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Cologne Fine Art

Expired: Cologne Fine Art

From Nov 18 2015 to Nov 22 2015

Cologne Fine Art offers a spectrum ranging across epochs that does not exist in this form in Germany a second time: from antiquities through to contemporary art, to art of the 19th Century and of the 20th Century but also Asian Art, Carpets/Tapestries, Design, Furniture, Handcrafts, Icons, Jewellery, Non European Art, Old Masters, Porcelain, Prints/Books, Sculptures, Silver, Watches, and Works on Paper. Like looking through a prism, the fair presents a bundles offering with many colours and facets. The interplay of stylistic directions consciously promoted by the architecture of the fair enables new perspectives on the already familiar, but also surprising new discoveries. Quality is the highest priority for one of the most tradition-steeped art fairs in the world. This is appreciated equally by galleries, art dealers, acollectors and friends of art. Cologne Fine Art 2015 invites you to take part in a journey through the world of good art.

THEMA Sablon 2015

Expired: THEMA Sablon 2015

From Nov 25 2015 to Nov 28 2015

Founded by seven non-European art galleries, the fifth annual THEMA Sablon will be held this coming November 25–28, this year with twenty-five participants specializing in a variety of fields. The concept of the event remains the same: Each gallery presents a thematic exhibition, transforming the Sablon into a center for the exploration of a wealth of art in all its nuances. The event, which has been gaining popularity and attendance every year, was not conceived of as an art fair per se but rather as a stroll through the cultural locus that galleries represent. Art is an important part of this to be sure, but so is knowledge and information.

Adams, Curtis, and Weston: Photographers of the American West

Expired: Adams, Curtis, and Weston: Photographers of the American West

Bowers Museum
From May 16 2015 to Nov 29 2015

The lure of the American West has entranced many over the last two hundred years. While the reality of the region and its complex cultural interactions were layered and specific, the sweeping vista perceived from the outside was the work of artists, first painters and engravers and later photographers. Three of the most celebrated twentieth-century American photographers, Ansel Adams, Edward S. Curtis, and Edward Weston, were particularly influential in defining the sense of the beauty and peril of the West. An upcoming exhibition at the Bowers Museum titled Adams, Curtis, and Weston: Photographers of the American West documents the changing Western landscape they photographed, defined, and, in many cases, created. The show will be on view from May 16– November 29, 2015.


Expired: Sotheby's: works from West Africa, Cameroon, and Oceania from the René and Odette Delenne Collection

From Nov 27 2015 to Dec 02 2015

Sotheby’s December 2 sale will include eightyfour exceptional lots arranged in three groups according to the collections from which they derive. The core of the sale consists of works from West Africa, Cameroon, and Oceania from the René and Odette Delenne Collection. The most eagerly awaited pieces in the sale are undoubtedly the well-known Grasslands Batoufam royal couple, first documented in the 1920s and shown at the 1988 Utotombo exhibition at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. The second part of the sale is made up of African works from the Murray Frum Collection, highlights of which include an important Baga shoulder mask from Guinea and a Luba fi gural staff from DR Congo. A variety of “various owner” pieces round out the sale. Many of the works offered, such as a sumptuous Ndassa Kota that has been the property of an Alsatian family since 1935, have never been on the market in recent memory. The cocktail preview for this sale will be held on Friday, November 27, during which the winners of the 2015 International Tribal Art Book Prize will be announced. The prize is awarded by Tribal Art magazine in partnership with Sotheby’s to the fi eld’s best new publications in English and French categories, selected by an independent international jury.

Bonhams: sale of African and Oceanic art at Los Angeles

Expired: Bonhams: sale of African and Oceanic art at Los Angeles

Dec 02 2015

Bonhams will hold a sale of African and Oceanic art at its Los Angeles location on December 2, 2015. One of the highlights of the sale will be a rare Maori ceremonial digging-stick step, teka, from the Ngati Kahungunu area of Hawke’s Bay. Stone carved and an early example, this chiefl y object would have been used to ritually initiate new agricultural plots for growing sweet potatoes. Also featured is a large Tahitian female fi gure, ti‘i, formerly in the collection of E. F. Harris, a founding member of the Polynesian Society. Leading the African section will be an unusual Kwele mask with a human face and horns, collected in the 1920s in Gabon. From the 1950s to the 1970s, it was part of the George Oltay Collection in South Africa, from which it was lent to exhibitions in that country in the sixties and seventies.


Expired: Christie's: Tribal art sale in Paris

Dec 03 2015

Christie’s Paris will hold its December tribal art sale on December 3, featuring more than 100 rigorously selected works, some of which are hitherto unknown and appear on the market for the first time. The most coveted lot in the auction, estimated at between two and three million euros, will be the famous Fang figure that André Fourquet bought at the sale of the Paul Guillaume Collection in 1965 and which comes to market from another private collection. Also of note is the Coray-Kerchache Kota, a significant Ndassa reliquary guardian figure formerly owned by notable Swiss collector Han Coray and later famed French art aficionado Jacques Kerchache. An important Yombe (Democratic Republic of Congo) nail figure, formerly in the Raymond Wielgus Collection will be among the other noteworthy African objects in this auction. The arts of Oceania will be well represented as well. This section is led by an important Saibai Island (Torres Strait) mask from the Jolika Collection at the de Young Museum of San Francisco. Also featured is the rare Paiwanese sculpture from the village of Lai in Taiwan that garnered so much admiration and attention when it was presented at the Arts de Taiwan exhibition at Galerie Kamer in 1973.


Expired: Eve's next auction : North american, pre-Columbian, african and Oceanian art.

Dec 07 2015

While the general tendency among auction houses in recent years has been to offer a limited number of very important works at their sales, some still choose to put up a larger number of works for sale with the intent of attracting the interest of a larger number of collectors. This will be the case at the next EVE auction, which will be held on December 7 at Drouot Richelieu, following a two-day preview. It will consist of four sections, each devoted to a particular area. The fi rst will be North America, primarily featuring an ensemble of Kachina dolls. The second will be devoted to Pre-Columbian art, with about fi fty lots, mostly ceramic objects. African art will then be offered, followed by Oceanic objects, including weapons, masks, and tapa beaters.

PILAT 2015 : new website!

Expired: PILAT 2015 : new website!

From Oct 15 2015 to Dec 10 2015

For his seventh edition, the International Tribal Art Book Prize has got a new and more dynamic website : . Founded in 2009, this award, organized by Tribal Art magazine working in partnership with the international auction house Sotheby’s, rewards two art books in the field of tribal art, one in English and the other in French, and highlights the quality, diversity, and richness of publishing in the field of tribal art. The preselected titles for the PILAT 2015 in the english category are : African Art in the Barnes Foundation Triumph of L'Art Negre and the Harlem Renaissance ; Embodiments. Masterworks of African Figurative Sculpture ; Kongo. Power and Majesty. In the French category, the competing works are : Homme blanc. Homme noir. Impressions d’Afrique. ; Les maîtres de la sculpture de Côte d'Ivoire ; Masques Géants du Congo. Patrimoine ethnographique des jésuites de Belgique.

PAIR(e) - Brussels

Expired: PAIR(e) - Brussels

From Sep 17 2015 to Dec 13 2015

Since 2011, Brussels has had a place for encounters and debates relating to the passion for collecting. This is the Maison Particulière art center, which is showing an unusual exhibition titled Pair(e), on view until December 13. The exhibition consists of about one hundred highly diverse works, all presented in pairs. They come from two private collections assembled by members of a same family, a fact that is far from incidental insofar as the show’s intent specifically is to reflect on the motivations of the collector, which can be individualized or can be profoundly marked by history or by family tradition and taste. Tribal art is represented in the exhibition by a group of masks, figures, and utilitarian objects from Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Gabon, and Congo, among other regions) and Oceania (Fiji, New Ireland, and the Sepik River area of Papua New Guinea), all arranged around an emblematic canvas titled Merchants of the Gods, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Klejman (1970), by artist Rosemary Lewandowski- Lois, wife of collector George Lois, an interview with whom ran in issue number 71 of Tribal Art magazine.

50 at 20: Masterpieces of American Indian Art from the Thaw Collection

Expired: 50 at 20: Masterpieces of American Indian Art from the Thaw Collection

Fenimore Art Museum
From Apr 01 2015 to Dec 31 2015

From April 1–December 31, 2015, the Fenimore will mark the twentieth anniversary of the Thaw Collection with 50 at 20: Masterpieces of American Indian Art from the Thaw Collection, an exhibition that will highlight fifty outstanding works of American Indian art spanning 2,000 years of art in North America. Through the voice of Native artists, scholars, as well as Native and non-Native curators, the exhibit seeks to explore the tangible as well as intangible qualities that make a masterpiece.