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Lhoron, First Smelters of Bronze on the Road to Gold

Expired: Lhoron, First Smelters of Bronze on the Road to Gold

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

This exhibition will present an ensemble of bronzes which are examples of an exceptional corpus of artistic works produced by the Llhoron, talented metal smelters whose techniques might have come from those used in the interior Niger delta area beginning in the 15th century. The pieces, which will be illustrated in a catalog that will also shed new light on the techniques used to create them, come from the collections of Max Itzikovitz and Klaus-Jochen Krüger, as well as from the gallery’s inventory. An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition.


Expired: Masks

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

An important selection of masks and sculpted portraits from many different periods and cultures will be featured in this second exhibition devoted to the representation of the human head and face. The eclectic and rigorously selected works, evocations of mythological ancestors, spirits and divinities made of diverse materials such as wood, stone, metal or earth, comprise a survey of several millennia of artistic creation, from tribal Africa to Papua New Guinea, as well as from the world of Antiquity, the pre-Columbian Americas and Asia. An eponymous catalog accompanies the exhibition. Exhibiting at Galerie du Crous 11, rue des Beaux-Arts.


Expired: Metamorphosis

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

For Parcours des mondes 2015, Galerie Olivier Castellano will be showing a selection of West African masks from Mali, the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Human or animal, figurative or abstract, these masks enable man to metamorphose, to embody and represent the sacred, and thus to bring myths to life. The exhibition will include about thirty masks which have been in old private collections for many years. A catalog accompanies the exhibition.

Modern Times

Expired: Modern Times

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

Are not forced prostitution, child labor such as exists in diamond mines, arranged marriages and even dependency on new technologies contemporary forms of slavery? Eleven artists from Benin and four from Caribbean nations, all marked by the effects of the slave trade on their countries of origin, explore the theme of slavery in modern times. This exhibition will be simultaneously extended outside the gallery and shown at UNESCO (Paris 7th arr.) from September 5th through 11th, thanks to a collaborative effort by the gallery and the Fait à Cuba (Made in Cuba) cultural association.

Mon and Sashimono (Japanese crests and banners)

Expired: Mon and Sashimono (Japanese crests and banners)

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

This year, as part of the first edition of the Paris International Asian Art Fair during Parcours des Mondes, the Espace 4 Gallery will be holding an exhibition dedicated to Mon and Sashimono. Crests are Japanese symbols inherent to feudal clans. Their manufacturing is distinguished by a high degree of refinement, stylisation, symbolism and above all a graphism showing amazing signs of modernity. Mons appear on all samurai's attributes, especially on banners, as you will be able to notice while visiting the exhibition.

Parcours des Mondes 2015

Expired: Parcours des Mondes 2015

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

Launched by a handful of Parisian dealers in 2001, the Parcours des mondes has, in less than fifteen years, succeeded in attracting the most important tribal art dealers from France and the rest of the world, and has re-established Paris as the center of the tribal art world. Widely recognized as the most important international tribal art fair, in terms of the number of visitors it brings in, the quality of the works shown, the level of the exhibitions, the publications produced in association with it, and the diversity of its participants, Parcours des mondes celebrates its 14th anniversary this year from Tuesday September 8th through Sunday September 13th in the heart of Paris. 84 galleries with specialties in the arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas will be represented. Strengthened by its ever increasing success and development over the past years, Parcours des mondes is broadening its horizons this year with the inclusion of dealers with specialties in Asian art, and will thus include a wider spectrum of artistic expressions than ever before.

Porapora Archaic Terra-cottas from the Jolika Collection of Marcia and John Friede

Expired: Porapora Archaic Terra-cottas from the Jolika Collection of Marcia and John Friede

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

An eponymous catalog accompanies the exhibition. Exhibiting at Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre 10, rue des Beaux-Arts.

The Song of a Bird

Expired: The Song of a Bird

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

A selection of rigorously chosen works of African and Oceanic art are assembled for an exhibition entitled The Song of a Bird. The title, which cites Picasso, illustrates that even when information on the ritual context in which an artist worked is lost, the inexplicable beauty of his creation intrinsically makes it a work of art, much like the song of a bird. An eponymous catalog accompanies the exhibition. Exhibiting at Galerie GNG, 3, rue Visconti.

Trajectoires VII – Franck LUNDANGI

Expired: Trajectoires VII – Franck LUNDANGI

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

Established in January 2007, the gallery exhibits contemporary artists, photographers and sculptors, who are primarily authors and creators worldwide. The gallery commits to represent and support French and foreign artists, young and recognized, defining its exhibitions space as a place for discovery and international exchanges between artists, writers and collectors. Highlighting various mediums, styles and approaches, the gallery tries to pass over this vision throughout each exhibitions. Literary, mystical and timeless, the presented works establish a special presence in the world and arises intellectual and aesthetic questions.

West Africa

Expired: West Africa

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

Since 1977, Chantal Dandrieu and Fabrizio Giovagnoni have organized thematic exhibitions at their gallery in Rome, and in collaboration with many public institutions. They show regularly at the Parcours des Mondes in Paris, and publish a catalog every year in conjunction with the shows they produce there. In 2009, they published a book entitled Passion d’Afrique, l’art africain dans les collections italiennes with Egidio Cossa and Jean-Louis Paudrat.