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The Barbier-Mueller Foundation presents : Shedding light on Cultures in Peril

Expired: The Barbier-Mueller Foundation presents : Shedding light on Cultures in Peril

From Sep 01 2015 to Sep 11 2015

The exhibition "Shedding Light on Cultures in Peril" taking place at Alcazar, 62 rue Mazarine fom September 1-11, presents a selection of photographs taken in the field by ten researchers whose work was financed by the Barbier-Mueller Museum Cultural Foundation (with the support of Vacheron Constantin, , the only institution in the world to bear witness to the cultures threatened with extinction.These images illustrate the importance and urgency of the mission the Foundation has taken on and showcases the work accomplished by its researchers. Wednesday, September 9, 11am at Alcazar, 62 rue Mazarine, conference with Anne Pastor (in French only).

Auction Previews at Sotheby

Expired: Auction Previews at Sotheby's

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 12 2015

Parcours des Mondes brings large numbers of collectors, dealers, and other art aficionados to Paris from around the world. This provides an excellent opportunity for the major auction houses to present previews of their upcoming sales. Sotheby’s will present highlights of their December 2 auction in their Paris space September 8–12. Some remarkable pieces from Cameroon and Oceania from the well-known René and Odette Delenne Collection will be among these treasures, as will a group of African works from the Frum Collection (Oceanic objects from which were sold by Sotheby’s with resounding success in September 2014). An Ndassa (Gabon) reliquary guardian figure collected before 1930 and which is from the same collection as the beautiful Kota Shamaye sold at the winter 2012 sale will also be on view.

Espace Tribal presents: Café Tribal

Expired: Espace Tribal presents: Café Tribal

From Sep 10 2015 to Sep 12 2015

Born from a desire on the part of the Parcours des Mondes organization to promote different levels of interaction between visitors to the fair and professionals in the tribal art world, Café Tribal is organized in collaboration with Tribal Art magazine and hosted by editor Elena Martínez-Jacquet. It will feature different speakers at each meeting and the three sessions of this second annual Café Tribal will address the subject of restoration in the field of tribal art, discussing process, trends, and implications.

A selection

Expired: A selection

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

“All of the ethnic groups from West to Central Africa, and the objects they produce, were the field for my selection. The pieces take me back to Africa’s mysteries, to its history and traditions, its lights and shadows, its visible and invisible faces, and its red suns.” Exhibiting at Gimpel & Muller, 12, rue Guénégaud.


Expired: Aesthetics

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

A choice of aesthetic pleasures! This is what defines best this exhibition, set up in the context of Parcours des Mondes, highlight essentials master pieces coming from Africa, Oceania and Asia. The occasion to see a delicate baoulé statue, a remarkable ges mask from New-Irlande, a rare and fascinating Magar mask. An eponymous publication accompanies this exhibition. Opening on Tuesday 8th of September from 3pm to 9 pm, 9 rue des Beaux-Arts 75006 in Paris. Contact : + 33 (0)1 56 24 09 25 / /

American Indian and World Tribal Art

Expired: American Indian and World Tribal Art

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

North American Indian Art: Northwest Coast, Plains and Eskimo as well as Oceanic Art. Exhibiting at Galerie Couteron, 16 rue Guénégaud. With two gallery locations in Hershey Pennsylvania and Santa Fe New Mexico, the Brant Mackley Gallery offers exceptional American Indian & World Tribal Arts. The gallery also offers collection appraisals, conservation consultation & curatorial guidance. With more than 30 years of experience, Brant has placed numerous important works of art and artifacts in both private and public collections worldwide.

Antique Art of the Island of Madagascar

Expired: Antique Art of the Island of Madagascar

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

This exhibition is an invitation to an encounter with the arts of the “Red Island”, where the creative act is organic and innate. It is an integral part of community life there, but also a part of the relationships between the living and their deceased ancestors. In their conception, the magical and decorative arts of Madagascar evince quite an opposition to a premeditated and intellectual approach to creation! The styles, forms, techniques and diversity of materials used to realize them, illustrate their makers’ sensibilities, and their sometimes conflicted and sometimes harmonious connections with nature and the beyond. In his work, the Madagascan artist must negotiate with interdictions (Fady) placed on the limits of his individual freedom.

Art from the Himalayas and China

Expired: Art from the Himalayas and China

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

“Art from the Himalayas and China” focuses on bronze sculpture from Tibet and Nepal as well as paintings and gold and silver objects from China and Central Asia. Mehmet Hassan, based in Bangkok, has exhibited in many of the world’s leading art fairs including acclaimed shows in London, New York, Brussels, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. The London-born dealer in Asian art has lived in Thailand for almost 30 years and maintains a gallery in Bangkok. His specialty is Tibetan and Himalayan art as well as the art of Central Asia, China, and Japan, and early textiles from Central Asia. He has sold important artworks to major museums and collectors in the US, Europe and the Far East. “I chose the Parcours-des-Mondes as the place to stage my 25th anniversary year exhibition because is it regarded as the most important fair for non-Western art. It commands the attention of leading scholars, museum officials and collectors, and because Paris is a great city which showcases the arts,” Mehmet Hassan says.

Art of the Abelam

Expired: Art of the Abelam

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

« In my Art of the Abelam exhibition I will display a broad array of objects from this prolific art-producing people from Papua New Guinea. The exhibition will include a number of pieces from my personal collection, assembled over the past 20 years, which have never before been on the market. » An eponymous catalogue accompanies the exhibition. Exhibiting at Galerie Landrot 5, rue Jacques Callot.

Arts of Tanzania

Expired: Arts of Tanzania

From Sep 08 2015 to Sep 13 2015

For Parcours des Mondes 2015, Galerie Afrique will present an ensemble of sculptures, most hitherto unpublished, representative of the sculptural styles of Tanzania. This country’s art, which is not very well known in Europe, was nonetheless the subject matter of a major exhibition in Berlin and then in Munich in 1994, which brought together an important group of works from both private and public German collections. More recently, in 2013, the City University of New York and the Portland Museum of Art presented a fine exhibition entitled “Shangaa” – Art of Tanzania, which was accompanied by a very well produced catalog, but was not very well publicized. Exhibiting at Gallery Louis Cane 14, rue des Beaux-Arts.