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José Bedia : Tribal Affinities

Expired: José Bedia : Tribal Affinities

From May 01 2016 to Jun 30 2016

José Bedia (Cuban, b. 1959) is not merely a master painter, he is also a multidisciplined student of the arts. In addition to his formal art studies, Bedia has trained himself through experiencing and studying tribal art and cultures both in the fi eld and academically. Whether living with the Sioux in North Dakota or witnessing the Holy Week Ceremonies of the Cora Indians of the Sierra Madres, Bedia takes copious notes and sketches to supplement his memories. Tambaran Gallery and James Trotta-Bono, together with Jose Bedia Jr., are presenting an important exhibition of works by this internationally acclaimed artist. Half of the artwork is new for the exhibition, while the rest of the works are touchstones that contextualize the artist’s career. Set among Bedia’s paintings are his own selection of rare and important tribal art pieces from Africa and North America, the fi rst time the artist’s paintings have been displayed in this context.

Book signing : Lumbu, un art sacré by Charlotte Grand-Dufay

Expired: Book signing : Lumbu, un art sacré by Charlotte Grand-Dufay

From Jun 02 2016 to Jun 30 2016

On the occasion of the opening of Art Saint Germain des Prés on June 2nd, a book signing session of the book "Lumbu, a sacred art" (Lumbu, art sacré) by Charlotte Grand-Dufay is organized at Bernard Dulon Gallery, 10 Rue Jacques Callot, on June 2nd from 6 to 9pm. If you do not have the chance to come on Thursday a second session is planned on Sunday 5th of June. In this book Charlotte Grand-Duffay is observing the Lumbu on the long term and analyzes objects of rituals as well as prestigious ones. To celebrate Art Saint Germain des Prés, Bernard Dulon presents the exhibition "Young collectors" from 2 until 30 June.

SPECIAL ISSUE #6 - Amazonia. The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest

Expired: SPECIAL ISSUE #6 - Amazonia. The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest

From Jun 02 2016 to Jun 30 2016

Following the success of our previous Special issues, we are proudly undertaking a new collaboration with the MEG (Musée d’ethnographie de Genève). Our sixth Special Issue will be published to accompany the very engaging, innovative and resolutely aesthetic exhibition « Amazonie. Le chamane et la pensée de la forêt » (Amazonia. The Shaman and the thoughts of the forest) which opens on May 18th. This exhibition can only enchant the senses of those who experience it. We have succumbed to it's beauty and take great pleasure in sharing it with you through this new Special Issue. The aim of this educational and dynamic publication is to highlight the exceptional ethnographic heritage preserved at the MEG and displayed together for the first time. The exhibition and publication alike, promise to be a real explosion of colours and intense glimpses into the mysterious world of the Amazonian rainforest. This bilingual (English/French) publication will consist of 72 richly illustrated and informative pages, and is available for sale through this website in the books section. More information:

Kay Pacha: Reciprocity with the Natural World

Expired: Kay Pacha: Reciprocity with the Natural World

Lowe Art Museum
From Feb 12 2016 to Jul 02 2016

Kay Pacha: Reciprocity with the Natural World is the first curated exhibition of ancient Andean art from the Lowe’s permanent collection of more than 1,000 ancient stone, metal, wood, ceramic, and textile objects from Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. The exhibition explores the ancient Andean concept of ayni, or reciprocity between humans and nature that fuels life on kay pacha, the surface of the earth. No other exhibition has attempted to explore how humans used art to express their gratitude, fear, and indebtedness to the harsh natural world of the Andes. Ceramic jars in the shape of a crab, royal robes made of parrot feathers or fine alpaca wool, and silver disks decorated with shellfish from the Lowe’s collections speak to how material objects conveyed the interrelatedness of life, authority, and power in these cultures. This exhibition is curated by Dr. Traci Ardren, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Miami.

SAVE THE DATE : Basel/Bale

Expired: SAVE THE DATE : Basel/Bale

From Jun 13 2016 to Jul 02 2016

Anthony Meyer announces a joint exhibition of the works of Claire Morgan (Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris) and works of Oceanic & Eskimo Art (Galerie Meyer, Paris) in the gallery Angela Berney Fine Art in Basel during ARTBASEL week. Please SAVE the DATE: June 13 - July 2nd. Opening event on June 13, 2016 at Andlauer Hof, Münsterplatz 17, 4051 Basel - Switzerland.


Expired: Carambolages

From Nov 30 -0001 to Jul 04 2016

Through July 4, 2016, the Grand Palais is hosting Carambolages (Ricochet), an exhibition that, like all the events produced by Jean-Hubert Martin, invites its viewers to free themselves of their prejudices and to take a fresh look at the world and particularly its art. Having brought non-European art to the public’s attention in 1989 with his Magiciens de la Terre (Magicians of the Earth) exhibition, Martin’s attention is now focused on breaking down the barriers established by traditional approaches to art in the West, instead speaking to the imagination of the individual. The result is a well-thought-out sequence of works that transcends the time periods and cultures they originate from and the styles they represent. In this context, each piece acquires new meaning, different from the one that comes before it as well as the one that follows. Tribal works take center stage in this playful and aesthetic experience, which underlies a search for a new standard in the approach to art that recognizes no chronological or geographic boundaries.

Signature auction at Heritage Auctions

Expired: Signature auction at Heritage Auctions

Jul 08 2016

Heritage Auctions will be offering important selections from longtime southern California collector Robert Berg as well as the private collection from the estate of Liz Claiborne and Arthur Ortenberg in its July 8 American Indian, tribal, and Pre-Columbian art Signature Auction. The Robert V. Berg Collection of African sculpture is composed of the 100 top items from the fi fty-year collection of this respected California specialist. Items range from Teotihuacán antiquities to a pair of large Cameroon house posts. Items from the estate of Liz Claiborne and Arthur Ortenberg span thirty lots and are led by a Waja shoulder mask. Art from the Americas completes the sale, with the star lot being a rare Northwest Coast feast bowl in the form of a totemic bird.

Shapes and abstractions

Expired: Shapes and abstractions

From Jun 02 2016 to Jul 09 2016

From June 2–July 9, 2016, Galerie Alain Bovis will present an exhibition that, as its title suggests, will highlight a group of works from Africa, Asia, and Oceania, the forms of which eschew the mimicry of nature and instead pursue the sculptural art of abstraction in a free and intuitive manner reminiscent of the visual language of Western modern art.

Asafo flags

Expired: Asafo flags

Mingei International Museum
From Feb 01 2016 to Jul 10 2016

Thirty-seven flags from the West African country of Ghana make up an exhibition currently at the Mingei International Museum. A recent donation to Mingei International, these colorful flags date from the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries and feature graphic imagery and appliquéd designs on solidcolor grounds. They were commissioned by military organizations known as asafo, or “companies,” whose primary role was to exert power, exercise political influence, and maintain codes of conduct within Fante communities. Verbal proverbs are given imaginative visual form in the imagery of the flags, in which messages and customs are remembered and oral traditions are preserved. Colonial influence also can be seen in the iconography of these flags. Indeed, the British Union Jack appears on the majority of flags created before Ghana gained its independence in 1957.

Kongo Arts Galerie - Grand Opening

Expired: Kongo Arts Galerie - Grand Opening

Jul 13 2016

The former Belgian dealer, Joseph-Hans (Jo) Christiaens, specialised in artefacts from Zaïre, Soudan and West-Africa, has offered his collection to Gatien "Gratiano" Lokosa, a young French collector who's gallery "Kongo Arts" opened in June. The object travelled from Brussels to Antibes Juan les Pins, in France, where they stand side by side with african contemporary paintings. The opening of this new venture will be celebrated on July 13.