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African and Oceanic Art Sale

Expired: African and Oceanic Art Sale

Jan 25 2016

Today at 2PM, important African and Oceanic Art Auction at 2PM. It will take place in their beautiful house, close by the Sablon: 6, rue du Grand Cerf. Discover their online catalogue on the following website:

Escriptures. Símbols, paraules, poders

Expired: Escriptures. Símbols, paraules, poders

Museu De Cultures Del Món
From Jun 12 2015 to Jan 31 2016

Three months after opening its doors to the public, The Museu de Cultures del Món is inaugurating the first of an ambitious series of temporary shows with Escriptures. Símbols, paraules, poders (Writing. Symbols, Words, Powers), a broad-ranging exhibition that examines the origins of writing along with their relationships to spoken words, their symbolism, their graphic evolution, and the importance they have had in various societies the world over. Developed under the supervision of linguist, semiologist, and specialist in the anthropology of communication Miguel Peyró, the exhibition is divided into six parts and features objects from major civilizations of antiquity, including those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and Mesoamerica, as well as from cultures that developed more recently on all five inhabited continents. Escriptures will be on view from May 21, 2015, through January 31, 2016.

Sepik, Arts in Papua New Guinea

Expired: Sepik, Arts in Papua New Guinea

From Oct 27 2015 to Jan 31 2016

This exhibition presents a collection of 230 sculptures linked to the Sepik Valley, a large swampland in the north of Papua New Guinea. Since the first millennium B.C. this area has sheltered peoples who live on the banks of or in areas close to the Sepik River and its tributaries. The exhibition gradually unveils a major figure common to all cultures of the “lower” and “middle” Sepik: the founding ancestor(s). In Sepik societies, the figure of the ancestor does not immediately show itself. Instead it is gradually understood in all its complexity. The exhibition illustrates the multiple forms and variations in which these ancestral figures appear, from their public forms to their “secret” forms. Discover our article about the exhibition in the Autumn 2015 issue of Tribal Art magazine.

BRAFA 2016

Expired: BRAFA 2016

From Jan 23 2016 to Jan 31 2016

Well established and recognized as one of the most important art and antiquities fairs worldwide, BRAFA (the Brussels Art Fair) has, along with TEFAF in Maastricht, in recent years become one of the two bestattended generalist events for collectors and for tribal art galleries. This year it will be held January 23–31, 2016, at its usual Tour & Taxis venue. Galerie Mermoz and Galerie Deletaille will both be there offering Pre-Columbian art, and the arts of Africa, Asia, and Oceania will be well represented thanks to the participation of many Belgian galleries, including the Grusenmeyer Gallery, Galerie Pierre Dartevelle, Galerie Sarah de Monbrison, and Claes Gallery, as well as Serge Schoffel. The latter has presented a series of thematic exhibitions focused on specific bodies of works at BRAFA in years past, but this time will present a more general selection of works, conceived of as a voyage through the arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, with seven stops along the way. Offering mostly African art, the Parisian galleries of Yann Ferrandin, Bernard Dulon, and Schoffel de Fabry will be showing, as will Jacques Germain from Montreal. Together the participation of all of these dealers will represent tribal art at BRAFA, lending a decidedly international dimension to the event.

Talk about the new MEG: a history of collections, passions and Masterworks

Expired: Talk about the new MEG: a history of collections, passions and Masterworks

Jan 31 2016

The new MEG (Musée d'ethnographie de Genève) is the last-born amongst Swiss museums. With his wealth of 70.000 objects representative of more than 1500 different cultures from the 5 continents, is very well received by the broad public but also by specialists. But why so many exotic objects in a city and in a country that never had any colony? From the Cabinet of curiosities of the Calvin College's Library to the International Geneva, the MEG's director, who is also an african religious arts teacher at the University of Geneva, will describe three centuries of acquisitions and museological projects. (French only) A talk organised in partnership with Tribal Art Magazine. Videos available on

Becoming Another: The Power of Masks

Expired: Becoming Another: The Power of Masks

Rubin Museum of Art
From Mar 13 2015 to Feb 08 2016

Becoming Another illuminates the common threads and distinct differences in mask traditions from northern India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia, Japan, and the Pacific Northwest Coast. Featuring masks used in shamanistic practices, communal rituals, and theatrical performances, this exhibition speaks to the human impulse to transform one’s identity. Learn more.

World Arts Auctions : only one day left to bid!

Expired: World Arts Auctions : only one day left to bid!

From Jan 05 2016 to Feb 08 2016

World Arts Auctions, Jo De Buck's new platform, focuses on offering authentic artworks from Africa, Oceania, Americas, and Asia for sale through auction in all price ranges. It was developed as an intermediary between collectors : it promotes encounters between them and help each of them develop their particular collections according to their financial means. Drawing upon his expertise, Jo De Buck guarantees the authenticity of every artwork he offers. All items purchased through World Arts Auctions are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. At the start of each auction, you will be invited to preview the material at Jo De Buck's office on 43 rue des Minimes, in the heart of the Sablon art district of Brussels, where you will have the opportunity to meet other collectors, make connections, and share experiences.

Tribal Art auction on February 14th

Expired: Tribal Art auction on February 14th

From Feb 12 2016 to Feb 14 2016

Tribal Art auction on Sunday, February 14th at 2pm at l'Hôtel des Ventes de la Varenne Saint Hilaire, 21 avenue de Balzac 94100 Saint-Maur des Fosses La Varenne Saint Hilaire. Alain Dufour is the auction expert. Please contact him at +00 33 (1) 43 97 29 49 for any question. Viewing on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 from 11 to 12am & from 2pm and 6pm and on Sunday 14th from 11am to 12am. You can have a look at the online catalogue by browsing the following link:

Mudec : permanent collection unveiled and new exhibitions on view

Expired: Mudec : permanent collection unveiled and new exhibitions on view

Museo delle Culture
From Oct 28 2015 to Feb 21 2016

On October 28, MUDEC unveiled its permanent collection, which includes more than seven thousand traditional artworks from around the world with diverse provenances and from many different epochs. Almost all of it is accessible to the public, both in the exhibition galleries and in the museum’s storage, which can be visited by appointment. Although the setting is new, the collection consists mostly of material accumulated over the last two hundred years through donations by missionaries, explorers, and Milanese collectors. Two exhibitions likely to interest tribal art aficionados are on view there until February 21, 2016: Gauguin. Racconti dal paradiso (Gauguin: Stories from Paradise) and A Beautiful Confluence, Anni e Josef Albers e l’America Latina, examining the relationships between the creations of the Bauhaus-trained artist couple and the Pre-Columbian objects they collected after they moved to the American continent.

San Francisco : the place to be in February 2016

Expired: San Francisco : the place to be in February 2016

From Feb 19 2016 to Feb 21 2016

Now in its thirtieth year, the annual San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show will once again bring more than eighty of the world’s top tribal art dealers to the city’s Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion. This is the largest event of its kind in North America and will feature a wide variety of sculpture, jewelry, antiques, and accessories from traditional societies around the world. The artwork offered here is always varied and stimulating. This year the show will be held February 19–21, 2016. The same weekend, The Marin Show: Art of the Americas celebrates its thirty-second year as the world’s leading show specializing in the art and culture of indigenous peoples from North, Central, and South America. Featuring more than 150 dealers, this event showcases a unique combination of antique Native American, Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial, and contemporary American Indian art. Held at the Marin Civic Center, the event is open to the public February 19–21. This year the show will also be hosting Yesterday and Today, a special non-commercial exhibition that will include some 150 historic and seldom-displayed California Indian baskets from the collection of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco