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Simpson & Stone

Expired: Simpson & Stone

From May 17 2014 to Jul 28 2014

Merton D. Simpson Gallery presents a special selection of African and Oceanic Art from the Allan Stone Collection. Opening Reception on Thursday, May 17 and cocktail reception from 3:00 to 7:00pm. 38 W. 28th Street, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10001 Read more:

Africa Re-Viewed: The Photographic Legacy of Eliot Elisofon

Expired: Africa Re-Viewed: The Photographic Legacy of Eliot Elisofon

National Museum of African Art
From Nov 21 2013 to Aug 24 2014

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives at the National Museum of African Art, the museum is organizing a retrospective exhibition of internationally-renowned photographer Eliot Elisofon. The exhibition focus on Elisofon's innovative photography and its impact on portraying the diverse arts and cultures of modern-era Africa. The exhibition will be the first to pair his photographs with collected objects, films, books, and journals, and the first exhibition in forty years to celebrate his photographic legacy.

African Mask/Masquerade: More Than Meets the Eye

Expired: African Mask/Masquerade: More Than Meets the Eye

High Museum of Art
From Jan 24 2014 to Sep 14 2014

To highlight a group of generous recent gifts and Museum purchases, this show brings together dynamic works of art from western and central Africa, including several masquerades in full costume. People often think of African masks as wooden face coverings that hang on museum walls. Within their original communities, however, African masks performed in full costume to serve many vital functions. Music, song and dance are essential to their effectiveness.

Aboriginal painting: Abstraction and sacredness

Expired: Aboriginal painting: Abstraction and sacredness

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

The essence of aboriginal painting comes from the carnal link it has with Dreamtime, the mythical time of creation of the world for the Aborigines. Since the 1970s, Aboriginal artists have been developing contemporary visual art with the emergence of major talents that Stéphane Jacob invites you to discover on the occasion of his new participation in Parcours des mondes. This exhibition is the occasion to present works by Ningura Napurrula, an outstanding artist who died in 2013 and who had designed a painted ceiling for the Quai Branly Museum. Also presented is a rare work by her husband Yala Yala Gibbs, who was one of the founders of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement at Papunya in the heart of the Australian desert, in 1971. The public can also discover the works of young artists: Abie Loy Kemarre, Alick Tipoti, Dennis Nona, the artists of Yuendumu and those of Yirrkala. The exhibition includes around fifteen works from the Benjamin Clark collection. On the occasion of the exhibition, two catalogues are being presented: Ningura Napurrula: Peindre pour nourrir le Rêve / Nurturing the Dreaming and Morris Gibson Tjapaltjarri.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Arts d'Australie / Stéphane Jacob

ADAM, Analog-Digital-Ancient-Masters

Expired: ADAM, Analog-Digital-Ancient-Masters

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Presentation of the book ADAM, together with a virtual visit and a selection of ancient masterpieces from Africa, the Pacific and America. A second exhibition will present the recent acquisitions (Africa, Oceania, West Coast of North America).

Host exhibitor: Arte y Ritual

Ancient Upper Volta masks

Expired: Ancient Upper Volta masks

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Host exhibitor:Joaquin Pecci Tribal Art


Expired: Animal

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

In traditional African thinking, animals often interact with the spirit world and the human world. Generally, they may be represented to evoke certain qualities deserving emphasis, such as strength or craftiness, which does not exclude them being used to attest to the presence of a water genie or testifying to a sovereign’s ability to manifest themselves at a distance. While the modelling of these objects may vary between strict naturalism and a style that comes down to a few simplified shapes, animal art can also incorporate imaginative or even disturbing aspects, particularities that could be emphasised during night-time performances. In regions of the continent that were strongly marked in the domain of fine arts, the artist could be faced with the additional challenge of giving some form of material attachment to creatures whose unfathomable nature required the fusion of various zoomorphic aspects, sometimes enriched with borrowings from the human register. In the context of the 2014 edition of Parcours des mondes, the Jacques Germain gallery has put together a body of works reflecting the key place that the animal theme occupies in the material culture of black Africa. An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Jacques Germain

Art of easter Nigeria

Expired: Art of easter Nigeria

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Host exhibitor: Dimondstein Tribal Arts

Art of India, The Himalayas and South-East Asia

Expired: Art of India, The Himalayas and South-East Asia

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Dedicated to sculpture and painting from India, the Himalayas and South-East Asia, the exhibition pays particular interest to Buddhist art of the Pala period (North-East India between the 8th and 12th centuries) and its influence on bordering countries. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Renaud Montméat Art d'Asie

Attired idols

Expired: Attired idols

From Sep 09 2014 to Sep 14 2014

Coming from the four corners of the globe across three thousand years of history, idols, gods and ancestors adorned in all their finery constitute the exhibition theme chosen for this first participation in Parcours des mondes. Illustrating this diversity, mention could be made of the monumental stele in grey schist of a Hoysala Vishnu covered in jewels, the fragmented terra cotta of a moving Bankoni mother goddess with bracelet-laden arms, a tiny, remarkable ivory Okvik figurine with scar-marked features, among others. A catalogue of the same name accompanies the exhibition.

Host exhibitor: Galerie Pablo Touchaleaume