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Find us at Vasco Books during Cultures!

Expired: Find us at Vasco Books during Cultures!

From Jun 07 2016 to Jun 11 2016

Like we usually do during each Bruneaf (Brussels Non European Art Fair) - now regrouped together with Asian Art in Brussels and Brussels Ancient Art Fair under the name Cultures - the Tribal Art magazine team will invest Vasco Books. This library, dedicated to ancient arts, and situated in the heart of the Sablon (Brussels), is well known by the tribal arts lovers who appreciate the place as much for it's large panel of books as for it's dynamic librarian, Emilia. Come and discover our tempting offer for this first edition of Cultures: subscribe to the magazine and receive a free copy of our latest special issue "Amazonia, the Shaman and the Thought of the Forest", and a Parcours des mondes 2016 catalog!

Messengers of Stone – Pre-Columbian America

Expired: Messengers of Stone – Pre-Columbian America

From Sep 06 2016 to Jun 11 2016

As last year Laurent Dodier is exhibiting at Parcours des mondes 35/37 rue de Seine. After a North American show in 2011, one on Africa in 2012, one on Oceania in 2013, another covering three continents in 2014, and a show on weapons in 2015, Galerie Dodier continues its survey of the world’s non-European arts this year with an exhibition on Pre-Columbian art: “Messengers of Stone”. Through the presentation of approximately forty Pre-Columbian stone objects, Galerie Dodier will take you on a journey starting in Peru and moving the length of Central America up to Mexico. A catalog of the same title accompanies the exhibition.

CULTURES: The World Arts Fair

Expired: CULTURES: The World Arts Fair

From Jun 08 2016 to Jun 12 2016

The three art events that have long been cornerstones of the early summer in Brussels—The Brussels Non-European Art Fair (BRUNEAF), The Brussels Ancient Art Fair, and Asian Art in Brussels—are finally fusing into a single event under the unifying title Cultures: The World Arts Fair. Lasting five days, from June 8–12, boundaries of time, space, culture, and expression will be abandoned in the Sablon neighborhood, which will become a babel of art. Sixtyseven galleries specializing in tribal art, archeological artifacts, and Asian art will fulfill the expectations of an international audience with presentations of rigorously selected artworks. Cultural offerings go beyond the galleries. Ancienne Nonciature has announced it will host two exhibitions. Organized by Galerie Serge Schoffel, a Brussels gallerist and resident, Les bois qui murmurent. La grande Statuaire Lobi (Whispering Woods: The Great Statuary of the Lobi) will feature sculptures created by the Lobi people of Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire intended to allow communication with the supernatural entities that pervade their environment. The second exhibition will focus on the traditional statuary of the Mande region, an art form centered around the representation of the human figure, whether it be in terracotta, wood, or metal.

Preview of the Leslie Sacks Collection at Native

Expired: Preview of the Leslie Sacks Collection at Native

From Jun 08 2016 to Jun 12 2016

Belgian auction house Native has announced that concurrently with the Cultures art fair (the offshoot of BRUNEAF) that will be held June 8–12, it will preview a selection of works scheduled to be sold at its October 22 auction devoted to the African art collection of Leslie Sacks (1952–2013). A modern art dealer established in Los Angeles, he cultivated a specifi cally personal taste for the arts of Africa. His collection is the subject of a book titled Refi ned Eye, Passionate Heart: African Art from the Leslie Sacks Collection, edited by Amanda M. Maples and published by Skira in 2013.

Sons of the Great Raven

Expired: Sons of the Great Raven

Musée du Nouveau Monde
From Dec 11 2015 to Jun 13 2016

With its current exhibition, Les fils de Grand Corbeau (Sons of the Great Raven), the Musée du Nouveau Monde is renewing its commitment to familiarize the French public with the great Native American cultures. The unique characteristics of these are not widely understood there and these diverse peoples are too often referred to generically simply as “Indians.” This exhibition explores the communities of the Northwest Coast, one of the most populated North American regions at the time of European contact. A selection of more than 120 objects from private and public French collections (including those of the Musée du Quai Branly, the Musée de Boulogne-sur-Mer, and the Lille and La Rochelle museums) offers an opportunity to experience a wealth of artistic traditions, both past and present. Textiles, sculptures, and objects associated with the potlatch (the societal custom of gifting that is so deeply rooted among the region’s communities) together provide a sensitive and respectful image of the diversity of these peoples—Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and Nuxalk, to mention but a few. While culturally distinct, these peoples shared a sustainable lifeway centered on the rivers and ocean (and most notably the salmon), which serve as a food source, and on the forests, which provide the wood, fiber, and animal products vital to the manufacture of their tools, clothing, and structures.

African and Oceanic Art auction at Lempertz

Expired: African and Oceanic Art auction at Lempertz

From Jun 08 2015 to Jun 15 2016

The auction house Lempertz is organizing an African and Oceanic Art auction on June 15 at 2pm. Among the large selection of artworks, a beautiful pair of Ifugao Bulul figures. The preview will take place rue du Grand Cerf, next to the Sablon from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 from 10am to 6pm, Sunday 12 from 11am until 5pm, Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 from 10am until 6pm and Wednesday 15 June from 10am until noon. The auction will take place at 2pm.

Whitehawk 2016

Expired: Whitehawk 2016

From Aug 12 2016 to Jun 15 2016

In 2016, Whitehawk, which has long produced the annual Native American and Ethnographic art shows in Santa Fe, will combine both of these events, which it has run for some thirty-seven years, into one exceptional show featuring antique Indian art dealers alongside their tribal art colleagues from around the United States. Combining the two shows allows the producers to focus their efforts on one antique tribal event that highlights the top tier of dealers in both American Indian and ethnographic material, ensuring that collectors at every level will experience more than 100 well-curated, high-quality displays. The show will be held August 12–15 at the Santa Fe Convention Center, with an opening reception on the evening of the twelfth.

Malcom at Sotheby

Expired: Malcom at Sotheby's (New York and Paris)

From Jun 18 2016 to Jun 22 2016

In the wake of the success of the first part of the sale of the Daniel and Marian Malcolm Collection on May 7 in New York, which made $6.5 million for eleven lots, the second part of the sale of their collection is eagerly anticipated at Sotheby’s June 22 sale in Paris. Twelve more outstanding works from this collection, assembled over a fifty-year period of passion for African and Oceanic art, will be offered for sale and are sure to attract the interest of the most experienced collectors. Offerings range from the most modest object in terms of its estimate, a beautifully balanced Yaka headrest from DR Congo, to the most exceptional piece due to its rarity, an unaltered late-nineteenth-century Tshokwe female effigy of a princess from Angola. Between them are many other works that are among the finest of their kind, including a Fang reliquary figure that belonged to Paul Guillaume and a Senufo ancestor figure from the Carlo Monzino Collection. All of the works in this sale display extraordinary aesthetic qualities and share a quality of refinement that together testify to the keen eyes of the Malcolms, who assembled this collection as a couple. Preview at Sotheby's Paris as from Saturday 18 from 10am until 6pm.


Expired: Christie's Paris : Tribal Art auction & Loudmer Collection

From Jun 18 2016 to Jun 23 2016

Immediately following the achievement of its groundbreaking Evolution of Form sale in New York, which brought in more then $5 million for seven lots sold, Christie’s will offer eighty-seven lots estimated at between 2.5 and 4 million euros in its sale in Paris on June 23, 2016. Featuring artworks that even the most demanding collectors will respond to, the core of the material in this sale is a group of thirty objects from the personal collection of Emily A. Wingert. A great jazz aficionado and a curious spirit, Wingert began collecting art in the 1950s, and, with her husband, Paul Wingert, who was also well known in the tribal art field, developed a particular interest in African and Oceanic art, which she continued to pursue after his death in 1974. Highlights of this group include a Maori putorino wooden flute, probably collected by Cook, and a rare Maori sculpture composed of two conjoined figures. A seated Bembe figure and a Marquesas Islands stilt step return to the market in this sale, having once been the property of Helena Rubinstein. On the same day, Christie’s will hold a second sale in partnership with Auction Art of the collection of Jacqueline Loudmer, a singular fi gure in the fi elds of African art as well as modern and contemporary art.


Expired: Indigenous

From May 02 2016 to Jun 25 2016

Schreiber, like many young North-Americans at the time, was very keen on the magazine National Geographic that featured pictures of the world making young people dream about traveling. Schreiber's self-portraits provoke those dreams too. They are a contemporary version of pictures from the XIXe century and reflect a true sense of self-mockery. Those picture were not supposed to be shown and are now featured for the first time. Along with these pictures, Anthony JP Meyer will offer a selection of superb and ancient Oceanian works of art.