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Expired: 75 YEARS/75 OBJECTS

Dumbraton Oaks - Research Library and Collection
From Sep 01 2015 to May 22 2016

Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss were enthusiastic collectors and judicious patrons of scholarship and the arts. Sharing a taste for the art of little-known or underappreciated cultures, the Blisses developed a unique collection with the help of knowledgeable friends and scholarly advisors. Notable among their interests was a particular passion for Byzantine and Pre-Columbian art. In 1940, they gave their Washington, DC, mansion, Dumbarton Oaks, conceived as a “home of the humanities,” a place of natural serenity and intellectual adventure, to Harvard University, and it is now a public museum. Celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the museum, an exhibition titled 75 Years/75 Objects, which opened in September, is presenting seventy-five objects drawn from the museum’s three collections: Pre-Columbian art, Byzantine art, and the various examples of fine and decorative arts that enhance the stately residence. Arranged in sequences of nine themed, consecutive rotations over the course of nine months, the artworks moving through this constantly evolving exhibition refl ect the significance of the collection on this anniversary year as well as the ongoing assessment of the founders’ art collecting interests.

Oblique views - photographs from the sky

Expired: Oblique views - photographs from the sky

Museum of indian Arts and Culture
From Nov 01 2015 to May 25 2016

Two years after his famed 1927 New Yorkto- Paris transatlantic fl ght, aviator Charles Lindbergh traveled with his wife to the Southwest, where they conceived of and executed a little-remembered art project. Flying low over the region’s remarkable geographic features and archaeological sites, they took a series of 198 striking photographs. The film is now delicate and deteriorating, and when considering how best to conserve them, the idea was formed to recreate them. During 2007 and 2008, flying at alarmingly low altitudes and slow speeds, pilot and photographer Adriel Heisey leaned out the door of his light plane and, holding his camera with both hands, rephotographed some of the sites that the Lindberghs had shot nearly eight decades earlier. The result of this “collaboration” is currently on view for the first time in Oblique Views: Archaeology, Photography, and Time, at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture until May 25, 2017, where Heisey’s stunning color images are paired directly with the Lindberghs’ black-and-white ones, revealing often surprising changes.

Treasures of the World’s Cultures

Expired: Treasures of the World’s Cultures

National Museum of Singapore
From Dec 05 2015 to May 29 2016

Treasures of the World’s Cultures, one of the excellent exhibitions that the British Museum has been sponsoring outside its walls, is currently on view at the National Museum of Singapore. More than 250 outstanding works from all corners of the globe and covering a time span of two million years were selected for the event by curators Brendan Moore and Elisenda Vila Llonch from its holdings, spanning all of the London museum’s departments. The arts of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas are well represented and heavily featured in this encyclopedic museum, and the exhibition brings a survey of humanity’s history through its art to an area that does not generally have access to such in-depth diversity. The show can be seen December 5, 2015 until May 19, 2016

Monique Chicot : "scrap metal"

Expired: Monique Chicot : "scrap metal"

From Apr 15 2016 to May 29 2016

The next exhibition at Patrick & Ondine Mestdagh gallery will take place in April. Some paintings by the French artist Monique Chicot, related to the objects of the gallery, will be featured in Brussels, rue des Minimes 29. It is not the first time that the gallery owners collaborate with the artist as a selection of her photographs were featured at the Belgian gallery during Spring 2013. The preview will take place on April 14 from 3pm to 9 pm, and the exhibition will further continue until May 29.

Bourgogne Tribal Show - 1st edition

Expired: Bourgogne Tribal Show - 1st edition

From May 26 2016 to May 29 2016

Four Tribal Art dealers – Laurent Dodier, Bruno Frey, Jacques Lebrat and Anthony JP Meyer – want to wander off the beaten track of Tribal Art shows and get back to the basics of shared ideas, shared food and drink and above all, a shared love of Art. At the heart of their vision is a common desire to operate differently from the accepted norm, far away from established cultural centres. To this end, they propose a Spring gathering, on the property of Bruno Mory, a Tribal Art collector and notable Contemporary Art dealer. Coming from London, Brussels, Paris or Amsterdam, about twenty dealers will join them in this adventure and help them to shake things up. This will be an event to experience with all of one’s senses—at least that is what Tribal Art magazine intends to do as an active partner in this first-ever tribal art show to be held in Burgundy. More information available on :

The Wondrous World of Coco Fronsac

Expired: The Wondrous World of Coco Fronsac

From Apr 15 2016 to May 30 2016

Works from the series Mirages and Marvels by Coco Fronsac are being exhibited at the Tischenko Gallery in Helsinki in commemoration of the one hundred year anniversary of the birth of Dadaism in the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, Switzerland. Coco Fronsac’s works combine different worlds into a single visual spectacle: traditional masks of the Yupik people from early 20th century Alaska are painted over the traditional faces of family photographs from early 20th century France. Parody and pastiche recreate old ideas in new contexts. Defying traditional narratives, the works offer a fragmented montage that draws upon multiple genres. Like her mentor André Breton with whom she shares a fascination with the masks from the northwest coast of North America, Coco Fronsac creates a world of beauty from the “wondrousness” of everyday objects. The juxtaposition of photographs of the French bourgeoise with masks of the Yupik people reflect a marvellous mirage of forgotten people.

Small - hidden world of Africa

Expired: Small - hidden world of Africa

From May 11 2016 to Jun 03 2016

The Jagiellonian Library of Cracow (Pologne) features, from May to June, the exhibition Ukryty Swiat Afryki (Small - hidden world of Africa). This exhibition is composed of Pierluigi Peroni's collection which he donated to the Institute of Intercultural Studies of the Jagiellonian University. A conference linked to the exhibition and entirely in Polish, will take place on May 10 at 3pm. The exhibition itself is accessible on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, and is totally free.

Extensive sale of Native American art at Bonhams

Expired: Extensive sale of Native American art at Bonhams

From Jun 06 2016 to Jun 07 2016

Bonhams is planning the most extensive sale of Native American art in the history of its department. Held over two days, June 6 and 7, 2016, some 800 lots will be offered. Offerings include an unusually fi ne group of historic and prehistoric Southwestern ceramics, an extensive selection of Navajo weavings and Hopi kachinas, and some interesting and rare items from the Eastern Woodlands, all in addition to jewelry, beadwork, masks, baskets, articles of clothing, and works by contemporary artists. Highlights include a rare and fi ne Second Phase Navajo chief’s blanket and a fi ne Haida effi gy grease bowl with bird and sea creature motifs. This is the fi nal sale to be headed by longtime department specialist Jim Haas. Ingmars Lindbergs, who has worked with Haas for many years, will now head the department.

Tribal Art auction at Artcurial

Expired: Tribal Art auction at Artcurial

Jun 07 2016

The next tribal art sale to be held by French auction house Artcurial will be on June 7, 2016. Nearly eighty high-quality pieces with interesting provenances, including Jacques Kerchache, Pierre Parat, and Andrée Appercelle, will be offered for sale. The highlight of the sale will undoubtedly be a hitherto unpublished Igbo female fi gure from Nigeria that belonged to Kerchache, the sculptural strength of which lies in its combination of powerful volumes and gentle curved lines. Oceania will be represented by, among other objects, a Hawaiian acacia koa wood bowl collected by Captain James Cook during his third voyage in 1778– 1779. A selection of small pieces from the collection of miniatures put together by poetess Andrée Appercelle completes the sale. With reasonable estimates that correspond to their dimensions, these small sculptures testify to their creators’ great artistic abilities and will likely appeal both to inveterate and beginning collectors in the tribal art field.

Portals of Transformation

Expired: Portals of Transformation

From May 11 2016 to Jun 11 2016

Throckmorton Fine Art is presenting an exhibition of sacred architectural models and stone fi gures from ancient Guerrero titled Portals of Transformation II, an extension of the gallery’s fi rst show on the subject in 2011. On view until June 11, 2016, it features sixty stone sculptures dating from 1800 BC to AD 450. These enigmatic Pre-Columbian artworks were first rediscovered in the late nineteenth century; however, the fascination with Pre-Columbian artifacts that developed during Mexico’s post-revolutionary era—stoked by such artists as Diego Rivera, Miguel Covarrubias, and William Spratling—brought greater attention to these highly stylized and enigmatic carvings that are found in the impoverished provincial state of Guerrero. Ancient looking in their apparently primitive, elemental sense of form, yet strangely modern in their level of abstraction and economy of lithic expression, Guerrero sculptures possess a permanence of both form and material that seems almost archetypal. They were produced by a culture that is itself elusive, having left little trace in permanent masonry architecture that today is the standard by which cultural status is measured. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog.