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Opening of the new Museu de Cultures del Món de Barcelona

Expired: Opening of the new Museu de Cultures del Món de Barcelona

Museu De Cultures Del Món
From Feb 07 2015 to Feb 08 2015

On February 7th, opening of the brand new Museu de Cultures del Món de Barcelona (MCMB). It will be located in the previous (and famous) Museu Barbier-Mueller d’Art Precolombí. This new Museum will present more than 550 objets from the 5 continents as well as regular themporary exhibitions. Pruebaa The first temporary exhibition of the Museum of World Cultures will show us how writing, developed originally as an instrument for conserving and spreading the word, has become a symbolic reference of the culture to which it belongs evoking identity and collective keys.

Vente d

Expired: Vente d'arts premiers

Feb 08 2015

Tribal Art Auction on Sunday February 8th at 2.45pm at the Hotel des ventes de la Varenne Saint Hilaire. Alain Dufour is the Auction Expert. The Léon Gaget collection and many other objects will be on view on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 from 11-12 and 2-6pm and Sunday from 11-12. The Auction Catalogue is available online on the Auction House website.

International Symposium : Tattoo pictures

Expired: International Symposium : Tattoo pictures

From Feb 12 2015 to Feb 13 2015

International Symposium : tattoo pictures "Images tatouées" at the Claude Lévi-Strauss theater of the Musée du Quai Branly. This international Symposium is organized on the occasion of the current exhibition "Tatoueurs tatoués". Free access within the limits of available places. Symposium English - French-English simultaneous translation. More information available on the French version of the website.

The 31st annual Marin Show: Art of The Americas

Expired: The 31st annual Marin Show: Art of The Americas

From Feb 21 2015 to Feb 22 2015

The Marin Show: Art of the Americas celebrates its thirty-first year as the world’s leading show specializing in the art and culture of indigenous peoples from North, Central, and South America. Featuring more than 100 dealers, this event showcases a unique combination of antique Native American, Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial, and contemporary American Indian art that attracts top dealers, passionate collectors, artists, and the culture-curious from across the world. Open to the public February 21 and 22, the event’s preview reception on the evening of February 20 will benefit Homeward Bound of Marin.

Nudités Insolites

Expired: Nudités Insolites

From May 23 2014 to Feb 28 2015

From the 23rd of May until the end of the month of November 2014, the Barbier-Mueller Museum of Geneva will be exposing its “Insolite Nudity”: a selection of unique pieces from the Antiquity to the 20th century, originating from Africa, Asia, Oceania and Pre-Columbian America. For more information, please visit the web site of the museum.


Expired: ARTE PRIMITIVO : New Auction

From Feb 16 2015 to Mar 03 2015

Arte Primitivo presents a new auction of Fine Pre-Columbian, African and Tribal Art and Classical Antiquities, including items from the Allan Stone Collection and other owners. Over 500 lots will be on exhibition in our gallery at 3 East 65th Street, between Madison and 5th Avenue beginning February 16, at the following times: Monday to Friday from 11 am until 5 pm and Saturday, Feb. 21st from 12 noon until 4 pm. All works are also viewable online at

Popol Vuh: Diego Rivera and the Pre-Hispanic World

Expired: Popol Vuh: Diego Rivera and the Pre-Hispanic World

Bowers Museum
From Dec 12 2015 to Mar 13 2015

The sacred text of the Popol Vuh is the tale of the origins, traditions, and history of the Quiché-Maya people. Reflecting his passionate interest in Pre-Columbian cultures, in 1931, the renowned Mexican muralist Diego Rivera produced a series of watercolors to illustrate this sacred book. Though they have been published together, these are now scattered in a variety of collections around the world. Popol Vuh: Diego Rivera and the Pre-Hispanic World at the Bowers Museum December 12, 2015–March 13, 2016, is the first United States presentation of seventeen of these compelling watercolors from the collection of the Museo Casa Diego Rivera in Guanajuato, Mexico. These paintings not only breathe life into the powerful creation story of an ancient civilization but also provide insight into Rivera’s passionate and creative vision of the pre-Hispanic world.

Astonishing ethnology!

Expired: Astonishing ethnology!

From Mar 14 2015 to Mar 15 2015

Astonishing ethnology! Two days to explore the 21st century at the Musée du quai Branly on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 March 2015. Free access to museum and activities After the success of the first edition in 2013 the Musée du quai Branly is holding a new weekend event dedicated to ethnology. Renowned researchers, young ethnologists and anthropologists will be present for this event involving theatrical conferences, screenings of ethnographic films, field investigations and commentaries on works of art, and subjects as varied as sex tourism, the Tuareg and world music, New Age practices etc. The world-famous company of the Comédie-Française will be reading extracts of the most famous work of Claude Lévi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques, at the heart of the treasures of the permanent collections. The weekend will see a wide variety of approaches enabling visitors to better understand social diversity, and the complexity and variety of cultural forms throughout the world. Each of these approaches is an opportunity to make a wider audience of all ages aware of this fascinating discipline by presenting its place in our contemporary societies.

79th Tribal Art Auction

Expired: 79th Tribal Art Auction

Mar 21 2015

79th Tribal Art auction at Zemanek-Münster auction house on Saturday March 21 at 2pm. Preview from Wednesday, March 18 to Friday March 20, from 10am to 7pm and on Saturday 21 from 9am to 1.30pm. Auction catalogue can be ordered on the following website:

TEFAF 2015

Expired: TEFAF 2015

From Mar 13 2015 to Mar 22 2015

This year Tefaf will host seven galleries specializing in tribal art. The newest addition is Galerie Bacquart from Paris, which has been selected for the TEFAF Showcase. Jean-Baptiste Bacquart will offer a number of important African sculptures with prestigious provenances. Lucas Ratton will return this year as a full exhibitor with a strong selection of works, the cornerstone of which will be a Byeri Fang figure. Didier Claes will exhibit a group of African masks from the collection of Dr. Alex Rafaeli. Anthony J. P. Meyer will show works primarily from Melanesia and Polynesia, including a fine Tongan apa’apai club. Other long-time participants that visitors will have the pleasure of seeing again will include the Bernard de Grunne Gallery from Brussels with African art, the Entwistle Gallery from London and Paris with African and Oceanic material, and Galerie 1492 from Paris, which will present Pre-Columbian art.