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Art from the Himalayas and China

Expired: Art from the Himalayas and China

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

“Art from the Himalayas and China” focuses on bronze sculpture from Tibet and Nepal as well as paintings and gold and silver objects from China and Central Asia. Mehmet Hassan, based in Bangkok, has exhibited in many of the world’s leading art fairs including acclaimed shows in London, New York, Brussels, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. The London-born dealer in Asian art has lived in Thailand for almost 30 years and maintains a gallery in Bangkok. His specialty is Tibetan and Himalayan art as well as the art of Central Asia, China, and Japan, and early textiles from Central Asia. He has sold important artworks to major museums and collectors in the US, Europe and the Far East. “I chose the Parcours-des-Mondes as the place to stage my 25th anniversary year exhibition because is it regarded as the most important fair for non-Western art. It commands the attention of leading scholars, museum officials and collectors, and because Paris is a great city which showcases the arts,” Mehmet Hassan says.

Art of the Abelam

Expired: Art of the Abelam

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

« In my Art of the Abelam exhibition I will display a broad array of objects from this prolific art-producing people from Papua New Guinea. The exhibition will include a number of pieces from my personal collection, assembled over the past 20 years, which have never before been on the market. » An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition. Exhibiting at Galerie Landrot 5, rue Jacques Callot.

Arts of Tanzania

Expired: Arts of Tanzania

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

For Parcours des Mondes 2015, Galerie Afrique will present an ensemble of sculptures, most hitherto unpublished, representative of the sculptural styles of Tanzania. This country’s art, which is not very well known in Europe, was nonetheless the subject matter of a major exhibition in Berlin and then in Munich in 1994, which brought together an important group of works from both private and public German collections. More recently, in 2013, the City University of New York and the Portland Museum of Art presented a fine exhibition entitled “Shangaa” – Art of Tanzania, which was accompanied by a very well produced catalog, but was not very well publicized. Exhibiting at Gallery Louis Cane 14, rue des Beaux-Arts.

Between The Lines

Expired: Between The Lines

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

During Parcours des Mondes, Galerie Maine Durieu presents : Between the lines. According to Maine Durieu, "The anything and everything come together. " Thus, the most intense beauty often lies in the simplest form. The exhibition "Between the lines" gives us to see this intellectual and instinctive concept of beauty, through these works that carry within them "astral forces of the universe . "You feel the energy of a stroke, the voluptuousness of a curve, the beauty of a simple line , both free and rigorous" a strong expression , in a total starkness."

Bigger in the mind

Expired: Bigger in the mind

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

Exhibiting at Galerie Lefor Openo, 29, rue Mazarine. More infos to come.

Classical Dayak Art of Borneo

Expired: Classical Dayak Art of Borneo

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

An examination of Dayak sculptures and textiles, dating from ancient times to the early 20th Century, and from very small charms to giant guardian figures. An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition. Exhibiting at JSC Gallery, 3, rue des Beaux-Arts. Thomas Murray is a private dealer of Asian and Tribal art with an emphasis on Indonesian sculpture and textiles, as well as animistic art from other varied cultures. He also features Indian printed trade cloths from the 13th-18th Centuries. He has placed objects in more that 30 museums on four continents.

Collection PICHA

Expired: Collection PICHA

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

This private collection was put together over a twenty-five year period and consists of objects from the Mambila, a little known and rarely studied tribe. Exhibiting at Galerie Loevenbuck, 6, rue Jacques Callot. - 8, impasse Saint-Jacques - 1000 Bruxelles +32 475 49 16 26 -

Espace Tribal - 22 rue Visconti

Expired: Espace Tribal - 22 rue Visconti

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

During Parcours des Mondes, the Tribal Art magazine team will be based at 22, rue Visconti. This will provide a unique opportunity for our readers to share ideas and exchange with us and for those who do not read us yet to take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER: one free issue with every new subscription. It is also a chance to participate in our programs CAFE TRIBAL and REGARDS CROISES, as well as to view HUGHES DUBOIS' retrospective exhibition and a unique MASTER'S SHOWCASE, which will feature some of the most beautiful tribal artworks owned by Antonio Casanovas, Daniel Hourdé, Bernard Dulon, and Frédéric Rond. A detailed program is available on the Parcours des Mondes website: > events

Espace Tribal presents: Master

Expired: Espace Tribal presents: Master's Showcase

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

During Parcours des Mondes, Tribal Art magazine will organize a number of cultural events. In association with these events, five exceptional dealers will contribute to a special installation featuring of the most beautiful artworks from their collections. These are Ana and Antonio Casanovas, Bernard Dulon, Daniel Hourdé, and Frédéric Rond. Eight objects will represent each continent featured in Parcours des Mondes: Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas. The exhibition can be seen at Espace Tribal, 22 rue Visconti, every day from 10 am–8 pm.

Heddle pulleys from the African continent

Expired: Heddle pulleys from the African continent

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

A collection of top quality heddle pulleys from throughout the African continent. Exhibiting at Galerie Mazarine 19, rue Mazarine. - 749, S. Longwood Avenue - Los Angeles, CA 90005 - United States. +32 473 39 24 66 (Europe) / +1 415 613 2021 (United States) -