who wore a piece of red fabric on their uniforms. It appeared on certain Dan masks from Côte d’Ivoire and it was the prerogative of married Zulu women of South Africa for their hats of woven hair. Red, the color of blood, of fire, and of the African earth is a fundamental component in the palette of tribal art. Made from certain varieties of wood, from minerals, or even from crushed insects, it always has significance and is ubiquitous among the African continent’s artistic creations.