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Iroquois: An Archaeological Vision of an Ancient Quebec Culture

Expired: Iroquois: An Archaeological Vision of an Ancient Quebec Culture

Museo del templo mayor
From Oct 12 2015 to Feb 28 2016

Iroquois: An Archaeological Vision of an Ancient Quebec Culture, which can be seen in Mexico City until February 28 2016, features approximately 100 objects lent by Quebec’s Pointe-à-Callière Museum to the Museo del Templo Mayor. Thanks to this unprecedented cultural exchange, the Mexican public will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the rich culture of the Iroquois, who inhabited the banks of the Saint Lawrence River until the sixteenth century. The exhibition’s objects, which are from archaeological sites in Quebec, Ontario, and Eastern New York state, reveal an agrarian culture that introduced corn to the American continent’s northernmost latitudes. The exhibition also places special emphasis on the examination of the place of women in Iroquois society.

Lobi art and Maine Durieu

Expired: Lobi art and Maine Durieu

From Feb 03 2016 to Mar 05 2016

Anyone who has ever been in Maine Durieu’s gallery knows what a limitless love this dealer, who left us nearly a year ago now, had for Lobi art. It was the subject of her first exhibition and will also be the subject of this last one in her name. On view in her space at 7 Rue Visconti, Lobi presents a group of moving sculptures, brimming with life, and includes a number of pieces from her personal collection. These are accompanied by her unpublished 1978 book, L’arbre et la statuaire Lobi (The Tree and Lobi Statuary).

Il mondo che non c’era

Expired: Il mondo che non c’era

National Archaeological Museum of Florence
From Nov 30 -0001 to Mar 06 2016

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Florence is currently showing Il mondo che non c’era (The World That Didn’t Exist), an exhibition unprecedented in Italy that offers a comprehensive panorama of the history of the great civilizations that developed in Central and South America while the very existence of these regions was unknown to the West.The beauty and diversity of the nearly 230 artworks of stone, fiber, terracotta, and feathers (to mention but a few of the materials) on display reveal the tremendous wealth of the artistic production of Mesoamerica, Central America, the Andean region, and the Amazon. While the subject matter is of great interest, the exhibition is also a vibrant homage to Giancarlo Ligabue, who passed away only a year ago.

Senufo, Art and Identity in West Africa

Expired: Senufo, Art and Identity in West Africa

From Nov 28 2015 to Mar 06 2016

From November 28, 2015, through March 6, 2016, the Musée Fabre will host the superb exhibition titled Senufo, Art et identité en Afrique de l’Ouest (Senufo, Art and Identity in West Africa), previously shown at the Cleveland Museum of Art and then at the Saint Louis Art Museum (see Tribal Art magazine, Spring 2015). This is the most important retrospective devoted to Senufo art since the 1963 exhibition at the Museum of Primitive Art in New York, and aficionados in the south of France will now have the opportunity to relish the selection of high-quality objects that express the creativity of an amorphous people who are spread out over parts of Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso.

The World that wasn’t there

Expired: The World that wasn’t there

National Archaeological Museum of Florence
From Oct 01 2015 to Mar 09 2016

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Florence has been hosting The World That Wasn’t There, a major exhibition on the history, customs, and artistic traditions of the highly sophisticated cultures that flourished in Mesoamerica and South America before Columbus arrived on their continent. From the Olmec (1200–400 BC) to the Aztec and the Inca, the show explores the grandeur of the great civilizations of “The Indies,” a vast area that was ultimately named after Florentine Amerigo Vespucci. More than 230 works are included in this exceptional show. The core is a group of major works from the Ligabue Collection, assembled by entrepreneur, archaeologist, and anthropologist Giancarlo Ligabue, who died in 2015 and to whom the event is intended as an homage. The selection is completed with historical objects drawn from the collections of the Medicis, as well as by works from a variety of private collections and museums.


Expired: Christie's Preview I Evolution of Form: African & Oceanic Art at the Genesis of Modernism

From Mar 14 2016 to Mar 18 2016

From March 14 until March 18, Christie's will be showing a small selection of top level objects from their May and June sales in the atrium of the Christie’s headquarters in Paris. While Christie’s tribal sales have been centered in Paris since 2002, a new sale has been initiated in New York. In doing so, the department is taking a different and innovative approach with a specific theme. This carefully curated sale of masterpieces of African and Oceanic art will be comprised of fewer than fifteen lots and is presented with the title Revolution of Form: African, Oceanic, and Twentieth-Century Art. It showcases the types of works that were at the genesis of modern art, a movement that Paul Guillaume, the legendary Parisian dealer and African art collector, called a revolution. This rich offering of African and Oceanic masterworks will be sold in New York during the major May sales of Impressionist, Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary art, and the tribal objects will be previewed interspersed with the paintings from those fields to stimulate an aesthetic exdialog and highlight visual affinities. Some of the top lots from the sale will include an important and archaic Baule female figure attributed to the hand of the Rockefeller Master, the only other known example of which is the notable seated male figure at the Metropolitan Museum; a unique Dan Mask partially composed of fiber binding, formerly in the Helena Rubinstein Collection; and an important Senufo Poro society bird figure collected by Fr. Michel Convers.

TEFAF 2016

Expired: TEFAF 2016

From Mar 11 2016 to Mar 20 2016

More than 270 internationally known dealers will participate this year to the world’s most prestigious art and antiques fair, including five major figures in the tribal art world, who will—and this is a first—be showing grouped together on the same aisle. Just to the right upon entering will be Galerie 1492 from Paris, which is devoted to Pre-Columbian art. Lucas Ratton is next and will feature a group of high-quality works, highlights of which will include a Fang reliquary guardian figure from Gabon. The third exhibitor, Entwistle Gallery, will reflect the high standards it always maintains with a display that will include a Kerewa agibe from the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea. Further on, Galerie Meyer will offer a selection of carefully chosen masks, figures, architectural elements, and utilitarian objects from Oceania and the Arctic. Lastly Bernard de Grunne will turn to Africa this year with a show of objects that most notably will include a superb Kaniok Luba headrest from the Democratic Republic of Congo and an elegant seated Baule figure from Côte d’Ivoire. As it has in recent years, the Showcase section of the fair will include a tribal art gallery. Normandy gallery owner Laurent Dodier was selected this year, and he will do justice to his nomination to this group of excellence with a display devoted to the classical arts of Oceania and Africa.

The biggest collection of pre-Colombian Art on sale

Expired: The biggest collection of pre-Colombian Art on sale

Mar 23 2016

On March 23rd of this year, the auction house Binoche and Giquello will scatter by auction the biggest collection of pre-Colombian Art, around Mexico and around Guatemala, never collected until now in Europe. This extraordinary set, constituted between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, is the testimony of the passion of a man who knew how to ally in its choices the rare and the beautiful. Covering the preclassic period until the periods Huastèques and Aztecs, these 70 funeral objects of a remarkable quality, reflect the incredible wealth of the Mesoamérican cultures. They offer a fascinating, sometimes intriguing esthetic view, where the world of the deaths is close to that of the alive and where the most modest objects are raised to the rank of masterpieces. (Artdaily)

Paris Visconti

Expired: Paris Visconti

From Mar 24 2016 to Mar 27 2016

To celebrate Spring, the galleries of "Rue Visconti" are organizing a special opening on March 24-27. For the 8th time, the art galleries of the street will exhibit new acquisitions and will welcome visitors from 2 to 7 pm. On this occasion, the Mingei Gallery is presenting a set of Japanese paintings rolls and the Gallery Le Toit du Monde in collaboration with Patrick Charton, will present portraits of Indian notables inspired by British models.

Bear Cult and the Magic of the Shamans

Expired: Bear Cult and the Magic of the Shamans

Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt
From Dec 05 2015 to Mar 28 2016

At the dawn of time, man and beast lived in close symbiosis. From the hunters and gatherers of the Palaeolithic era, through to the Siberian and Sami peoples of modern times, animals are viewed as man's alter ego, with related form and identity. "Shamans" acted as medium and interpreter between Man and Beast, and equally, between this world and the next. Ecstasy and trance, imagined form-changing and out-of-body experiences were important elements of the effect they had. The exhibition takes a look at rituals and shamans' practices which are linked to two prominent animal species among the forest wildlife: bears and antler-bearers. In the exhibition, the worship of bears, the ‚deer dance' and the practice of shamanism will be presented in cave paintings, archaeological finds and tools as well as numerous ethnographical objects of Siberian and Sami peoples.