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BRUNEAF - 25 special

Expired: BRUNEAF - 25 special

From Jun 10 2015 to Jun 14 2015

Brussels—The twenty-fifth annual summer Brussels Non-European Art Fair (BRUNEAF) will be held this year from June 10 through 14. BRUNEAF is the doyen of extra-European art events in the Old World and has long been a not-to-be-missed event thanks both to its convivial atmosphere and to the quality of the artworks that can be discovered there. After a few relatively subdued years, the show promises to be back in full force this season thanks to the efforts of its new committee of directors, whose credo seems to be “ambition, work, and passion.” Now at its quarter-century anniversary, this event will include forty-seven participants, the complete list of which can be found on the fair’s website at

Collections Privées

Expired: Collections Privées

From Jun 10 2015 to Jun 14 2015

Galerie Dartevelle invites you to discover a thematic exhibition from June 10 until June 14 : Private Collections (a tribute to passionate collectors). On view at their gallery, Impasse Saint-Jacques, 8, 1000 Brussels.

Uzuri wa Dunia: Belgian Treasures

Expired: Uzuri wa Dunia: Belgian Treasures

From Jun 10 2015 to Jun 14 2015

As has been the case in years past, various activities surrounding BRUNEAF have been planned. The most awaited of these will be a more or less autobiographical exhibition featuring a selection of the finest pieces sold by its participants at BRUNEAF in past years, which will be on view at the beautiful Ancienne Nonciature. Titled Uzuri wa Dunia: Belgian Treasures, this is intended to be an homage to and a gesture of appreciation toward the collectors who have made BRUNEAF the premier “summer festival” of tribal art over the last twenty-fi ve years. In addition to this exhibition, two lectures have been announced, though their time and place are pending. The first, on Tshokwe art, will be presented by Julien Volper of the Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology Department at the Musée Royal d’Afrique in Tervuren. The second, titled “L’Art Africain d’Hier à Aujourd’hui” (African Art from Yesterday to Today) will be given by Marc Leo Félix and Roger Pierre Turine. Its title and subject are in perfect harmony—probably not by accident— with the mission of this year’s guest of honor, the Sindika Dokolo Foundation, headquartered in Luanda (Angola) in the heart of Central Africa.

Régine and Guy Dulon collection

Expired: Régine and Guy Dulon collection

From Jun 17 2015 to Jun 19 2015

At Drouot on June 19, auctioneers Binoche et Giquello will offer some 100 works from the collection of Régine and Guy Dulon, an important art collecting couple with a particular affinity for non- European cultures, which they transmitted to their son, the renowned Parisian dealer Bernard Dulon. Selected by expert Jacques Blazy, these works cover a vast chronological period, from the fi rst through the sixteenth centuries, and illustrate the extraordinary wealth of the iconography of the statuary that developed in Meso-America during that period. Highlights of the sale include a refi ned Aztec statuette of Chalchiuhtlicue, the goddess of water, and a grey andesite Hacha sculpted into the shape of a helmeted warrior’s head. Both of these important works have been sought out repeatedly for display in major exhibitions of international scope.The works in the sale will be available for preview on Wednesday and Thursday, June 17 and 18, in rooms 1 and 7 at Drouot-Richelieu.

African Cosmos: Stellar Arts

Expired: African Cosmos: Stellar Arts

Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University
From Jan 31 2015 to Jun 21 2015

The Carlos Museum hosts a major exhibition from the National Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian entitled African Cosmos: Stellar Arts , the first major exhibition exploring the historical legacy of African cultural astronomy and its intersection with traditional and contemporary African arts. Featuring more than seventy outstanding works of art from throughout the African continent, African Cosmos considers how the sun, moon, stars, and celestial phenomena such as lightning and rainbows have served as sources of inspiration in the creation of African art from ancient times to the present. The African Cosmos exhibition will demonstrate that observations of the heavens are part of the knowledge that informs origin stories, artistic expression, and ritual practice in African cultures. Standing at the core of creation myths and the foundation of moral values, celestial bodies are often accorded sacred capacities and are part of the “cosmological map” that allows humans to chart their course through life.

Matisse. Arabesque

Expired: Matisse. Arabesque

Scuderie del Quirinale
From Mar 04 2015 to Jun 21 2015

An exhibition at Rome’s Scuderie del Quirinale curated by Ester Coen and on view through June 21, 2015, focuses on the Oriental influences on Henri Matisse which were both symbolized and epitomized by the arabesque designs that appear in his work. The cleanness of line, color, and expressiveness, as well as a preoccupation with surface quality, were hallmarks of Oriental art that Matisse passionately explored after he became acquainted with it. Matisse. Arabesque is built around affinities between the painter’s creations and non-European artworks of various origins in which he found inspiration. African works are among these, and the exhibition includes a number of sculptures and masks from private collections and from Rome’s Pigorini Museum, as well as a group of of Kuba textiles from the Democratic Republic of Congo and now in the collection of the Musée du Quai Branly, which once belonged to the venerable modern artist.

Artcurial: tribal art auction

Expired: Artcurial: tribal art auction

From Jun 18 2015 to Jun 22 2015

On June 22, Artcurial will hold its first tribal art sale of 2015. Beginning on June 18, the nearly seventy works the auction house will offer will be on view at a public exhibition. The most coveted piece may well turn out to be a Zande-Nzakara harp from the Democratic Republic of Congo estimated between 30,000 and 50,000€. The object is of elegant form, with a small female head bearing exceptionally fine facial features crowning the top of the instrument’s neck, and it has the much sought-after Paul Eluard provenance. Other objects from prestigious collections, most notably that of the well-known collector and dealer René Withofs will be offered as well.

Auction : The Arnaud Collection

Expired: Auction : The Arnaud Collection

Jun 22 2015

On June 22, Ader Nordmann auctioneers will sell some forty lots of African art from the collection of Jean-Robert Arnaud, an important collector who was close friends with dealer Olivier Le Corneur, from whom he acquired most of his objects. The pieces in the sale are primarily masks and figures from Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Gabon, and the Congo. The conservative estimates likely will attract buyers. The event’s highlight will undoubtedly be the Baga bansonyi headcrest from Guinea that Arnaud acquired from Le Corneur. The serpent-shaped sculpture of impressive size was shown at the second Paris Tribal show and was collected in situ by Hélène Leloup while she was still married to Henri Kamer. About fifty works of this type are known, and they are coveted but rarely seen on the market.


Expired: Christie's: African, Oceanic and North American art

From Jun 18 2015 to Jun 23 2015

Christie’s has announced one of the most ambitious sales of tribal art it has ever assembled, which will be held June 23 at its Paris location. The auction will feature some two hundred pieces of African, Oceanic, and Native North American art, many of which have been available on the market only once or twice before over the course of the last century. Rigorously selected for their quality, the works exhibit an aesthetic that brings to mind the sculptural mastery that took center stage at the iconic Primitivism in 20th Century Art: Affinity of the Tribal and the Modern exhibition at MoMA in 1984. The sale’s relationship with this major and enduringly important exhibition is apparent in the piece that is unquestionably its highlight: a Kota reliquary guardian figure from Gabon, acquired in the early 1980s by William Rubin, the MoMA exhibition’s chief curator. This remarkable reliquary figure will be accompanied by many other prestigious works, including two objects from the important Vérité Collection: a Baga shoulder mask from Guinea and a Kru or Grebo mask from Liberia. A Jukun fi gure formerly in the Kerchache Collection, and a fi ne Maori nephrite club, whose beauty caught the eye of James Hooper, will undoubtedly also attract a great deal of attention.


Expired: Sotheby's: African and Oceanic Art Auction

From Jun 19 2015 to Jun 24 2015

Sotheby’s will hold the last of the Paris summer sales on June 24, with an auction featuring a selection of objects consigned by “various collectors.” In keeping with the trend of its most recent sales, a relatively limited number of lots will be offered. All are of high quality and include several iconic artworks as well as others that are new to the market, many of which are likely to be of interest to collectors. The most remarkable African masterpiece in the sale is the famous “Vérité double mask,” first seen in an article by F. H. Lem that appeared in the December 1950 issue of Tropique, Revue des Troupes Coloniales (#327). Also from that collection is a Baule nda mask from Côte d’Ivoire. For American Indian art, a raven rattle, probably Tlingit from the Pacific Northwest Coast. Two universes, as personal and subtle as they are different, will be featured as subcollections in this sale. The first is that of Liliane and Michel Durand- Dessert, from whose collection ten weathered works will be included. The second group has been labeled “Kongo Thought and Gesture.” It is comprised of twenty-four sculptures, some well known to the collecting community, selected from the collection of Daniel and Carmen Klein.