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Unraveling Identity: Our Textiles, Our Stories

Expired: Unraveling Identity: Our Textiles, Our Stories

The Textile Museum
From Mar 21 2015 to Aug 24 2015

The museum’s inaugural textile exhibition is the largest in its history. Unraveling Identity will unite textiles from across cultures to explore expressions of individual, cultural, political, and social identity throughout the ages. Featuring more than one hundred pieces that span 2,000 years and five continents, this exhibition will showcase the Textile Museum’s world-renowned historic collections augmented by key loans of contemporary art textiles and fashion. It will be on view from March 21–August 24, 2015.

Arts of Côte d

Expired: Arts of Côte d'Ivoire

From Jul 01 2015 to Aug 28 2015

Ramatuelle—Once again this year, Galerie Afrique is organizing a thematic exhibition for the summer, this time on the arts of Côte d’Ivoire, which will be seen from July 1 through August 28. The main style areas— Baule, Senufo, Bete, Kulango, and Lobi—will each be represented by at least one work, providing a good overview of the diversity of this West African region’s traditional sculptural styles. The gallery will also collaborate with the city of Ramatuelle on the staging of a second exhibition, this one on African musical instruments, which will be on view from July 8 through July 24.

Arts du Nigeria revisités

Expired: Arts du Nigeria revisités

From Mar 20 2015 to Aug 30 2015

Without aspiring to cover exhaustively the cultural production of Nigeria across the two millennia of its history, the Barbier-Mueller collection is very rich in several respects. Faithful to chronological continuity, it provides a sample of the production of the major cultural centers of Nigeria, shedding light on archaeological pieces from Nok, Katsina, and Sokoto, works from Ife and the kingdom of Benin, and Yoruba, Ijo, and Igbo objects, as well as items from the Cross River and the Benue Valley. By virtue of their rarity, certain pieces in the collection constitute “monuments” of African art. Others, by their emblematic force, are among its great “classics.” The exhibition sets out to present these objects, including several displayed here for the first time, highlighting their aesthetic quality even while explaining, by means of the catalogue, the ethnographic context of their production and use.

Giant Masks from the Congo

Expired: Giant Masks from the Congo

Belvue Museum
From May 12 2015 to Sep 02 2015

While working in the Belgian Congo, Jesuit missionaries also carried out ethnographic research and collected objects. The historical and cultural context of this endeavour introduces this exhibit, which features a set of masks used during the mukanda male initiation rite among the Yaka and the Suku. These masks are remarkable in their exceptional form and design. Most of these pieces have never before been seen in public or in print. The first part of the exhibit describes the work of the Jesuits in the Kwango mission and provides the portrait of several Jesuit collectors. The RMCA holds a large collection from the former Jesuit missionary museum in Heverlee in trust. The RMCA holds the large collection from the former Jesuit missionary museum in Heverlee in trust and is in charge of its conservation, archiving, restoration, and scientific analysis. The second part presents the mukanda rite among the Yaka and Suku, as well as a few neighbouring groups. The main part of the exhibit shows a series of masks used during initiation rituals. Pieces from the Heverlee collections are complemented with pieces from the collections of the RMCA. A companion catalogue contextualises the pieces on display and provides more detailed discussion of some complex themes. The exhibit is a collaboration of the Royal Museum of Central Africa, the Society of Jesus, BELvue Museum, and the King Baudouin Foundation. With the support of the National Lottery.

Tribal Art London 2015

Expired: Tribal Art London 2015

From Sep 02 2015 to Sep 05 2015

The “tribal art season” is opening in London. From September 2–5, Tribal Art London will be held at the venerable Mall Galleries with nineteen international participants specialized in the non-European arts, including four new ones: Gallery Lemaire from Amsterdam and Handbury Tribal Art, Kenn MacKay, and Sabine & Anderson from the UK. Well-known Oceanic art dealer Wayne Heathcote will also return to the show this year.

Making Monuments

Expired: Making Monuments

The Manchester Museum
From Apr 01 2015 to Sep 06 2015

The gigantic Rapa Nui stone statues known as moai are certainly among the world’s most fascinating and well-known archaeological objects. Making Monuments on Rapa Nui, a new temporary exhibition at the Manchester Museum, takes a fresh look at these colossal monuments. The imposing stone figures, ranging between two and twenty-four meters high and weighing as much as a hundred tons, have long been shrouded in mystery. How could people have transported these giant stone slabs, often over distances in excess of a thousand meters, without modern equipment? Archaeologist Colin Richard, professor at the University of Manchester, uses Making Monuments to debunk myths around those gigantic figures. In the exhibition, Richard also examines the role that the stone giants played in the lives of the people who made them and explains contemporary theories on the decline of the island’s population. The exhibition also looks at pukao, the red tuff coifs that may weigh several tons and are perched atop the heads of some of the moai. As part of the show, the museum will present one of the basalt behemoths, Moai Hava, which was brought to Great Britain in 1868 and is on loan to Manchester from the British Museum.

Insecta - Le royaume des insectes

Expired: Insecta - Le royaume des insectes

From Jul 22 2015 to Sep 06 2015

Enter the strange universe of insects. Learn about their power, listen to the stories of their - sometimes ambiguous - relationships with humans and admire the surprising beauty of these fascinating little beings. Conceived and realised by the Royal Museums for Art and History, Insecta will allow you to discover the multiple illustrations of insects in the fields of art, literature and cinema, and to admire the treasures of the federal collections, revealing hundreds of works of art, from prehistoric times until today and from Egypt to Belgium, Africa and Asia. - to be seen at the royal Palace of Brussels

Espace Tribal presents: Regards Croisés

Expired: Espace Tribal presents: Regards Croisés

Sep 09 2015

"Regards Croisés" consist of a conversation about a piece between a museum, a collector and a dealer. This year, our interveners will meet around a wooden horse and his hostler from the Tang period (VIIth century) (MC 9838 et MC 9840), featured at the Cernuschi museum. The presence of Jacques Barrère, asian art dealer, has already been confirmed. Wednesday September 9 from 10 am to 11 am at Espace Tribal, 22 rue Visconti.

Espace Tribal presents: Meet the specialists

Expired: Espace Tribal presents: Meet the specialists

Sep 10 2015

Pierre Amrouche, Christian Coiffier, and Alain Weill are tribal art specialists, each of whom has contributed to Tribal Art magazine. Meet them at Espace Tribal, 22 rue Visconti on Thursday, September 11, between 6 and 9 pm. Coiffier, who specializes in the arts of Melanesia, is authoring a feature article for the magazine’s winter issue and will reveal the subject during the meeting. Amrouche, a recognized expert in the arts of Africa and Oceania, will present his new book, Regards de masques. Weill, a tribal art collector and curator of the exhibition Homme Blanc/Homme Noir at the Fondation Pierre Arnaud in Lens, Switzerland, will discuss his passion for African art and aspects of the exhibition.

The Barbier-Mueller Foundation presents : Shedding light on Cultures in Peril

Expired: The Barbier-Mueller Foundation presents : Shedding light on Cultures in Peril

From Sep 01 2015 to Sep 11 2015

The exhibition "Shedding Light on Cultures in Peril" taking place at Alcazar, 62 rue Mazarine fom September 1-11, presents a selection of photographs taken in the field by ten researchers whose work was financed by the Barbier-Mueller Museum Cultural Foundation (with the support of Vacheron Constantin, , the only institution in the world to bear witness to the cultures threatened with extinction.These images illustrate the importance and urgency of the mission the Foundation has taken on and showcases the work accomplished by its researchers. Wednesday, September 9, 11am at Alcazar, 62 rue Mazarine, conference with Anne Pastor (in French only).