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Paris Art Design (PAD)

Expired: Paris Art Design (PAD)

From Mar 26 2015 to Mar 29 2015

There will be three representatives of tribal art at the nineteenth annual Paris Art Design (PAD) show, which will be held March 26–29 at the Tuileries. Yann Ferrandin will be showing at the event for the first time, offering a selection of works representative of the level of quality and aesthetic merit he strives for all year round in his new gallery at 33 Rue de Seine. Two other participants who have long been present there, Galerie Afrique from St. Maur and Galerie Flak from Paris, will also be showing. Flak will present a thematic exhibition titled Design Primitif, featuring antique works from Africa, Oceania, and North America selected for their purity of line and the stylization of their forms as seen from the perspective of trends in contemporary design.

African and Oceanic Art Auction

Expired: African and Oceanic Art Auction

Mar 31 2015

Berlin-based Auctionata will hold a sale of art from Africa and Oceania on March 31 from its “auction studio” in New York. This auction house’s mission is to utilize an interactive online presence, so while its sales function as traditional auctions, bidding is done absentee, by phone, or online. This sale features a variety of offerings, the highlight of which is a pre-WWII Senufo figure. For more information, go to

Hommage aux missionnaires ethnographes, récolteurs d’objets de la collection Afrique

Expired: Hommage aux missionnaires ethnographes, récolteurs d’objets de la collection Afrique

Tuesday March 31st, from 6 to 7 PM, Talk at the MEG of Geneva "Tribute to missionaries ethnographers, who collected objects of the African collection of the MEG. Speaker: Floriane Morin, curator of the Africa Department of the MEG.

Gold of the Gods from Java

Expired: Gold of the Gods from Java

From Oct 02 2014 to Apr 06 2015

The mysterious world of the Javanese Kingdom remained closed to outsiders for over a thousand years, with only the statues hew from lava rock at Borobudur displaying the wealth with which the Javanese rulers venerated their gods. The Wereldmuseum is bringing a world premiere with its exhibition Gold of the Gods. An extensive collection of Javanese gold from the seventh to the eleventh centuries is on view until April 6, 2015.



From Apr 09 2015 to Apr 11 2015

This year, Paris Tribal will include twenty-one participants and will be held April 9–11. More than half of the dealers will take advantage of this opportunity by staging thematic exhibitions featuring collections of artworks that encourage in-depth scrutiny. Showing multiple examples of types of objects is one approach to this: Jean-Baptiste Bacquart will present a group of Malian Bambara locks from a single private collection; African and Oceanic receptacles will be the subject for Pablo Touchaleaume; weapons and jewelry from Asia will be featured by Cédric Le Dauphin; Baule spoons and gold-plated emblems will be on view at Galerie Noir d’Ivoire and many others to discover.

LASCAUX: The Sistine Chapel of Prehistory

Expired: LASCAUX: The Sistine Chapel of Prehistory

Musée du cinquantenaire
From Nov 14 2014 to Apr 12 2015

Full-scale, scientifically accurate reproductions and the most up-to-date visual technologies give the visitor the impression of actually being in the cave itself. The exhibition also pays attention to the cultural context within which this art originated, showing how its creators lived, hunted, ate and clothed themselves. Serving to frame the whole are complete animal skeletons and bone fragments, a realistic portrayal of a baby mammoth, and contemporary implements and jewellery, drawn from the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Cinquantenaire Museum.

Exposition des oeuvres majeures des prochaines ventes, 9-16 avril

Expired: Exposition des oeuvres majeures des prochaines ventes, 9-16 avril

From Apr 09 2015 to Apr 16 2015

Exhibition at Sotheby's Paris from April 9th until 16th. Presentation of the main artworks that will be on sale in New York on May 15th and Paris on June 24th. Opening hours: Thursday 9 - Friday 10 and from Monday 13 until Thursday 16 from 10 am until 6pm.

Floral Journey: Native North American Beadwork

Expired: Floral Journey: Native North American Beadwork

Autry National Center
From Mar 15 2014 to Apr 26 2015

Art and spirituality converge with trade and commerce in Floral Journey: Native North American Beadwork, opening at the Autry National Center of the American West on March 15, 2014. Through 250 unique objects and related personal stories, the exhibition presents moccasins, bags, dresses, hats, jackets, and other exquisite beaded and quilled items, selected from fifteen cultural institutions and multiple private collections, which together explore how beaded floral designs became a significant artistic motif as well as a means of economic and cultural survival for Native North American peoples.

The Singular and Art Brut in Animism

Expired: The Singular and Art Brut in Animism

From Apr 09 2015 to Apr 29 2015

From April 9–29, L’Asie Animiste gallery will show Singulier et Art Brut dans l’Animisme (The Singular and Art Brut in Animism). This will be the third show produced by the gallery, which is located at 13 Rue Mazarine, and it will explore the relationship between tribal art and art brut, a term coined by Jean Dubuffet to describe artworks created outside of the conventional artistic environment which do not follow traditional artistic canons. It also encompasses the rudimentary, the naïve, and art produced by the mentally ill. Although tribal art is far from Dubuffet’s art brut in its forms, intentions, and the contexts in which it is created, sometimes there is an affinity in terms of its often-unknown authorship, symbolic dimensions, and its roughness and simplicity, which, in the case of certain objects, may erroneously appear clumsy to the Western eye. The exhibition will show masks, figures, and utilitarian and ritual objects from the Himalayas, Indonesia, and Africa.

Moche Kings. Divinity and Power in Ancient Peru

Expired: Moche Kings. Divinity and Power in Ancient Peru

From Nov 01 2014 to May 03 2015

For its reopening, the Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève (MEG) is holding a world-premiere exhibition of the treasures from a royal Moche tomb that was excavated by Steve Bourget and his team in the summer of 2008. The hitherto unseen pieces from the Huaca El Pueblo archaeological site near the village of Ucupe on the north coast of Peru form the nucleus of this exhibition, which will be on view until May 3, 2015. It also features exceptional pieces from other royal tombs, including those of Sipán and Dos Cabezas. With more than 300 works, of which sixty are on loan from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and 180 from European museums including those of Berlin, Stuttgart, and Schaffhausen, Les rois mochica. Divinité et pouvoir dans le Pérou ancien (Moche Kings: Divinity and Power in Ancient Peru) is an homage to one of the most important of the Pre-Columbian Peruvian civilizations, which flourished between the first and eighth centuries. The show will be accompanied by an ambitious program of related activities.