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Wurtzburger African Art Gallery : Reopening April 26

Expired: Wurtzburger African Art Gallery : Reopening April 26

Baltimore Museum of Art
From Apr 26 2015 to Jun 26 2015

The core of the African art collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art is a gift of 125 objects from the collection of Janet and Alan Wurtzburger that came to the museum in 1954. This marked the beginning of an early permanent display of African art there and assured a significant place for these then littleknown art forms within the museum’s growing collection. Now featuring more than 2,100 objects that span from ancient Egypt to contemporary Zimbabwe, the collection includes works from more than 200 African cultures in a full range of media. The gallery for the BMA’s African art collection is currently being expanded to more than three times its former size and relocated to the center of the museum’s first floor. This new Alan and Janet Wurtzburger African Art Gallery will open to the public April 26, 2015. More than 100 objects, many large scale, will address the impact of region, history, and culture on African art traditions. Several of these objects, such as the majestic Baga d’mba yoke from Guinea, are considered to be among the best of their kind.

Zemanek: 80th Tribal Art Auction

Expired: Zemanek: 80th Tribal Art Auction

From Jun 24 2015 to Jun 27 2015

Fine old tribal art from Africa, Oceania, Asia, and America - (Native Americans and Inuit) - Pre-Columbian Art and Classical Antiquities. Auction, Wuerzburg - Saturday, the 27th of June 2015 – starting at 2 pm. Viewing, Auction house Wuerzburg - June, 24th until 26th – 10 am to 7 pm - June, 27th – 9 am to 1.30 pm. Catalogue (english-german): Europe 41 € , Overseas 48 € (incl. shipment). Online catalogue at

À la conquête du pôle Sud

Expired: À la conquête du pôle Sud

Musée des Confluences
From Feb 03 2015 to Jun 28 2015

An unexplored continent, an unexpected race between nations with different strategies and goals... This exhibition recounts the race for the last great geographical prize on Earth at the beginning of the 20th century: to be the first to reach the South Pole. Visitors will discover men who surpassed themselves conquering the most extreme conditions on the planet and whose exploits paved the way for a century of scientific research in the Antarctic. A coproduction with the American Museum of Natural History (New York, USA) and the Royal BC Museum (Vic - toria, Canada).

Kuba Textiles: Geometry in Form, Space, and Time

Expired: Kuba Textiles: Geometry in Form, Space, and Time

Neuberger Museum of Art, State University of New York
From Mar 01 2015 to Jun 28 2015

Kuba Textiles: Geometry in Form, Space, and Time, at the Neuberger Museum of Art from March 1–June 28, 2015, is the first exhibition to bring together works from two of the earliest collections of Kuba textiles: the Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale, Tervuren, Belgium, founded by Leopold II in 1897; and the Sheppard Collection at Hampton University in Virginia, gathered between 1890 and 1910 by the American Presbyterian Congo missionary William Henry Sheppard, who in 1892 was the first Westerner to be received by a Kuba king. Additional important loans to the exhibition come from the Brooklyn Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and three private collections. In total, the exhibition features eightytwo Kuba artworks (forty-one textiles and forty-one objects), most being publicly exhibited for the first time.

Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair

Expired: Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair

From Jun 18 2015 to Jun 28 2015

Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair is the UK’s largest and most established art and antiques fair, taking place annually in June at London’s iconic Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre. Celebrating its 43rd year in 2015, Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair is recognised as one of the most prestigious and established fairs in the UK, and an annual destination for over 30,000 discerning and sophisticated international visitors. 160 of the world’s finest specialist dealers are showcased here, presenting a wider choice of high quality, vetted art and antiques than any other fair in the capital. Featuring an eclectic mix of pieces drawn from antiquity to the present day, and with prices ranging from £100 to £1 million, Olympia is renowned as an unmissable event for private collectors, art industry professionals, dealers, property owners and interior decorators. Offering a unique and luxurious cultural experience against the elegant backdrop of Olympia National Hall, the fair includes a glamorous Preview Day, late-night openings, Champagne Bar, a stimulating events programme and a VIP charity night, and is firmly established as a prestigious highlight of London’s summer calendar.

Galerie Mestdagh at Masterpiece London 2015

Expired: Galerie Mestdagh at Masterpiece London 2015

From Jun 25 2015 to Jul 01 2015

For the third time, Galerie Mestdagh will be participating in Masterpiece London 2015, which will be held at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea from June 25 through July 1. In keeping with their taste for objects that combine formal qualities of elegance and simplicity, Ondine and Patrick Mestdagh will show a selection of African, Oceanic, and Asian works, including a South African zebra-hide shield, a Japanese red-and-green lacquer dish, and a shaman’s drum from Mongolia. Be sure to visit booth A47.

Divine Yoruba

Expired: Divine Yoruba

From May 28 2015 to Jul 04 2015

Paris—Galerie Bovis, where the staging of several thematic exhibitions each year deserves ongoing recognition, has announced a new show titled Divin Yoruba (Divine Yoruba), on view through July 4. Divin in French can mean both “divine” and “diviner,” and the exhibition will feature a group of important Yoruba works from Nigeria that relate to the sacred, refl ecting the show’s title. The diversity of the objects that are being presented—bowls, twin fi gures, scepters, etc., made of equally diverse materials such as bronze, wood, and ivory—refl ects the complexity of Yoruba beliefs and cults, each of which requires distinctive paraphernalia. The exhibition is to be a rare opportunity to explore a fascinating universe of the divine and to discover the unique qualities of the artworks rooted within it.

Joaquin Pecci - Arts Anciens du Congo

Expired: Joaquin Pecci - Arts Anciens du Congo

From Jun 10 2015 to Jul 04 2015

A l'occasion de ce Bruneaf 2015 édition de Juin, la galerie Joaquin Pecci, propose une exposition entièrement dédiée aux arts anciens du Congo. Pas moins de 40 pièces, ensemble de sculptures et masques provenant d’anciennes collections privées prestigieuses rendront hommage au savoir d’initiés et à l’art de ces sculpteurs qui nous ont transmis et permis de donner à reconnaître et apprécier la diversité de pièces de grandes qualités esthétiques, témoins de l’indicible et qui nous rappellent que la vie est marquée d’étapes , expérience initiatique, qui conduisent vers l’âge adulte, la sagesse et l’inéluctable mort.

Embodiments: Masterworks of African Figurative Sculpture

Expired: Embodiments: Masterworks of African Figurative Sculpture

From Jan 31 2015 to Jul 05 2015

Embodiments: Masterworks of African Figurative Sculpture features 120 figural sculptures representing approximately 110 cultural groups from the collection of Richard H. Scheller installed in a single gallery. The collection is composed of classic and iconic sculptures as well as more unusual examples that challenge commonly held assumptions about African art. These artworks span several centuries and encompass a broad range of styles, from realism to abstraction. In their original contexts, these objects represented ancestors, expressed community values, and served religious and ceremonial purposes. As works of art that were removed from their originating communities and entered the art market, the sculptures in this exhibition express value systems and cultural relationships both inside and outside Africa. Approximately 110 cultural groups are represented by sculptures spanning several centuries and encompassing a broad range of styles, from realism to abstraction. In their original contexts, these objects represented ancestors, expressed community values, and served religious and ceremonial purposes. On view as from January 31st until July 5th 2015.


Expired: L'art de manger

Musée Dapper
From Oct 15 2014 to Jul 12 2015

Cooking, eating, drinking—these activities may seem mundane to some, but they play an important role in such highly symbolic practices as marriages, births, initiations, and funerary rites. When ritualized, the act of eating becomes an activity that requires special utensils, as varied as they may be refined: dishes, bowls, cups, spoons, and ladles, to mention but a few. Food, the foundation for any group’s survival and its members’ well-being, also allows man to relate to the beings of other realms. These practices and the multitude of objects associated with them will be the subject of the fascinating L’Art de Manger: Rites et Traditions (The Art of Eating: Rites and Traditions) exhibtion at the Musée Dapper, on view from October 15, 2014–July 12, 2015.