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Masterworks of American Indian Art from Diker Collection

Expired: Masterworks of American Indian Art from Diker Collection

Toldeo Museum of Art
From Feb 12 2016 to May 08 2016

Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art from the Diker Collection, which celebrates the visionary creativity and technical mastery of native North American artists from tribes across the continent, will arrive at the Toledo Museum of Art on Feb. 12, 2016. The exhibition is a rare opportunity for the public to see such a large collection of Native American art.Organized by American Federation of Arts (AFA), the exhibition features approximately 120 masterworks selected from the holdings of Charles and Valerie Diker, whose collection is renowned as one of the largest and most comprehensive in private hands. Works in the exhibition show innovative uses of materials; precision of workmanship; ingenious deployment of pattern, design, and abstraction; and expressiveness of form and representation, qualities that have been valued across generations and remain valued today.

MATA 2016 (New York)

Expired: MATA 2016 (New York)

From May 05 2016 to May 08 2016

Madison Ancient & Tribal Art (MATA) is an alliance of international dealers specializing in the art of traditional cultures. With an emphasis on figurative and abstract sculptures, the goal of MATA is to offer to new and seasoned collectors of traditional, modern, and contemporary art an eclectic range of antique fine art and artifacts from the rich tribal cultures of Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, Asia, and the ancient Americas. As it has since its inception fi ve years ago, this spring’s annual MATA show will be held at Arader Galleries’ townhouse (the longtime home of the famed Perls Galleries) at 1016 Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side. Open to the public May 5–8, exhibitors this year will include James Stephenson, Michael Oliver, Bruce Frank, and Nasser & Co, all from New York; Patrick Mestdagh and Kellim Brown from Brussels; and Marc Assayag from Montreal. Many of these dealers show only rarely, and together they represent a wide range of aesthetics and object types, including some of the best material the tribal art market has to offer. Other MATA members will be holding special exhibitions at their own galleries.


Expired: Bonhams' spring sale of African and Oceanic art in Los Angeles

May 11 2016

Every year, Bonhams holds its spring sale of African and Oceanic art at its Los Angeles location. This year, highlights include a private collection of Hawaiian art that has been off the market and in storage for several decades. It features the finest selection of Hawaiian bowls ever to appear on the market, including several from the personal collection of Irving Jenkins, the renowned scholar of Hawaiian bowls, as well as other examples with royal provenance. A special section will be devoted to rare works from the Polynesian outliers, including an extremely rare ancestral figure from the Takuu Atoll, a small and remote island near the Solomon Islands and one of the last islands in the Pacific to be culturally transformed by missionaries in the early twentieth century.

Masks of the World - auction at Artemis Gallery

Expired: Masks of the World - auction at Artemis Gallery

May 12 2016

Artemis Gallery offers you to travel back in time and around the world as they showcase a wide variety of masks and mask-like objects. From ancient times through the 20th century, you'll find examples from as far back as Egypt until 20th century Mexico. You'll also find antiquities, ancient and ethnographic art, including Spanish Colonial, Pre-Columbian, Oceanic, African and so much more.

Thematic exhibition: Music!

Expired: Thematic exhibition: Music!

From Apr 07 2016 to May 14 2016

Alain Bovis' thematic exhibition offers a musical variation moving to the beat of all continents. A unique selection of musical instruments and artworks related to music, showing talent and creativeness of sculptors from Africa, Indonesia, the Himalayas and Oceania, including art works from the Munda People, from Democratic Republic of the Congo, and from Lower Sepik.

Chamanes et divinités de l

Expired: Chamanes et divinités de l'Equateur précolombien

From Feb 16 2016 to May 15 2016

Information available in French only for now. Inédite en Europe de par son ampleur, cette exposition propose une immersion dans le monde des esprits de l’Equateur précolombien à travers l’une de ses figures majeures : le chamane. Issus des collections de plusieurs musées du Ministère de la Culture et du Patrimoine d’Equateur, et pour la plupart exposés pour la première fois en France, 265 chefs-d’oeuvre permettent de découvrir les habitudes, valeurs et savoirs du chamanisme qui font aujourd’hui partie d’un legs millénaire, transmis aux peuples de l’actuel Équateur. Les oeuvres proviennent majoritairement des quatre cultures de la côte équatorienne : Chorrera, Bahia, Jama-Coaque et Tolita, mais également de la culture Mayo Chinchipe-Maranón de haute Amazonie. C’est sur les sites de cette dernière, vieille de 5000 ans, qu’ont été récemment découvertes les traces les plus anciennes attestant du chamanisme. Cette exposition met ainsi en lumière les récentes recherches et fouilles archéologiques menées par des archéologues et anthropologues équatoriens, dont Santiago Ontaneda-Luciano, commissaire de l’exposition et Francisco Valdez, conseiller scientifique.

AOA New York 2016

Expired: AOA New York 2016

From Apr 30 2016 to May 15 2016

AOA originated as a multidealer springtime show organized by Maureen Zarember, owner of Tambaran Gallery. In its six years it has morphed from a large event held at the Ukrainian Institute into a smaller but more diverse show in Tambaran’s two gallery spaces on East 82nd Street, steps away from the entrance to the Met. While it maintains its tribal art focus, it has come to incorporate a strong and complementary component of contemporary art. This year, Tambaran will share its upstairs salon with Galerie Flak from Paris. Downstairs will host an exhibition of paintings by internationally acclaimed Cuban artist José Bedia, whose work draws inspiration from tribal art. Indeed, he himself is an important collector of tribal art (see Tribal Art magazine, summer 2015). The selection of works will be curated by J. T. Bnow and José Bedia, Jr.

Skin as a Means of Communication: to see in the Netherlands

Expired: Skin as a Means of Communication: to see in the Netherlands

From Sep 12 2015 to May 16 2016

The Leder and Schoenen Museum (Leather and Shoe Museum) in the Netherlands is presenting Skin as a Means of Communication, a fascinating exhibition about how skin can function as an instrument for the transmission of information between people. Brainchild of visual artist Geert de Bruijn, the show explores the signs and symbols inscribed on human skin with tattoos, scarification, and body painting, which usually express information about the wearer’s identity and status. Animal skins and hides, and even tanned or dried leather, also serve as a means of communication and are an essential part of the makeup of a vast number of objects that are used to convey messages. These range from African drums and shields to Indonesian Wayang marionettes. Many of the objects on display were collected by de Bruijn himself, while others are on loan from various private and public institutions, such as the Allard Pierson Museum, the Noordbrabants Museum, and the Wereldmuseum. The exhibition will be on view until May 16, 2016.

The Amsterdam Trail

Expired: The Amsterdam Trail

From May 13 2016 to May 16 2016

For the 5th time, The Amsterdam Trail will take place in the nice Spiegel, Amstelveld and the Jordaan quarter. Tribal art galleries as Galerie Lemaire, Polak Works of Art or Michel Thieme invites contemporary artists to exhibit their work next to ethnographic and tribal art artworks. Opening on Friday 13 at 5pm. Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 from 12.00 until 18.00. The web address is the following: and the brochure can be read at :

New address for Alain Lecomte

Expired: New address for Alain Lecomte

From May 21 2015 to May 21 2016

Since last May 21, Alain Lecomte has been receiving collectors and afi cionados at his new gallery located at 4 rue des Beaux Arts. The open plan of the space allows him to present the African artworks he deals in more effectively than ever before, and it is also more comfortable for his visitors than his long-held previous space on rue Guénégaud. In this new venue, Lecomte will be joined by his wife, Abla, who has long had a passion for the art of the continent of her origin, but has lately also developed an interest in the traditional arts of Oceania. She intends to expand the gallery’s focus and make Oceanic works an integral part of its offerings. Until then, the gallery will continue to produce thematic exhibitions. The first of these, for Parcours des Mondes, will be dedicated to the arts of the Bambara of Mali, a departure from Lecomte’s usual focus on Central African art.